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Used Small Freezer Vans For Sale

Are you in need of a versatile small freezer van for your business? Glacier Vehicles are the leading professionals in the conversion and sale of used and new freezer vans.
We have a wide variety of small freezer vans in stock, and you can be sure you’ll find one within our catalogue that will meet your unique needs and budget. Get in touch with us today for a petrol or diesel engine small freezer vehicle that not only has impressive storage space, but also superb cooling features!

What are Small Freezer Vans?

Small freezer vans are small sized vehicles that have been installed with highly effective insulation and freezer units. These types of vehicles are commonly used by businesses and individuals in the distribution, transportation and logistics industry.

Businesses in the UK that commonly use small freezer trucks are those that have a frequent need to transport food, flowers, pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies, and other cargo, that need to be transported at specific temperatures to maintain their integrity.

Compared to large and medium sized frozen vans, small freezer vans have less storage space. But what space this size of cooling van lacks, it makes up for with versatility and manoeuvrability on the road, as well as speed, fuel efficiency, and lower maintenance costs. In terms of versatility and manoeuvrability, a small freezer van can typically access narrower or tighter roads that larger vans can’t. Parking is also less of an issue.

At Glacier Vehicles, we have a wide range of diesel and petrol engine small freezer vans from leading manufacturers from all over the world, including top names such as Mercedes, Toyota, and Fiat. Depending on your budget, we can provide you with either a brand new small freezer vehicle for your transportation and logistics needs, or a used one.

Our used small freezer vans are well engineered and fully tested to be in perfect working order before being delivered to a client. Simply give us a call today to inform us what your preferences and goals are regarding a small freezer van, and our experts will recommend the best options to satisfy your needs.

If there’s a specific type and model of small frozen van you have in mind, please contact us and let us know the details. In the unlikely event we don’t have your preferred option in stock, we can source it on your behalf.

Call 0208 668 7579 now for a consultation and a free, no-obligation quote.

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2020 Vauxhall Combo Sportive L1 H1 Freezer Van For Sale

2020 Vauxhall Combo Sportive L1 H1 Freezer Van For Sale

2020 (70 reg.)
1600 cc
2018 Ford Transit Connect T220 L1 H1 Freezer Van For Sale

2018 Ford Transit Connect T220 L1 H1 Freezer Van For Sale

2018 (68 reg.)
1500 cc
2018 Citroen Berlingo 850 X BlueHDi L1 Freezer Van For Sale

2018 Citroen Berlingo 850 X BlueHDi L1 Freezer Van For Sale

2018 (18 reg.)
1600 cc

What Are Small Freezer Vans Used For?

Those in the food and/or catering industries typically use small freezer vehicles to ensure guaranteed food safety during transportation of their cargo.

The use of small freezer vans isn’t only limited to the food industry. Those in agriculture, pharmaceutical, medical, hospitality, and other sectors, also use such vans for a variety of purposes. Florists use them to keep their flowers fresh and healthy-looking while transporting them. They can also be used to safely transport medical supplies, or scientific material such as samples, and biological or chemical materials, without compromising their integrity.

Our small freezer vans are designed to deliver optimal, consistent, and stable cooling for long periods of time. This means these vehicles can be used to transport food and other perishables for long hauls, without incident.

Glacier Vehicles can deliver one or as many small freezer vehicles as you need, with sufficient storage space. For a fuel efficient petrol or diesel small freezer van that facilitates your ability to deliver perishables or other sensitive materials with guaranteed safety, security, comfort and speed, please give us a call today for a friendly chat about your requirements.

Temperature Controlled Small Vehicles for your Transportation & Logistics needs

A temperature controlled vehicle that can attain and maintain below zero temperatures to preserve its cargo during transportation is crucial for organisations with certain transportation and logistics needs. This is especially so for companies that deliver perishable and similar sensitive products or services to clients.

By coming to us for a small freezer van that is in line with your business needs, we can help you improve the quality of your services, minimise your costs, and better satisfy your clients.

Our small freezer vans will be especially advantageous to companies who have frequent and long distance transportation needs with perishable cargo. A small freezer van from Glacier Vehicles will keep your cargo on ice for extended periods of time and long distances, thanks to our professionally installed, top of the line insulation and freezer systems.

Let us help improve your business performance – whether you specialise in the supply chain, cold chain, or distribution industry – we have optimal solutions for you. Check out our catalogue of small freezer vehicles now, or visit our showroom in Surrey, to find small freezer vans most suitable for the terrain, distance, and type of cargo you typically work with.

How temperature controlled Van Freezer Units work

Transporting perishable products at specific temperatures can be tricky without the right facilities. A small freezer van must possess certain features as standard to serve this purpose, be it used or brand new.

At Glacier Vehicles, all our freezer vehicles are modified to deliver optimal and stable cooling in various conditions. To ensure our clients can perform long distance cargo transportation without hassle and cost efficiently, the engines of all our small freezer vehicles are fuel efficient.

Our small freezer vans, such as our dry goods panel vans have an insulated cargo area that’s optimised for efficient temperature control, and ideal for food transportation. This is thanks to the following:

Thermal insulation

The cargo/storage area of our small frozen vehicles have insulated airtight compartments. This insulation is essential for temperature control because it prevents the cool air within the cargo area from escaping, and stops heat seeping in from the outside.

We deliver high performing freezer trucks by using not only high quality insulation material but also installing them in thicker layers of up to 75mm. This makes it possible to maintain temperatures between zero and -25 degrees centigrade. This is far more insulation than what you can expect to find in a standard fridge.

Thermal engineering

Our engineers approach the thermal engineering of our small freezer vans using a four part process that converts a normal small van into a freezer van. The process involves:

Styrofoam : Depending on your freezer van needs, we can install Styrofoam with density of up to 75mm thickness. This density of foam (PCF) pounds per cubic foot helps maximise retention of the cooling effect, and maintains freezing temperatures within the van.

Wood boarding : The wood used in this process is treated to prevent rot. This rot is typically caused by moisture from condensation seeping into the wood partitions. The wood treatment is carried out with food-safe anti-bacterial fungicide. This will keep sensitive cargo such as food, perishables and biological samples safe from contamination.

Fibreglass : Fibreglass is installed as interior sheeting for insulation purposes. This material is used for insulation because of its ability to minimise heat & cold transfer. The fibreglass also acts as a keying agent for the GRP resin which is applied in the following step.

GRP resin interior : The interior of the small freezer van will be finished with GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) resin with a wet lay roller. We deploy ‘wet lay’ because it has been proven to be more hygienic and effective in comparison to dry lay. Wet lay is quite similar to resin flooring, in that it makes the cargo area of the small freezer van 100% hygienic when dry, as well as easy to clean.

Our small freezer vans also feature a direct drive mechanism. This is the mechanism responsible for providing the power needed to run the cooling system of the van. It operates by making use of the van’s engine to directly power the freezer compartment of the van. The direct drive mechanism provides power for the freezer system’s refrigeration, evaporator, compressor, and condenser.

Temperature control

Temperature control is another crucial aspect of the design of our small freezer vans. Part of the temperature control mechanism is accomplished by pulling in air from outside and circulating it around warm parts to keep them cool. The cooling compartment of the freezer van also comes with a thermostat, allowing you to effectively regulate the freezing temperature of the system.

The small freezer van also features a static and movable partition wall in different parts. The partition wall that separates the cargo area from the driver cabin is designed in such a way that it ensures the freezing temperature of the cargo area doesn’t extend to the driver/passenger cabin.

What Components are used in a Small Freezer Van? What are conversions built with?

Our small freezer vans are capable of optimal, consistent cooling and freezing for long periods because of the state of the art freezer systems we install. A majority of our small freezer vans feature the new Hubbard refrigeration systems, or the GAH refrigeration systems with new GRP wet line insulation.

Our small freezer vans feature a two temperature fan kit and a dual compartment insulated coolbox/cargo compartment that allows for heating and cooling to happen at the same time. Any of our freezer vans can attain and maintain temperatures of between 0 to -25 degrees celsius.

Within the cargo hold, what you will find is a securely lined interior surface of insulated panels which our engineers have equipped with light GRP sheeting. This delivers long term durability and safety in a small freezer van purchased from us. The interior also features load bearing floor panels that can be customised by our specialists to suit your particular business needs.

After installation of the freezer system, all our vehicles go through multipoint checks and comprehensive MOT testing, to guarantee the freezer vehicle is fully prepared for your rigorous transportation or logistics needs.

Small Freezer Van Cargo Options

Depending on what you intend to transport with your small freezer truck, we can provide a cooling vehicle with the following cargo options:

  • Meat rails: These will greatly serve butchers, restaurateurs, farmers and others who supply meat for a variety of events
  • Slide drawers
  • Wet Load or ‘Slip-resistant’ floors: To minimise the risk of accidental slips while loading or unloading the truck
  • Standby capabilities
  • Extra shelving or rack space
  • Strip curtains for hygiene purposes

Types of Small Freezer Vans

Our catalogue of small freezer vans, brand new and used, covers a wide variety of manufacturers, models, and designs. You can contact us for a MWB (Medium Wheel Base) or SWB (Short Wheel Base) small freezer vehicle.

SWB is the distance between centre of the rear wheel and centre of the front wheel. A SWB vehicle has the shortest available base length. Vans with short or medium wheelbases, as is the case with most of our small freezer vans, are more compact and are far easier to manoeuvre on tight roads and through traffic. They are also more fuel efficient, but an obvious downside is that they offer less storage space than vans with longer wheelbases.

Please bear in mind that the length of a SWB will vary from model to model. For a free consultation on a small freezer vehicle with a wheelbase that satisfies your specifications and unique needs, please contact us on 0208 668 7579.

Recommended Vehicles

Small to medium freezer vans are typically 2 pallet vans, with a 2m to 2.5m internal length. They are capable of transporting cargo with a weight of between 400kg and 800kg. The specific amount of weight a freezer van can carry will depend on the exact type and model of the van.

Some small freezer vans that we have in stock and we confidently recommend to our customers are:

  • Ford Custom
  • Renault Traffic
  • Vauxhall Vivaro
  • Peugeot Partner
  • Citroen Nemo
  • Mercedes Vito
  • Volkswagen Caddy Maxi
  • New Renault Kangoo
  • Volkswagen Transporter
  • Citroen Dispatch
  • Peugeot Expert
  • Fiat Scudo

We guarantee that every small freezer van we have on offer has undergone thorough HPI checks and performance tests before being delivered to our customers. This is how we have maintained our excellent reputation for the consistent delivery of reliable and safe high-performance freezer vehicles over the years.

Small Freezer Vehicle Features

As standard, all our small freezer vans possess the following features:

  • MOT Test Certificate: This is an annual test that is performed on all small freezer vans before sale. The test covers vehicle safety, roadworthiness, and exhaust emissions. Proof of an MOT test is proof you are receiving a vehicle that’ll perform to your satisfaction with no mechanical issues.
  • Multi Point Check: The van will undergo a comprehensive multi point check that covers mechanical and structural inspections, such as main functions and controls checks, and a check of the interior and bodywork.
  • Service: The vehicle undergoes all necessary servicing before being shipped out.
  • Warranty: All our new and used small freezing vans come with the remainder of their manufacturer warranty. We also provide an impressive 12-month warranty of our own on all our freezer vehicles, as well as a 12-month warranty on the installed freezer system.
  • Free of Charge Delivery: We can have your selection of small freezer van delivered right to your doorstep, regardless of your location in the UK. This service is available whether you buy one or multiple freezer vans.
  • Conversions are New: The freezer system on new and used vans are all installed brand new. All small freezer vans on our lot are newly converted to ensure you are delivered a vehicle that’s capable of optimal performance for years to come.
  • Call Outs to mainland UK (extendable option): We are available for call outs in all parts of mainland UK.
  • Standby Facility: Our frozen vehicles come with standby facilities which can be plugged into a regular plug socket.

Optional Extras

Apart from the aforementioned standard features, you can also choose to have your vehicle selection customised with the following optional extras:

  • Air Conditioning: This will provide added comfort in the driver and passenger cabin of your small freezer van.
  • Alarm: We can install an added alarm system and central locking system for extra security on your freezer truck.
  • Bluetooth: This is great for those who want the ability to pair their phone or other devices with the van’s sound system for hands-free access while driving.
  • Cruise Control: A comfort feature that allows the driver to relax a bit when there’s nothing but straight, open road ahead.
  • LED daytime running lights: This option is especially beneficial for businesses that operate in regions with low visibility during the day. The lights will cut through snow and rain to not only illuminate the road and obstacles, but to also warn oncoming vehicles of your presence.
  • Rear Parking Sensors: This will minimise bumps while reverse parking.
  • Sat Nav: This installation will help ensure the driver of your van never gets lost again. It will also help with making delivery appointments on time by finding the fastest route.

Visit us at our Surrey office or give us a call on 0208 668 7579 to discuss any custom features you would like for your small freezer van.

How many small freezer vans do you keep in stock at your dealership?

Our stock list is regularly changing as we are constantly updating it with new selections of used and brand-new vehicles. Since our stock is regularly updated, you are bound to find something new and interesting that we have to offer, regardless of when you check on us.