Our showroom is stocked with a variety of large used fridge vans. Not all delivery businesses require a big temperature controlled vehicle, but if your business sits squarely in the transport and logistic, rather than service industry, you will likely be looking for substantial internal fridge space.Read More...

Glacier Vehicles Consultation Service

We are tremendously experienced in the transport and logistics industry. We have helped hundreds of companies find the right automobile to take their stock around the UK motorways, and even overseas. Our experts can demonstrate our vehicles at your business location, and discuss the various features of different models that may suit your business best.
There will be certain key decisions that you have to make. For example, do you want your used large fridge van to have side loading capacity? Do you require a wide wheel-based vehicle?
On some issues you will be able to go with your personal preferences, and options that fit your brand identity. With others, you will be making operational decisions based on what will make you most efficient. We can guide you through both types of decision.

Great Value Temperature Control Van For Sale

At Glacier Vehicles. We strive to offer tremendous value to our customers with our vehicles we sell. Our service and our stock reflect on our brand, and get talked about by our customers. We are very proud that a great number of new customers find us through word-of-mouth. We also have long-standing customers who first bought a fridge van from us 20 years ago.
It is only by offering a great service that we maintain our stellar reputation in the refrigerated transportation industry. Our big vans start from just £13,000. To further enable our clients we have a range of competitive finance options to help you get on the road with minimal initial capital outlay.

Buy a Used Large Refrigerated Vans

When you are looking for a large temperature controlled vehicle, it can be tough knowing which way to go. At Glacier Vehicles, we sell a superb range of large refrigerated vehicles to ensure that you have maximum choice. We have long wheelbase and medium wheelbase options, as well as high roof and box shapes. If you require a jumbo refrigerator van, then you will find one in our stocklist.We stock all of the major manufacturers in our used refrigerated vehicle stocklist, including Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, Renault, Citroen, and Fiat. Our inventory is constantly changing, but we tend to have the Mercedes Switchbox, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Volkswagen Crafter, Renault Master, Citroen Relay, and Fiat Ducato most of the time. If you don’t find the exact model that you require on our website, then get in touch and we will strive to source you the model you require and then we’ll do a full fridge van conversion to meet your refrigeration specifications.At Glacier, we are so well connected within the industry that we believe we offer some of the best value prices. We also go the extra mile to offer excellent advice, delivered by industry experts, and back up our promises with generous vehicle warranties, parts and labour guarantees, and service plans. Our used vehicles have some of the lowest mileages in the industry, and are always vehicles that have been well taken care of. Before any vehicle leaves our showroom, it goes through multipoint checks, has a full MOT, and is prepared for the tough demands of the transportation and logistics business.

Supporting the growth of your business with quality large used refrigerated trucks

Our success at Glacier Vehicles has been achieved through our ability to support our clients. When you come to us looking for a large refrigerated vehicle, we seek to understand your operation requirements so that we can give you the best possible option. By doing this, we give you a competitive edge and ensure that you come back again and again as your business grows.We can advise you on insurance, the required licenses your staff must have, motor vehicle tax and VAT, whether to go for petrol or diesel, and can provide you with finance options to spread the cost of your temperature controlled transport purchase. If you need a jumbo refrigerated van, then we can do a full fridge van conversion so that it meets your specifications and storage requirements. Many of our clients say that we have been pivotal in their ability to grow because of our extensive transportation and logistics industry experience. We can be a game changer in your business too.At our dealership, we are committed to the delivery of quality at an affordable price. To further facilitate your purchase, we have flexible payment options and financing solutions available. This can help to reduce your upfront capital outlay, spreading the cost of your purchase over many months, or several years. We have a variety of finance solutions to enable us to be flexible to differing client requirements.

Features of Used Large Refrigerated Vans


All you will notice is the well-lined interior surface of the insulated panels. Our engineers ensure our used large freezers are equipped with light GRP sheet which is durable and strong when you buy from us. It is also reinforced by woven roving, and it doesn’t affect the surface’s strength or durability. Load bearing floor panels will benefit from the reinforcements and custom additions to the van, depending on the type of business.Our vans are padded with extruded polystyrene insulating boards which fall within industry best practices. Some of its features include:


At Glacier Vehicles, we believe we have an extensive range of the world’s finest transport refrigeration units. Our refrigerated vans have adequate heating isolation compartments and drainage channels to ensure the van cools faster and stays for long periods of time. We listen to our customers and help them decide the right choice of refrigerated van for their business. For a business transporting perishable food items like meat across states, our array of new or used large refrigerated vans with reliable temperature control is suitable.Some people buy standard vans and convert them specifically for their business. At Glacier Vehicles, we perform custom modifications to furnish your large refrigerated vans with accessories. Your day-to-day business activities will be conducted a lot easier with adequately converted compartments. We can put shelving compartment for medicines or hanging meat rails for meat transportation. Whatever your preferences, our modifications don’t interfere with the cooling properties of the van itself. Unlike some companies who contract their conversion jobs to third-party technicians, we have very experienced in-house engineers who do the job. They know the ins and outs of the refrigerated van business and assure you of excellent service delivery. Furthermore, we have large conversion facilities in the UK which enable us attend to customers immediately and have their used large refrigerated vans ready in no time. We keep you informed at significant parts of the conversion process.

Peace of mind with Glacier’s used large freezer trucks

When you purchase a used freezer truck, you want to know a bit about its history. You need to understand the service history, and anything that may have happened which could cause problems in the future. At Glacier Vehicles, we multipoint check our vehicles before they leave the showroom, and ensure that all of the freezer units are in great condition when they go out on the road with you. We’ve built a strong reputation in the transportation logistics industry, which means we only source from reputable dealers, and direct from manufacturers. By treating our customers fairly and dealing with complete transparency we have become a leading player in the industry, not just in the UK, but in Europe too.We never compromise on quality and that is why we gain so much business through word of mouth recommendations. Our temperature controlled vehicle stocklist is full of low mileage, warranted, well looked after petrol and diesel large used freezer trucks.We always try and keep our stocklist fresh and diverse. This means providing a wide range of options from different manufacturers, including Ford, Vauxhall, Nissan, Mercedes, Toyota, Renault, Iveco and Peugeot. We provide both medium and long wheel based vehicles, with the strength and load capacity to deal with large orders efficiently. Our large used freezer trucks also have different options in terms of loading, including side door access and rear door access, or both. We strive to offer vehicles that are nearly new, offering the best of reliability, warranties, and affordability.

Every one of our transportation and logistics clients is different

We go through a thorough consultation process with every client because we know that each one has individual needs, unlike any other. This means providing chill specification and internal storage that is right for them. When you buy a temperature controlled van for your transportation and logistics business from our automotive showroom, you are purchasing a bespoke service and benefitting from a company with decades of experience helping businesses like yours to grow. As soon as you transact with us, we become your partner and advisor, helping you to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you to thrive in your sector, whether you need a large used catering van, or a fleet of wide wheelbase freezer vans to fulfil a nationwide or international contract.Some customers come to pick their vehicles as soon as they are ready, but we understand that not everybody has the luxury of time, so we offer home or office delivery for busy clients. For instance, if you are unable to come pick your vehicle, one of our trusted staff can take your van straight to you at no extra cost.Here at Glacier Vehicles, our reputation for quality service and customer satisfaction precedes us. We continuously provide the right vehicle for our customers’ needs, using modern techniques and the latest technology. All our vehicles are subjected to HPI checks and thorough performance tests before they are released to the customer. This way they are guaranteed of safe, reliable vans to suit their business.

Contact Us

Get in touch today with any questions about a brand or model we have in stock. If you don’t see the big van that will work for you then speak to our experts about sourcing a one for you. We are extremely well-connected in the frozen transport industry, and therefore we can often find you a vehicle within a matter of days. In addition, the size of our dealership means that we are constantly bringing in new commercial vehicles, and so it’s well worth checking our stock list regularly. Why not stop by our website again tomorrow? Or Call 08455212036 for free consultation.

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