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Medium Refrigerated Vans For Sale

Although medium fridge vans are one of our most popular fridge van sizes, we have a wide range of vans in stock, in a variety of van sizes, to fit the needs of our diverse customer base. With a large load space, a medium fridge van is capable of carrying more goods than a small fridge van would, yet is still nimble enough and able to fit into almost any parking space. If you’re looking at acquiring a medium fridge van, or a fridge van of any size for that matter, Glacier vehicles is able to cater to your needs.

We apply top notch technology in all our fridge van conversion processes, and we are constantly updating our techniques and equipment. With two decades’ worth of experience, and the special GRP resin finish we apply to insulation, you can be guaranteed of maximum performance from the medium fridge vans we have available today.

A medium fridge van suitable for your business

Thanks to years of experience and training, we can assist you in deciding which particular type of medium fridge van would be perfect for your business needs. Even if you’re not sure of all the requirements, we can help you fill in the blanks. Whether you operate locally or nationally, with more routes to cover weekly or monthly targets, or you require a certain type of temperature regulation, or even specific installations, Glacier Vehicles have all the bases covered.

Many customers worry about temperature uniformity in the load area of fridge vans, which is important for ensuring products are held in the best possible state. Drivers and customers in the supply chain expect transportation temperatures to remain constant throughout the entire journey. Even if the vehicle breaks down, for instance, the refrigeration unit should still be capable of providing a cool temperature for a period of time.

This is why all the fridge vans we provide undergo a well monitored and structured temperature mapping process, to identify the vehicle’s suitability for our customers and their various businesses. We don’t stop there either. We also provide recording and monitoring, GSM connectivity and alarm systems, along with GPS vehicle geolocation.

How temperature controlled medium van refrigeration units work

As with other sizes, a medium fridge van has a mode of operation quite similar to that of household refrigerators, combining an insulated airtight compartment, with a condenser system, to remove any heat in the system. The difference between a fridge van and a household refrigerator is mostly in the electrical power generation. In a household refrigerator, electrical current can be drawn by plugging the fridge into a domestic plug socket in a wall. In a fridge van, however, the van’s engine is the main source of power supply. In some cases, however, a separate generator can be used instead of the engine.

Another significant difference between them is the type of insulation used. Due to the generation of heat from the engine at the front of the vehicle, and of course, the extra heat from the van being driven outdoors, the insulation for such vans is usually significantly thicker and sturdier. This insulation consists of a high-density polymer foam, which keeps the heat outside the van.

Three main components are involved in all refrigeration systems; a condenser, an evaporator, and a compressor. The condenser is made up of thin pipes connected together, that contain a special liquid coolant that absorbs heat. As the liquid flows around the pipes, it absorbs the heat in the unit, and turns to gas as it does so.

When the gas gets to the other end of the connection, it moves into the compressor and gets compressed at a high pressure. It then gets cooled and turned back into liquid, while dissipating the heat into the atmosphere using the air pushed in by the evaporator via the high-pressure gas. This chain of events leads to a significantly lowered temperature in the insulated unit.

Heat is dispelled from inside the refrigerator, and dissipated outside, lowering the temperature inside the insulated area. If the condenser and insulation are strong and thick enough, the temperature can also be reduced to below the freezing point of water. Generally speaking, the insulation for refrigerated vans is thicker, and of higher quality than that of household refrigerators.

Temperature Controlled Medium Vehicles for your Transportation & Logistics needs

Medium fridge vans are excellent for transporting goods that are must be kept at particular temperatures. They can be used by many businesses for local or national delivery of perishables, which would require refrigeration for part of, or the entire journey. Various types of businesses share this need for temperature control during transportation.

Pharmaceutical businesses: Some pharmaceutical products that require certain temperature conditions to prevent them from becoming toxic, losing effectiveness, or expiring too soon, would do quite well with proper transportation means. A medium fridge van would fit right into what could possibly be a cold chain process. That way, there would be more control from manufacturing to consumption.

Food businesses: Be it a catering business, or a fresh seafood or meat delivery business, the food industry benefits from fridge vans. Not only would a temperature-controlled van for food transport ensure the products retain their freshness, it would also mean that food safety is assured, with respect to temperature.

Art businesses: In many cases, art can be perishable, requiring transportation under controlled temperatures. This may not always mean a very cold environment, which is why we can help you figure out just what you need, and work out the perfect solution for your requirements.

Medium fridge van Features

The required functionality of a medium fridge van will be different for different users, which is why we ensure flexibility in the features we provide. Such needs could include specific fittings in the holding area to fit the product requirements, temperature sensors and alarms, safety requirements, and more. If you aren’t sure of all the things your van might require for your business purposes, we have a team of experienced professionals who can walk you through the best options, and help you make informed choices.

The vans we provide, are suitable for long and short distance runs, thanks to features such as petrol and diesel modes, long wheelbases, wide wheelbases, and high or low roof features. Whatever needs you have, as far as temperature-controlled vans go, we have you covered. You only need to tell us! At our dealership, our chiller van engineers are expert specialists in Hubbard, Sanden & Tempcon, Thermo King, Carrier and GAH refrigeration systems. After discussing the specifications for your temperature controlled fridge trucks with them, they can advise you of the best options and also install different fridge equipment, and new compartments, as specified on your checklist.

Medium fridge van Brands Available at Glacier Vehicles

At Glacier, the brands we provide include Peugeot, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Ford, Fiat, Volkswagen Vans, Iveco, Nissan, Citroen, Vauxhall, and Renault. We stock up on high quality vans such as Volkswagen Transporters, Toyota ProAces, Renault Trafics, Vauxhall Vivaros, Toyota HiAces, Ford Transits, Fiat Scudos, and Peugeot Partners. Some of our clients have requested made-to-fit vehicles, to make the transportation of their goods as easy and efficient as possible. You may need specific storage or temperature control options in your medium fridge van, and we can adjust the features to your specifications, or do a conversion of the unit in question, to give you just what you need.

New and used refrigerated trucks at Glacier

We can provide high quality, new or used refrigerated vans at very affordable prices. Our used refrigerated vans are picked carefully and purposefully, with very low mileage, and excellent service history. We also have several checkpoints in place, and we do a full service on all of them. Our new vans are also carefully selected; our good working relationships with manufacturers, and our collective team experience, you can be sure you’ll be getting excellent value for your money.

fridge van Conversions at Glacier

At Glacier Vehicles, we provide van conversion services. You can either purchase the available fridge vans, or have yours converted to fit your needs. If you don’t have all the details on the type of conversion you need, it can be worked out with you during consultation, to give you a very efficient and easy to use fridge van. There are various van conversions available, for whatever requirements you may have. Glacier can provide special shelving and partitioning for moving two different products at different temperatures, and thermostatically-controlled vans that can assist with the transportation of both frozen and chilled products in the same journey. Other temperature variations can also be made, if necessary. If you have a regular van, you can have it converted and fitted with all the features you need. Our team is available to ensure you can have exactly the features you need. We can convert any panel van into a fridge van with a newly developed, durable, more affordable, and light weight insulation. We have a team on ground who will ask the right questions to understand your unique business needs. Once we know your daily requirements for temperature, products, space and shelves, and what you need in a fridge van, we can help you decide on the right kind of conversion for your line of work. Even if you have no idea at all what you might need from a fridge van, all the information to help you decide will be provided, so you can understand it all as well.

How fridge van conversions are done at Glacier

For the refrigeration unit in a refrigerated van to work efficiently, it is crucial to have a good insulation system and refrigeration mechanisms. The system works by trapping the heat within the storage compartment of the van dispersing it into the atmosphere, while the insulation prevents more heat from leaking in. Working together, they ensure that the temperature of the fridge van drops to, and remains at, the temperature needed for the safe transportation of products.

fridge van conversion process

Thermal Insulation: The insulation is mostly made up of polymer foam of high density, which is similar to Styrofoam, but significantly thicker and longer lasting. With many tiny bubbles inside this material, it is a poor conductor of heat, making it an ideal material for keeping heat outside the van. The thicker it is, the more heat can be kept out, and the lower the temperatures that can be reached. During the installation of the insulation, our technicians take extra measures to ensure that the entire interior of the van’s loading bay is covered with thick layers of the polymer foam, to prevent any gaps that could cause heat to leak in and jeopardize the entire cooling system. DIY is suitable for many projects, but this sort of conversion requires extra precautions, and technical know-how.

Durable Surface: After the foam padding is done, a hard surface is used to line it, to prevent any damage to the insulation during loading and unloading processes. It also prevents stains that could make it difficult to clean. The surface could be applied using a wet lay or a dry lay method. This surface won’t just be to protect the insulation, but to also give the interior of the van a clean and finished look. Dry lay consists of a layer of white plastic tiles that would be used to line the inside of the vehicle. Wet lay on the other hand, is a coating that is sprayed on, with a resulting smooth and impermeable dry surface. The wet lay is often preferred because it doesn’t leave any gaps like the dry lay can, which could become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, especially when the van is used for delivering food products.

Options available for your fridge van

Depending on what you want to use the van for, there are options we can offer at Glacier Vehicles that can be incorporated into your refrigerated van design to make your work easier, safer, and more efficient.

Slip resistant floors Moisture on the floor of the vans may not only be a hazard to the operators, but can cause damage to the products involved as well, either when they are being carried in or out, or as a result of instability during transportation. While it is wise to try to reduce the amount of water condensing on the floor of the van, it may not always be enough to prevent trips, falls, and other accidents. Slip resistant flooring can be put in to help prevent such occurrences.

Extra Shelves or racks Additional shelves or racks would not only increase the holding capacity of your van, it can also make it easier to organise things into categories for easy reach. A delivery van for vegetables for instance, would have compartments to help separate vegetables that shouldn’t be stored together during transportation.

Power standby features With this feature in place, you can plug your van into a mains electricity source, which would allow your goods to have continued refrigeration when the van’s engine is turned off. It’s also useful for pre-chilling your van’s holding space to the correct temperature before you load up your products.

Meat rails When transporting meat, it may not be hygienic to place them on the floor of a van, and they might not fit into shelves and racks. We can fit sturdy, steel frames into the van and attach a thick aluminum bar to which the meat rails can be attached, if required. At Glacier Vehicles, we make sure these rails are checked for strength and durability so they do not become safety hazards. We do this by carrying out several strength checks before handing the van keys over to our customers.

Strip curtains While loading and unloading products, the temperature will likely be affected. Strip curtains help to maintain the needed temperatures, even when the doors of the van are open. If you run a business making deliveries, requiring the regular opening of the van doors, this could be a needed addition.

Slide drawers If you need extra room for some products, or some means of separating some from others, you might want to consider the slide drawer we have available for fridge vans here at Glacier. Not only are they hazard free, they are also easy to clean.

Optional extras You may also require additional features such as first aid boxes, more lights, alarm systems, LED daytime running lights, air conditioning, Bluetooth, cruise control, cameras, sat-nav, rear parking sensors and other safety additions. All you need to do is discuss your requirements with us, and we’ll make sure to find you the right solution within budget.

Recommended Vehicles for medium fridge vans For medium or large fridge vans – 3 pallet vans (2.9m to 4.2m internal length, and a payload from 800kg to 1300 kg), the vehicles we recommend at Glacier include:

  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Ford Transit
  • Vauxhall Movano
  • Renault Master
  • Volkswagen Crafter
  • Nissan NV400
  • Fiat Ducato
  • Iveco Daily
  • Peugeot Boxer

Standard Provisions for Medium Fridge Vans at Glacier We finish our vans’ insulation with high quality GRP resin. Our team of engineers check all the details to ensure that the van is ready to run from the very beginning. We are also always available to provide assistance in the unlikely event of you having any problems with your van after purchase. When you buy medium fridge vans from us, you can be sure of the following:

  • MOT
  • Multipoint check
  • Free of charge delivery
  • Brand new conversions
  • Call outs to mainland UK (extendable option)
  • 3 years or 1000 mile warranty
  • Glacier Vehicle’s 12 month warranty
  • Remainder of manufacturer’s warranty
  • Fridge system’s 12 month warranty
  • Service
  • Standby facility
  • refrigerated van body with ATP certification
  • Online temperature tracking system
  • Load area temperature mapping
  • GPS
  • Cooling unit with 24-hour mobile service assistant
  • Sanitation certificate
  • Auto unit maintenance

Quality assurance of Medium Fridge Vans at Glacier

At Glacier, we have been committed to providing refrigerated automobiles to transport, logistics and manufacturing companies for twenty years. To cater to the different needs of our customers, we supply an extensive range of brands, sizes, models, and shapes of vans, and with years of experience under our belt, we are well informed about which of the different models, brands and features will work right for different needs. Our medium refrigerator vans are durable, and are able to fulfill the tasks they are designed for. We do not compromise on quality and standards, which is why we fit our vehicles with new and durable refrigeration systems, central chiller operations and side loading doors, to ensure maximum efficiency. We also put convenience and safety into consideration, which is why our vans are air conditioned and duly fitted with air bags. We do all we can to prevent rot and corrosion by avoiding materials that may deteriorate with weather and other changes.

How much do medium refrigerated vehicles Cost?

At Glacier Vehicles, our prices for our refrigerated vans are competitive and affordable. Costing is done based on the vehicle brand, model and required features. Finance options are available as well, allowing you to spread your payments over a period of time. At every stage of the transaction, from checking out the products to meet your requirements, up to the point of purchase, we make sure you get the right kind of service. We have experienced and qualified experts on hand to provide sufficient information to guide you towards making the best decision. We also provide free quotes, in a short time.

Contact us with any questions you may have

To find out more about the various product brands, models, pricing, and features, call us today. Our phone lines are always open, and there is always somebody on the other end ready to provide answers and directions as needed. Do reach out to us at any time with any questions about refrigerated trucks. We can even give you demonstrations in person, either at our dealership or your place of business – whichever option works best for you. We are always ready, and available to help. Call us today.