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Large Refrigerated Vans For Sale

Large fridge vans have become a lifesaver for some businesses in the distribution and delivery industry. Glacier Vehicles has helped this trend by providing high-quality, large refrigerated vans to the transport and logistics business world.
Glacier refrigerated trucks are strong vehicles that last for years, and can stand the rigours of long journeys in the UK and trips abroad. Their refrigeration systems, with compressors, insulation and thermostats, can store a wide range of products in temperature-controlled chiller spaces and dry environments.

What is a refrigerated van?

A refrigerated van is a vehicle with an insulated, airtight compartment and a condenser system that removes heat from the inside of the van, thereby lowering the temperature and maintaining it. Insulation is crucial for the van to operate successfully. Refrigerated vans use thicker insulation material than normal household refrigerators. They keep perishable goods fresh and intact, and are used to transport products like medication, insects, animals, and electronic appliances.

refrigerated vehicles ensure that items are moved at suitable temperatures. The internal temperature of a van will depend on its insulation, the temperature of the product being transported, and the temperature of the external environment.

What are Refrigerated vans used for?

Refrigerated vans are mainly used to transport temperature-sensitive products safely. They keep goods fresh for a long period. Whether you want to transport perishable products, medical supplies, insects, animals, food, or electronic equipment that requires a certain temperature, a large refrigerated truck can transport more of those goods to your destination per run. refrigerated vehicles have been used to transport honey bees and penguins. Flowers can also be transported by Refrigerated vans. Perfume businesses use Refrigerated vans to maintain the temperature of the perfumes, to prevent the chemicals from heating up and changing the fragrance. Old art pieces made with paint, oil and canvases that can be affected by temperature are also transported by temperature-controlled vehicles. Many businesses profit from using the vans to handle their transportation and logistics. It is especially an important tool for companies delivering fresh, perishable products like food and medication. With temperature controlled vans, your products won’t get spoilt, and you have a better guarantee of food safety.

Temperature-controlled vehicles for your transportation and logistics needs

At Glacier Vehicles, we provide large Refrigerated vans that are of the highest quality. Our temperature-controlled vehicles will handle all your transportation and logistics needs, whether you’re in the supply chain, cold chain, or the distribution business.

Supply Chain: Our temperature-controlled trucks can travel long distances while maintaining the temperature needed for your product until it’s delivered to the customer. If, for example, you’re a pharmaceutical supply chain company, you’ll need the vaccines and insulin you supply to always remain at a constant temperature. With our large refrigerated vehicles, all of your freight is safely transported at the right temperature, over long distances, to the consumer.

Cold Chain: Temperature control is the backbone of the cold chain industry, and we can help you achieve that. We know that fresh perishable products are in demand, and it’s your business to satisfy that demand. There is no better way to do that than to get a reliable, large refrigerated van that will:

  • keep your products at a temperature that satisfies you and your clients,
  • carry more products in one delivery,
  • reduce gas consumption and vehicle expenses, and
  • last for years.

Distribution: If you’re a wholesale distributor that transports manufactured products to retailers, or you have a distribution chain in your company, we have the right large refrigerated truck for you. You can pick from different vehicle models or even get your large refrigerated van customised to fit your distribution logistics in the United Kingdom.

How temperature-controlled van refrigeration units work

A refrigerated van reduces the temperature within its environment to an exceptionally low degree. Even though it’s mobile and can be driven through varying temperatures, it is able to maintain the compartment at a constant temperature.

So, how does the truck’s refrigeration unit work?

The main principle behind it is the removal of heat from the van to the outside. This is achieved with the use of a condenser. The inside of a dry goods panel van, except the driver’s area, is covered with dense polymer foam, making it an insulated area. Once heat is removed from the internal atmosphere, the van unit becomes cold. The insulation stops the cold air from escaping, and warm air from entering. If the condenser is powerful enough, and the insulation material thick enough, the temperature inside the vehicle can be reduced to water freezing temperatures. There are different components needed for the unit of a large fridge van to work.

Thermal insulation : refrigerated vehicles use insulated airtight compartments to preserve temperatures. For successful transportation of goods, proper insulation is essential. The kind of insulation material used has to be thicker and of a higher quality than that used in household fridges, so that the temperature within the van can remain constant despite changing ambient temperatures outside. Thermal insulation reduces heat transfer from outside to the inside of the van. After the condenser has removed the heat from the van, the thermal insulation ensures heat doesn’t come back in, and maintains the cool temperature. Thermal insulation is done with dense polymer foam. The thicker the layer of polymer foam, the higher the insulation level of the truck.

Thermal engineering : If you would like to convert your van into a refrigerated van, Glacier Vehicles will convert it to your satisfaction. Our refrigerated truck conversion process is divided into four parts:

  1. Styrofoam : Styrofoam is an expanded polymer foam made from polystyrene. The extruded polystyrene foam doesn’t absorb much water, has a high compression rate, and is an excellent thermal insulator. The density of our foam is measured in pounds per cubic foot. Using that measurement, we install 50mm thick insulation when converting a van into a refrigerated van.
  2. Wood boarding : The next step is to install a wood layer. The wood we use is treated to prevent rot, which is important, since the refrigerated vehicle will transport food and other sensitive cargo. We also use an antibacterial spray and a fungicide that are hygienic and safe.
  3. Fibreglass-like interior sheeting : We place fibreglass-like interior sheeting in the cargo area. This acts as a keying agent to GRP resin.
  4. GRP resin interior : To finish the interior, a protective coating of polymer is applied using a wet layer roller. The polymer dries up when it comes into contact with the air, and also fills in any gaps that could have been a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. The result is similar to resin flooring. It is clean and hygienic once it dries.The cooling process in the refrigeration compartment is powered by the engine, using a direct drive mechanism. The engine acts as a power source for the condenser, compressor, and evaporator which enables maximum refrigeration.

Temperature control : Temperature control is achieved by adding the latest technology of high-powered condensers, compressors, and evaporators. The condenser contains a network of pipes and coolant fluid. It draws in air from the interior atmosphere of the truck. When the coolant fluid comes into contact with the air, it turns into gas. The gas circulates through the network of pipes in the condenser, absorbing heat from the incoming pipes. At the end of the network, the gas is transferred to the compressor. The compressor uses a high-pressure mechanism to compress the gas. It pushes all the molecules together. The gas is then moved into the evaporator, which pushes air from the external atmosphere into the high-pressure gas, cooling it in the process and turning it back to liquid. Heat is expelled outside into the external environment. The coolant fluid is reintroduced into the condenser to restart the process. Through this process, temperature control within the refrigerated van is achieved.

Partition walls are also installed to ensure that the cool temperature doesn’t escape to the driver’s cabin, further controlling the interior temperature of the cargo area. The partition walls are also used to create dual compartments in the refrigerated vehicle, enabling you to transport different goods at different temperatures. For example, you can transport both dry and chilled goods in the same transport journey, using different compartments. We can install static or movable partitions depending on your specifications. Glacier Vehicles will convert your truck into a refrigerated van with adequate insulation, proper thermal engineering, and the best temperature-control equipment. To convert your existing van, or to get a new large fridge van, call us on 0208 668 7579 today.

What are the components used in your refrigerator vans/conversions built with?

Glacier Vehicles builds or converts refrigerator trucks using excellent equipment to ensure the best temperature control and preservation.ur large temperature-controlled truck components include:

  • GAH Arrow AC20S refrigeration systems
  • Airbags
  • Audio systems
  • Backloading options
  • GRP insulation
  • Sideloading options
  • Air conditioning
  • 2-temp fan kit

The coolbox/cargo compartments are also insulated in such a way that they meet all your distribution demands. The cargo cabin has dual compartments, which can be regulated to a temperature of 0⁰C to +5⁰C. It also has a heat-cool system which can heat and cool at the same time. If the refrigeration unit has been programmed to a temperature of 3oC, the unit heats or cools depending on the ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature is higher, it will cool to 3oC. If the ambient temperature is lower than 3oC, the refrigeration unit heats up to 3oC.

Refrigerated vans Cargo Options

There are several components we can install in the cargo area depending on what you want to use the large fridge vehicle for. Here they are:

  • Meat rails: We can provide hanging meat rails which will enable your carcasses to hang hygienically from the roof of the van.
  • Standby capacity: You might want your large fridge truck to be operational when the engine isn’t running. We can fit the vehicle with standby equipment so that there’s a seamless refrigerating transition from transporting the products to being in a stationary position.
  • Slide drawers and strip curtains: We offer slide drawers installed at the sides of the van. We can also add PVC strip curtains for the side pedestrian doors or the opening at the back of the refrigerated truck, to prevent loss of cold.
  • ‘Wet Load’ or ‘Slip Resistant’ floors: We can install floors that drain and collect excess moisture, and have a flooring solution that is slip resistant.
  • Extra shelves or racking: We have a robust shelving and racking option to help you load more products in your large fridge truck.

Types of Refrigerated vans

Glacier Vehicles’ Refrigerated vans come in different types or sizes. There are 3 major categories:

  1. Long wheelbase (LWB)
  2. Medium wheelbase (MWB)
  3. Short wheelbase (SWB)

The wheelbase is the distance between the centre point of the front wheel and the centre point of the rear wheel. For vehicles with over two axles (meaning they have three sets of wheels–front, middle and rear, or more), the wheelbase is the distance between the front axle and the centre point of the other group of axles. Short wheelbase vehicles give a large load space for cargo. Medium wheel base vehicles have a larger load space while long wheelbase vehicles are the largest of all. An LWB is used to carry large and heavy materials. Our large Refrigerated vans usually have a long wheelbase. The length, width, and height of the load space in our large fridge vans will vary depending on the model and manufacturer.

Recommended vehicles

Our large Refrigerated vans are 3 to 4 pallet vans, with an internal length of 2.9m-4.2m. Their payload is between 800kg to 1,300kg. Based on your specification, we can provide you with the following models of large fridge vehicles.

  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Renault Master
  • Citroen Relay
  • Iveco Daily
  • Ford Transit
  • Nissan NV400
  • Peugeot Boxer
  • Volkswagen Crafter
  • Vauxhall Movano
  • Fiat Ducato

To acquire your own large refrigerated truck, contact us on 0208 668 7579 for more details.

Van Features : As one of the best refrigerated vehicle providers in the UK, we provide top quality vans, with features to meet your needs.

MOT test : We conduct MOT tests on our vans yearly. Our Refrigerated vans are roadworthy, safe, and have low exhaust emissions.

Warranty : We have one of the best warranties for our large refrigerator vehicles. Not only do you get the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty, but you also get a 12-month warranty for our vehicles, and a seperate 12-month warranty for the fridge system.

New Conversions : The equipment we fit into our large trucks are new and ultramodern. We never use old refrigeration units in our refrigerated vehicles. We only install new refrigeration systems when converting vans into refrigerated vehicles.

Multipoint Check : We conduct a multipoint check service for all our vehicles, inspecting key areas to ensure they are in an optimal state. This gives you the best freezing performance.

Callouts to mainland UK : We have an extendable option for callouts within mainland UK. You can contact us during an emergency or for repairs.

Standby facility : Our vans come with an electrical plug-in standby facility that can be used when the engine is switched off. This enables the van to operate as a static fridge. It is a very useful feature for wedding caterers, and those who need to deliver fresh perishable food within a certain time period.

Service : We provide servicing options for our refrigerated trucks.

Optional extras : We also provide optional extra features if you want to customise your van.

  • Alarm: We can install an alarm for security or to monitor critical fluctuations in temperature.
  • Bluetooth: If you want to connect your phone to the van, so you can get wireless access to the functions of your phone, we can install Bluetooth functionality for you.
  • Sat Nav: With satellite navigation, the optimum route between your present location and the delivery destination is calculated. This makes transportation and delivery faster.
  • Cruise Control: The cruise control maintains the speed of the van, enabling the driver to relax and the vehicle to have a constant speed.
  • Air Conditioning: This cools the driver and passenger compartment and makes them comfortable.
  • Rear Parking Sensors: Rear parking sensors detect any object behind your car when parking. It prevents possible accidents.
  • LED Daytime Running Lights: The installed DRLs are at the front of the truck. They come on when the engine is turned on, to increase the visibility of the refrigerated van and warn other drivers of its presence.

How many Refrigerated vans do you keep in stock at your dealership?

We have numerous brands of refrigerated vehicles at our dealership, in different models, specifications, and sizes. We can help you get your first fleet of Refrigerated vans, or expand your current fleet. If you want to buy many vans, you can place your order by calling 0208 668 7579. We can send you a free quote and show you around our showroom. We will also advise you on the refrigerated van models, brands and specifications, based on your needs. We can deliver the vans to your doorstep free of charge, anywhere within mainland UK.

How much do refrigerated vehicles cost?

The prices of Glacier Vehicles’ Refrigerated vans vary depending on the category of the van, size, manufacturer, type of refrigeration unit, and condition (if you want to buy a used van or a new van). Our prices are budget-friendly. Because we are partners with leading manufacturers in the industry, we have access to unbeatable prices for new and used large refrigerator trucks. Cashflow shouldn’t be a hindrance to getting a refrigerated van to help you boost your business and satisfy your clients with fresh and temperature-sensitive products. We can find you a flexible financing option for the purchase of your van. We can negotiate the financing solution on your behalf, and facilitate the process.

If you need more information on the perfect refrigeration vehicle to buy, contact us for a free consultation. Contact us for a meeting today via: Phone: 0208 668 7579 Email: