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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Do you need a van that is as practical and economical? Do you want a fridge/freezer conversion but are confused as to which van to choose? Your answer lies with the Mercedes Benz sprinter.

It is one of the most popular choices for van conversions in the UK and it is designed for safety. It has a strong drive force and all the features you could ever want in a refrigerator vehicle. There is a reason it is Mercedes-Benz’s biggest selling commercial vehicle.

Why Choose Mercedes Benz Sprinter for Your Refrigerator Truck or Van?

Mercedes Benz sprinter is a light commercial van manufactured by the German automotive giant Mercedes Benz. It offers mobility in an economical and sustainable manner. Chiller vans conversions of the Sprinter currently make up the majority of the Home Delivery Fleet worldwide.

High productivity with low energy usage

The Sprinter helps you attain new levels of productivity and efficiency. It is designed primarily as a business van and not for private use, making it ideal for fridge/freezer van conversions. As a cargo van, the Sprinter can haul approximately 3000 lb. of frozen or refrigerated cargo. With its low emissions and fuel consumption, the Mercedes-Benz sprinter provides first-class transportation of cargo and driver safely to any designed destination.

The Blue Efficiency Package

Sprinter vans are available in both gas and diesel engines. They are powered by a 258HP 6 cylinder engine and they possess a gross vehicle weight of 3.2 tonnes. A Sprinter van runs on a five-speed automatic transmission for petrol engines or an optional 7G and in new models, 9G-TRONIC PLUS seven-speed transmission for diesel engines.

It has a package called the Blue Efficiency which enables it to reduce fuel consumption to seven litres per 100 kilometres. Also, its eco start/stop function stops the engine during waiting periods in traffic and restarts it once the driver is ready to move. Other features of the Blue Efficiency package is the gear shift indicator, a power steering system that uses a minimal amount of energy, low rolling resistance tyres, and a specially designed mechanism for managing the battery and the alternator.


The Sprinter offers exemplary value for human safety as it is equipped with innovative safety features that keep the driver and the cargo as safe as possible so the cargo can reach its destination in one piece. Some features it boasts include:

  • Active brake assist
  • Blind spot keeping assist
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Laminated windshield glass
  • Rear-view camera display
  • Collision prevention assist
  • Hill start assist
  • Crosswind assist
  • Airbags for driver and co-driver seats
  • Multimedia touch screen control
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Wet wiper assist
  • HVAC compliant
  • Cruise control
  • Electronic stability programme

Apart from these features, at Glacier Vehicles, we offer a wide variety of optional extras to suit the needs of your refrigerator conversion van.

Features of Mercedes Benz Sprinter

The Sprinter has over 1,700 variants across eight body styles. You can choose between the front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. In choosing a van for your fridge or freezer conversion, storage space is a significant factor. These features can help you determine which van best suits your business needs.

Model range for the Sprinter van

The Sprinter has the following models:

  • Passenger van
  • Cargo van
  • Minibus
  • Cab-chassis
  • Conversion van

For refrigerator conversions, the ideal choice is the conversion van or the cargo van.


Sprinter vans are available in four wheelbases. They are short, medium long, and extra-long wheelbases. Because of ample storage sizes, the LWB and the ELWB are great freezer vans for businesses that have to move a large volume of frozen cargo.

  • The short wheelbase Sprinter measures 5,267mm long on the outside from the front to rear bumper and 2,607mm in the load area.
  • The medium wheelbase Sprinter’s overall length is 5,923mm and the maximum load length is 3,272mm. The interior height for the low roof is 5’5” while that of the high roof is 6’4”.
  • The Long Wheelbase Sprinter has a 4,307mm long load area and an overall length of 6,967mm. It is 6’4” high inside because all LWBs are high roof.
  • The extra-long wheelbase measures 7,367mm on the outside and 4,707mm on the inside which is enough room for seven Euro pallets.

Body height

The basic two roof heights available in the Sprinter are standard and high. The cargo van also has a third roof height apart from standard and high called super high. They are 2,365 mm, 2620 and 2,831 mm, respectively.

Insulation and Refrigeration Systems for the Mercedes Sprinter Van

If you are buying a first-class van such as the Sprinter, then you need a superior insulation and refrigeration system. Depending on the temperature you need, Glacier Vehicles uses Styrofoam to insulate the van. 50mm is used for fridges while 75mm is used for freezers. If you want a deep freezer, we use thicker 100mm insulation. After the insulation, they are finished off using either wet-lay or dry line.

The refrigeration system you choose depends on the size of your Sprinter van, your budget, and your business. If you want a dual temperature refrigeration system, then you need a jumbo-sized van. But if your cargo needs a single temperature all round, then any size would do.

Some refrigeration systems also have provisions for refrigeration vans to work even without the engine running. The installation of this type of refrigeration system will depend on your business. If you cater to outdoor events, then this feature is a necessity.

Whether your Sprinter van is new or used, at Glacier Vehicles, we fit it with brand new equipment that has been carefully configured to suit your unique requirements. Besides installing the refrigeration systems, our expert technicians undertake all customised refrigerator van requirements our customers may have, all at a competitive price.

If you want to buy a used refrigerated van, a used freezer van, a new refrigerated van or a new freezer van call, Glacier Vehicles on 0208 668 7579.