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Used Medium Freezer Vans For Sale

Some businesses need a used freezer van that has plenty of cargo space, and yet is compact enough for easy manoeuvrability. If you are looking to buy a used freezer van spacious enough to accommodate your cargo, yet small enough to be manoeuvrable, then you should be talking to Glacier Vehicles.” >Medium freezer vans are a popular choice of temperature-controlled vehicle, and their compact size means that they can be used for different business purposes. They are one of the leading vehicles used in freezer conversions, and are an excellent option if you’re looking to grow your commercial vehicle fleet.

At Glacier Vehicles, we understand that bigger is not always better. We put real effort into finding medium used vans that are durable, and of the highest quality. We also ensure that they are in top condition, before having them converted to your specifications.

What Is A Medium Used Freezer Van?

A freezer van is a vehicle designed to carry perishable merchandise at specific temperatures. It is used for transporting perishable goods and any temperature-controlled cargo. Medium used freezer vans are pre-owned vehicles which were either converted by their previous owners, or are waiting to be converted. They come in an intermediate size that is not as big as large freezer vans, and not as compact as small freezer vans.

Glacier vehicles offers a huge range of medium used freezer vehicles, covering all makes and models. Our medium used freezer vans are great all-rounders. They are a very flexible frozen transport solution for businesses such as butchers, wholesale fish merchants and events catering companies. Not only that, they can be manoeuvred around city streets and built-up neighbourhoods more easily than a standard van. If you do not come across the specific vehicle you are after in our lot, it does not necessarily mean that we do not supply it. Our experts will source and convert a wide variety of used freezer vans from different manufacturers for you based on your specifications. Our aim is to make life easier for our customers and partners.

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2021 Ford Transit Custom L1 H1 300 Freezer Van For Sale

2021 Ford Transit Custom L1 H1 300 Freezer Van For Sale

2021 (21 reg.)
2000 cc
2021 Peugeot Expert 1000 Standard Freezer Van For Sale

2021 Peugeot Expert 1000 Standard Freezer Van For Sale

2021 (21 reg.)
1600 cc
71 reg. Ford Transit Custom 280 TDCi L1 H1 Freezer Van For Sale

71 reg. Ford Transit Custom 280 TDCi L1 H1 Freezer Van For Sale

2021 (71 reg.)
2000 cc
3 x 2019 Mercedes Vito 111 CDi L1 H1 Freezer Vans For Sale

3 x 2019 Mercedes Vito 111 CDi L1 H1 Freezer Vans For Sale

2019 (19 reg.)
1600 cc
2020 Citroen Dispatch 1200 HDi Enterprise Long Wheelbase Freezer Van For Sale

2020 Citroen Dispatch 1200 HDi Enterprise Long Wheelbase Freezer Van For Sale

2020 (70 reg.)
1500 cc
2020 Ford Transit Custom 300 TDCi L1 H1 Trend Freezer Van For Sale

2020 Ford Transit Custom 300 TDCi L1 H1 Trend Freezer Van For Sale

2020 (70 reg.)
2000 cc

What Are Medium Used Freezer Vans Used For?

Medium freezer vans or trucks are used for the carriage of frozen cargo and temperature-controlled cargo. Businesses in the hospitality, science, research, and medical industry often have to transport perishable cargo. This cargo has to be kept at a specific temperature both during transit and storage, otherwise it will either deteriorate in quality, or be completely destroyed.

Medium freezer vehicles help in transporting temperature-sensitive goods by maintaining them at the correct low temperature range until they reach their final destination. They preserve these sensitive goods, and extend and ensure their shelf life. These vehicles are also safer for your cargo as they have a small turning radius and nimble handling, all of which make for reliable and easy driving.

Medium freezer vans can be used in different industries to transport the following:

  • Frozen food
  • Dairy
  • Medical supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Scientific material
  • Chemicals
  • Live animals
  • Frozen food
  • Photographic film
  • Cosmetics and personal care products
  • Electronic devices
  • Floral delivery

Temperature Controlled Vehicles for your Transportation & Logistics needs

Whether you want to add a cold cargo van to your fleet, or you own a business that requires a cold van, medium used freezer vans are an ideal choice for your freezer van conversion. One of the reasons that medium used vans are a favourite with a lot of business owners is that they can accommodate a large cargo load, yet their compact body dimensions allow you to easily negotiate tight parking spaces and narrow streets.

If your business involves a cold chain distribution of goods, then you know a powerful freezer van is crucial to its success and reputation. At Glacier Vehicles, we are attentive to your needs and ensure that we match the perfect medium freezer van model to your supply chain, transport and logistics requirements.

We are one of the premiere suppliers of freezer vans and distribution logistics in the UK, and are committed to delivering superior pre-owned medium freezer vans. We work with precision and dedication to create medium freezer vans that fit your business needs, to help you guarantee the quality of your products.

How Temperature Controlled Van Freezer Units Work

If you are considering a more efficient way of transporting cool cargo in order to expand the reach of your business, the best way is by purchasing medium used vehicles.

These freezer vans are designed to meet the standards of daily high mileage travel. They are able to attain and sustain up to -25°C even in the warmest climate. No matter how rough the terrain, or how far the distance, the cargo is preserved over long periods of time.

To produce a durable and efficient freezer vehicle, Glacier Vehicles invests in superior thermo-insulation, which our engineers use for carrying out the installation of our first-class refrigeration units. Our medium pre-owned freezer vans, including our dry goods panel vans, have an insulated cargo area that is optimised for quality temperature control.

Some of the important aspects behind the proper functioning of freezer vans include:

Thermal insulation

The major difference between a freezer van and a refrigerator van is the thickness of the insulation. Insulation is absolutely essential to a successful freezer vehicle, and the insulation used is often of a higher quality and much thicker than that used in household freezers. The aim is to make the cargo impenetrable by the ambient air.

At Glacier Vehicles, our medium used freezer vans are thermo insulated using high density foam insulation to fill every crevice. This makes the cargo area able to resist compromise by chemicals, solvents and moisture. Our rigid polyurethane foam system is designed to prevent air, moisture and heat from entering the cargo compartment. This makes it the most efficient thermal insulation obtainable in the UK today.

All our freezer vans are converted to an insulation thickness of 75mm to match the freezer temperature requirements. We make use of a thicker 100mm insulation for vehicles requiring deep freeze temperatures. After the insulation material is installed, the vans are finished off using either wet-lay or dry line.

Thermal engineering

At Glacier Vehicles, we excel in converting normal vans into freezer vehicles and we ensure they are effectively engineered to deliver optimal and stable sub-zero temperature conditions for long periods of time.

We source old vans and work with all major manufacturers to give you precise temperature controlled vehicles that are hard-wearing and efficient. Through innovative and proficient engineering, we take normal medium used vans and transform them into thermally-efficient freezer vans. They are capable of attaining and maintaining extremely low temperatures for a long period of time. They can also be individually configured and customised for optimal operation in any weather conditions.

Our thermal engineering follows a four-stage standard procedure which includes:

Styrofoam: Styrofoam or any other high-density polymer foam is used for the insulation of the van. At Glacier Vehicles, we use Styrofoam because of its lightweight and thermal properties. It has a higher quality of extremely high-density polymer foam, containing billions of minuscule air bubbles. The thick foam helps to create an insulated airtight compartment that prevents heat from getting into the vehicle. We use 75mm to 100mm thick Styrofoam for the cargo compartments of your medium used freezer vans.

Wood boarding: The wood used in this process is treated to prevent rot that can result from the moisture created by condensation. The treatment is carried out with food-safe anti-bacterial fungicide.

Fibreglass : Fibreglass is considered to be the most common and effective insulation material, due to its ability to minimise heat transfer. It insulates the medium used van, and also acts as a keying agent for the GRP resin applied in the final step of the conversion process.

GRP resin interior: After the insulation, the interior of the medium used freezer van is finished off using either dry line or wet lay, which is quite similar to resin flooring. Once the wet GRP resin is applied and dried, the loading area becomes sealed and ready. After the application dries, the cargo area of the van is 100% hygienic and very easy to clean.

Another aspect of the cooling system of our temperature-controlled vans is the direct drive mechanism. This mechanism uses the engine to directly power the refrigeration compartment of the van. The engine system is modified to generate enough power to safely and effectively power the freezer system, condenser, compressor, and evaporator.

Temperature control

After the thermal insulation and thermal engineering is done, some extra mechanisms are put in place to ensure the temperature of the medium used freezer van is well maintained. Temperature control makes it possible to regulate the temperature of the van. Some of these mechanisms include:

  • Drawing air from the ambient environment outside and circulating it around the heating parts to keep them cool.
  • A thermostat in the the cooling compartment of the freezer van, to allow you to effectively regulate cooling in the freezer compartment.
  • Installing a partition wall which could be static or movable. The partition wall separates the cargo area from the driver cabin so that the freezing temperatures of the cargo hold does not inconvenience the driver and/or

What Components Are Used In Your Medium Used Freezer Van

To deliver medium used freezer vans that are capable of optimal, consistent cooling for long periods, we install top of the line refrigeration systems after the insulation of the vehicle. Most of our freezer vehicles feature modern GAH refrigeration systems. GAH is a global leader in cargo transport refrigeration and they design, manufacture and maintain refrigeration systems to fit vehicles of all sizes. After the installation, the medium used freezer van can attain and maintain a temperature between 0 and -25 degrees.

Our engineers are also able to create dual partitioned cold cargo vans if required. The freezer vans feature a 2 Temp Fan Kit, and a dual Insulated Cargo Compartment, which makes it possible to hold multiple temperatures in one van. This enables the cargo hold to heat and cool at the same time, for example. Because of this, different cargo requiring vastly different temperatures can be preserved and transported at the same time.

After installation of the GAH refrigeration system, all our vehicles go through multi-point checks and comprehensive MOT testing to guarantee the cool cargo vehicle is fully prepared for rigorous transportation and logistics needs.

Medium Used Freezer Van Cargo Options

At Glacier Vehicles, we can provide you with a medium used freezer van with the following cargo options:

  • Meat rails
  • Slide drawers
  • Wet load or slip-resistant floors
  • Standby capability
  • Extra shelving or racking
  • Strip curtains

Types of medium Used Freezer Van

Our stock list of medium used freezer vans covers a wide variety of manufacturers, models, and designs. Generally, the types of freezer vans we have are:

  • Long Wheel Base (LWB)
  • Medium Wheel Base (MWB)
  • Short Wheel Base (SWB)

Wheelbase is the distance between the centre point of the front wheels and the centre point of the rear wheels. It is measured from the centre of the wheels and serves as an indication of the level of interior space for the given external size.

If you want a medium used freezer van, then choose vans with a Medium Wheel Base. If you consider the short wheelbase base vans too small for your business and the LWB too large, then the MWB is the perfect compromise. They are medium-sized vans with a wheelbase longer than SWB, yet shorter than LWB. The benefits of choosing a MWB van for your freezer van are:

  • It offers a bigger cargo space and capacity than SWB.
  • It has the lightness of the SWB.
  • The compact size and its manoeuvrability makes it the ideal freezer vehicle for businesses transporting goods in tight spaces and urban areas.
  • It is extremely practical yet compact with an expansive cargo capacity.

Recommended Vehicles

Not all vehicles can be used for cold chain transport. If a vehicle has no cargo space and lacks adequate facilities for the proper insulation and installation of a refrigeration system, it cannot be converted. They also have to be durable, sturdy, and fuel-efficient to be able to bear the mileage and constant stress without wearing down.

The medium used vehicles we have in stock are 3 to 4 pallet vans. Their internal length is between 2.9m and 4.2m. They are capable of carrying a payload of between 800Kg and 1300Kg with ease.  Glacier Vehicles ensures that all medium used freezer vans sold by us undergo thorough HPI checks and performance tests before they are delivered to our customers.

Once you provide us with your unique specifications and your goals for the freezer van, we can recommend a suitable and budget friendly option from one of the following:

  • Toyota
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Volkswagen Crafter
  • Ford Transit
  • Renault Master
  • Vauxhall Movano
  • Nissan NV400
  • Citroen Relay
  • Fiat Ducato
  • Peugeot Boxer
  • Iveco Daily

Van Features

As a standard, all our medium used vans come with the following:

  • MOT Test: This is a yearly test performed on medium used freezer vans before delivering it to you. The test covers vehicle safety, roadworthiness, and exhaust emissions. We perform this test before delivering your freezer van to you. That way, you are assured of a vehicle in top form in both body and structure.
  • Multi Point Check: Your medium used freezer van will also undergo a comprehensive multi point check that covers mechanical and structural inspections, such as main functions, controls check, and a check of the interior and bodywork.
  • Service: Our used and pre-owned vehicles undergo a series of maintenance procedures before they are resold.
  • Warranty: All our used freezer vans come with the remainder of their manufacturer warranty. We also provide our own 12-month warranty on all vehicles sold by us and our refrigeration systems.
  • Call Outs to mainland UK (extendable option): We are available for call outs in all parts of mainland UK.
  • Free of Charge Delivery: Regardless of where you are in the UK, we can have your selection of medium used freezer van delivered to an address convenient to you. This service is available regardless of whether you are buying one or multiple used vans.
  • Conversions are New: You have our guarantee that while the vehicle might be pre-owned, the refrigerating system we install is brand new. All medium used freezer vans on our lot are newly converted to ensure that you are getting a vehicle capable of optimal performance for years to come.
  • Standby Facility: Our cooling vehicles come with standby facilities which can be plugged into a regular outlet. This can be very useful for van owners who are in the catering industry or those that deliver their services on the road.

Optional Extras

If you want to customise your medium freezer van, we offer these optional features for your benefit:

  • Alarm: For extra security, we can install an added alarm system to your freezer van to protect your van from theft.
  • LED daytime running lights: These are automotive lights which switch on automatically to increase the visibility of the freezer van during daylight.
  • Air Conditioning: This will provide added comfort for drivers and passengers while on the road by controlling the temperature and humidity in the cabin of your medium used freezer van.
  • Bluetooth: You can pair your phone with the truck so you can have hands-free access to it while driving.
  • Cruise Control: It maintains your freezer van at a constant set speed, allowing the driver to relax on straight, open roads.
  • Rear Parking Sensors: This allows the driver to have a view of the rear of the vehicle while parking so that they don’t reverse into other vehicles or structures.
  • Sat Nav: Satellite navigation uses satellites to provide autonomous geo-spatial positioning (GPS). Installing it helps to track your freezer van and can be used for providing the position of the vehicle.

How many medium used freezer vans do you keep in stock at your dealership?

With Glacier Vehicles, choosing your ideal medium used freezer van has never been easier. We offer the largest selection of direct fleet medium used freezer vans. They are all temperature controlled and ideal for the delivery of cargo, ranging from foods to chemicals.

We have a wide range of medium sized used freezer vans at our dealership. They all come with their service history and warranties regardless of the brand. Our stock list changes regularly as we are constantly updating our stock with newly used vehicles. We can guarantee you will find your ideal vehicle by going over our catalogue, or paying a visit to our lot in person.

If the medium used freezer you want is unavailable, our team of experts are ready to source one on your behalf. They will see to the vehicle’s conversion and delivery, all at a price that is within your budget.

To find out what we have and physically check out our stock, visit us at our office in Surrey.

How much do medium Used Freezer Vehicles Cost?

The prices of our medium used freezer vans and trucks differ and depend on certain factors, some of which include the manufacturer, the type of conversion you want and the model or design of the van. You can be assured that our prices are highly competitive.

At Glacier Vehicles, we guarantee that you will not get a better deal elsewhere. We also offer attractive financial packages which enable you to spread the cost of your purchase.

All our pre-owned medium freezer vehicles come fitted with brand new refrigeration systems which last as long as the truck will, and are able to maintain their temperature over extended periods of time on the road. They also come with their separate warranties to assure you of our reliability. To find out more, call us today on 0208 668 7579 for a free quote.