Looking for a used fridge van to buy or second hand refrigerated vehicle for sale in the South East? Our refrigerated van dealership is the place to be if you’re looking for quality used fridge vans. Glacier vehicles understand that the transport and logistics industry in England requires great diversity when it comes to used temperature controlled vans. Your business requirements may be different from any other companies, even those operating in the same industry. As such, you need to choose your business’ refrigerated vehicle‘s with care. Read More...

Our Fridge Van Experts Are Here To Help You Pick The Perfect Fridge Van For Sale

With over two decades in the used fridge van/chilled vehicle marketplace, Glacier Vehicles has tremendous experience helping businesses to match an automobile to their requirements. Glacier Vehicles will go through your operational processes to ensure that you have all the bases covered. Something as simple as getting the wrong refrigeration equipment installed in a van can have an adverse effect on your business.

Buying a Bespoke Used Refrigerated Vans

All of our used chilled transport vans come fully fitted with new GRP installation, new refrigeration systems and with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. Aside from this, we want to ensure that you are kitted out for any specific requirements that your business may have. Glacier Vehicles consultation phase will ensure that we understand your business. Our technical people will then work with you to ensure that you get the used refrigerated vehicle you need.

Even our brand new temperature controlled vehicles are thoroughly inspected by our engineers. Glacier Vehicles make sure that every used fridge van that leaves our showroom is in perfect condition. This provides you with peace of mind, and ensures that your business can benefit from your new investment from day one; and for a long time into the future.

A Constantly Changing Used Refigerated Van Inventory

Glacier Vehicles strive to provide new stock on our website on an almost daily basis. With so many second hand refrigerated vehicles available out there in the UK market, we can’t have every shape and size available all of the time. However, we do try to balance our stock by constantly offering new types of used vehicles that were perhaps not available the week before. Can’t find the chilled transporter for sale that you want? If you can’t find the used chiller van that you’re looking for, then get in touch and tell us exactly what is you need. We will then make it our goal to find a used fridge van that ticks all the boxes. We have wide and deep networks in the logistics industry, and can therefore often source an exact model in very little time. We can then get you on the road to your clients.

Do you sell bespoke used temperature controlled vehicles?

We understand that standard refrigeration setups don’t work for all businesses. We are therefore able to provide the refrigeration specifications that match your needs. Our workshop is staffed by experienced chiller unit engineers who can provide bespoke storage and refrigeration units for any van. If you have a used truck that needs a fridge van conversion or you would like to pick one of our models and have it bespoke fitted for your needs, then speak to one of our temperature controlled vehicle specialists today. Whether you’re looking for catering vans for a local operation or large refrigerated vans for a national contract, we can help your business grow and provide you with the used refrigeration vehicles that you need. We have a massive amount of experience in the automotive industry and have probably worked with a company at the same point of growth as you are at now. This means that we can support your growth by providing expert knowledge and insights so that you can make the right decisions with regards to the growth of your temperature controlled vehicle fleet. We can also help you to get the exact chill specification and storage that you need so that your business has a competitive advantage over the rest. By providing you with generous warranties and servicing plans, advice on tax, VAT, insurance, and MOT’s, we can provide you with expert knowledge that isn’t always available without the access to industry experts with so much experience.

How many used refrigerated vans do you keep in stock at your dealership?

Glacier Vehicles are proud to be one of the foremost companies in the United Kingdom, engaged in the supply of superb-quality used refrigerated vans. Regardless of your refrigerated transportation needs, you can be assured we will provide the most appropriate range of vehicles, best suited to your business. Whether you’re in the business of moving vegetables, meat or flowers, you can bet we always have the exact van you need.

Over the years, we’ve served businesses of all sizes, from small ones with a couple of errands to run daily to large multinational companies, in need of a network of reliable refrigerated vehicles. Regardless the size of your business, we can deliver the precise number of used refrigerated vans you require.

Our reach and connections in the logistics business are really what sets us apart from the competition. We have no problem finding the perfect temperature controlled vans for your business. You can trust Glacier Vehicles to deliver every time and on time, whenever you need a single used refrigerated van or a whole fleet of them. If there’s anything we do well, it’s making it easier to reach your customers, when and how you need to, wherever they are in the UK.

We’ve never disappointed any of our customers in need of used refrigerated vans. Also, we have a good understanding of the industry and know what vans for are most appropriate for each business. With expert knowledge of what our customers prefer, we’re careful to never run out of stock. So, if you ever need a used refrigerated van, remember, Glacier Vehicles is your best bet.

What types of businesses are your refrigerated vans suitable for?

Our used refrigerated vans can bring a lot of success to your businesses. Today’s economy poses a unique challenge to industries that require portable cooling systems. It is in that revelation that we offer used portable refrigerated vans that can increase the quality of your supply to supermarkets, caterers, fast food chains, pharmaceutical dealers and many other business establishments. Our customized vans will not only provide you with the convenience that you need in your business but also, with compact refrigeration solution in a smaller space. Also, our refrigerated vans come with a perfect grip, can fit almost anywhere and are durable and shock proof. That way, our refrigerated vans enable you to save on cost while at the same time reducing damage on the goods that you are transporting. If you run smaller business, you will find our customized refrigerated vans very helpful. With smaller units, you are paying for less and spending lesser amounts of money on fuel while on your delivery trips. Most of our used refrigerated vans use diesel to keep coolers working and require a 110 volt circuit. And although many used refrigerated vans are unhygienic as they emit an odour of used fuel and many years of refrigerating different types of products, our vans have been cleaned out and thoroughly serviced to function as new. We put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the vans that we provide to our clients. That is why we thoroughly test each unit in order to ascertain that it meets or exceeds the standards that we have set for ourselves as a reputable used refrigerated van seller.

Do your Vans Come with a Warranty?

It is a wise decision to confirm that the used refrigerated van you intend to purchase comes with a satisfactory warranty. Warranties are crucial, because they protect you with a written guarantee, saving you the costs you would otherwise have spent in the event of a breakdown during the period covered by the policy.

At Glacier Vehicles, we are concerned about the experience every single one of our customers has with our vehicles and want it to be nothing short of the best. We offer warranties with a guarantee we believe you’ll find satisfactory. We want you to go about your business of serving your customers without having to worry about too much. Running a business is filled with many mini struggles daily and we want to give you one less concern to worry about.

Even though our vans come with fantastic warranties, we guarantee you’ll hardly ever have any problems with our vehicles. All the vans we have in stock have been built to last, with durable, solid parts and equipment that has absolutely no faults. Glacier Vehicles don’t settle for anything less than the best and we know our customers don’t either. That is why we are the perfect company to order your used refrigerated vans from.

With the van warranty we offer, you’ll only have to worry about fuelling your vehicle, because replacement parts are on us. That’s right! In the unlikely event that there’s a problem and you need a part replaced, you won’t have to pay a single penny. What can be better than that? Choosing Glacier Vehicles today means you are choosing value.

What Components are your used refrigerator vans built with?

The refrigerated vans market is a huge one and there isn’t a single option that is perfect for every business and every application. We know our clients are just as diverse as their business needs and that is reflected in the components we fit our used refrigerator vans with. There is no one-size-fits all solution and all the conversions we make are completed with a specific set of goals in mind. We know who and what every temperature controlled fan will be perfect for.

At Glacier Vehicles, we offer a wide range of optional extras for used refrigerated vans, so you can always have whatever add-on component you like with your van of choice. Even without the extras, the vans we have in stock have been designed to suit your needs, whatever they may be. It’s not just about a refrigerator on wheels, it’s always about something more.

We have used refrigerated vans that are great for delivering flowers, vans for pharmaceuticals, meat, fish, and of course, ice cream. All you have to do is tell us what you need and we’ll deliver. We understand the need to ensure the safety and integrity of the goods you are transporting; they have to be in perfect condition when they reach the customer. With this in mind, we pay careful attention to the components we use, ensuring they provide the value you expect them to.

How Much Does a Used Refrigerator Van Cost?

One of the first concerns you are likely to have when you make up your mind to buy a used refrigerated van relates to cost. The cost of the van you buy will depend on a number of factors, but you should be even more concerned about getting the best possible quality at the best possible price. Luckily, we offer just that at Glacier Vehicles.

Among the factors that will determine the price of a van are the intended function of the vehicle, the size, and the technological improvements. As you might expect, larger vans will cost more than smaller models, but you’ll also have to consider whether the larger van will serve you better or if the smaller one will suffice.

Often, technological advancements can make all the difference and might just sway you from buying a cheaper van. Of course, all our used refrigerator vans are solid performers, but it’s possible you’ll find one with irresistible technology improvements you’d be unable to overlook. Many come in the form of better safety features or comfort.

In the end, your choice depends on what you need the van for. Whether that’s our highest or lowest priced vehicle, you are guaranteed of having made the right choice.

Why choose our used refrigerator vehicles?

If you need more room to carry additional products, we can provide you with van trailers as well as a backup power generator. With that, we ensure that all your goods are in good condition while on transit. Our refrigerated vans are built for convenience. We therefore have a wide range of vans for our customers to choose from based on their needs and budget. You can get a suitable refrigerated van from us no matter what your needs are. You can even find dry refrigerators that are intended to provide you with one of the healthiest environment for transporting meat, vegetables, dairy products and other food stuffs. Many of our clients will attest to the fact that the dry refrigerated vans comes as their saviour. The refrigerators not only enable food to remain intact but also, keep it as fresh as manufactured or harvested from the farm. Whether you are looking for a refrigerated or dry van, our refrigerated van solutions are guaranteed to elevate your business to another level by keeping your products as fresh as possible and for as long as possible. This will make your clients happy and your business will flourish.

Get in touch today

Get in touch today to find out how our vehicles can meet your exact transportation and logistics requirements. We can help you to source the right finance or leasing options for your business to make the most of your available capital, and we can help you to choose between all of the various options, features, and functionality available in the used refrigerated automobile market. Best of all we offer tremendous value for money, possible only because of our many years in the industry and superb relationships with manufacturers, dealers, and companies in the automotive industry.

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