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New Freezer Vans For Sale

Glacier Vehicles offers you the best UK freezer van services. We have different models of new freezer vans for sale that have been specially developed by our engineers. We have worked with top brands in the UK, delivering top quality refrigerated vans with excellent reviews. Our new freezer vans are perfectly optimised to deliver you great value for money.

If you need to purchase a freezer van for your transportation and logistics needs, then head over to our website and select the size of vehicle you want, your price range, or the estimated mileage. You can also call us on 02086687579 for professional advice on the right freezer van to suit your cold chain distribution and logistics business.

Best Freezer Vans for Your Transportation and Logistics Needs

Although we offer solutions to convert your existing company vehicles into freezer vans, we believe your business deserves the best services. We have over 40 new freezer vans for sale, ready to order and be delivered.

Our new freezer vans have a longer service life compared to what a converted or used freezer van may offer.

We have partnered with top vehicle manufacturing brands like Citroen, Ford, Renault, Mercedes, Nissan, and Fiat to ensure you get the most reliable van. Our engineers go the extra mile to add excellent cooling technology and freezer compartments to the vans at a competitive price.

Supply Chain

We provide excellent support for your supply chain distribution. Our vans are designed to handle your transportation needs when moving perishable products to your consumers. Our manufacturing partners provide us with the best vehicles which are guaranteed to get you anywhere in the UK.

Cold Chain

Our freezer vans for sale come with temperature regulations features which ensure that your product will be kept between -25⁰C and 0⁰C. With extra thermal insulation and treated refrigerator parts, your products are kept frozen.

Temperature Controlled Vans

Our new freezer vans are automatically set to keep your food at -25⁰C. The temperature control features allow you to set and maintain the coolness of your new freezer van to whichever temperature you choose.

Thermal Insulation

All Glacier Vehicles freezer vans come with extra thermal insulation compared to other freezer vans on the market to keep your products frozen at all times.

Thermal Engineering

Our 4-part refrigerated van conversion process keeps the interior of your new freezer van insulated from the outside. We use styrofoam with a thickness of 75mm and the wood boarding is treated to prevent rot. We also use a fibreglass-like interior sheeting as a keying agent to the GRP resin, and the GRP resin interior is finished with a wet lay roller.

Bespoke Elements Conversion

Not only do we offer new freezer vans to order, but we also give you the choice to customise them for your services. If you supply meat and you need to hang it, we can convert your vehicle to do so. We can also add compartments and custom branding to your new freezer vans if you desire. Some of the bespoke elements we can add to your new freezer van include:

Shelving Systems

If you are a food delivery company or offer products that need to be displayed, your freezer vans need a well-ordered shelving system. We can add that to your new vehicle so your customers can see what you offer.

Temperature Controlled Compartments

If you have products that require different degrees of cooling – perhaps you want some just chilled and some deep-frozen – we can add temperature-controlled compartments to your freezer van. This will allow you to control each compartment separately.

Optional Hanging Meat Rails

If you deliver meat or offer butchering services, we can install a hanging meat rail system in your freezer van. This will make your work easier, as all parts of the meat are cooled, and hanging or removing pieces will not be such a hard task.

Other bespoke conversions

If you need the van to run at night, we can add an efficient standby night system. We can also add your custom branding to the outer design of your new freezer van, giving you free outdoor advertising anytime your vehicle is on the road. If you want strip curtains for a demarcation of the freezer van interior, we can provide them too. To purchase a new freezer van or to have these elements added to your van, call us today: 02086687579.

Free UK Delivery

As we understand you may be busy with work, we offer free delivery on all of our freezer vans for sale. Once you order a new freezer van and discuss payment options with our customer service representative, we will get your vehicle to you, anywhere in the UK.

To buy a new freezer van right away, just go through our catalogue of refrigerated vans, make a selection on our website, and we will deliver it to you. You can also call us on 02086687579 and we will present you with options that match your budget, finding a solution suitable for your business. We can also agree on a payment plan that suits you.

Competitive Prices and Client-friendly Payment Plan

We offer the best freezer vans at competitive prices. This is to ensure that low budget or low income will not deny you the chance of enjoying our refrigerated van services.

We also allow you to choose a payment plan that works best for you. We offer competitive rates of finance to match your budget. You can pay either before or after the delivery of your new vehicle. Call us today on 02086687579 to order your new freezer van and discuss a payment plan that will work best for you.

24/7 Customer/Emergency Service

At Glacier Vehicles, we know that your time is valuable. That is why we offer 24/7 customer/emergency service, give us a call anytime: 02086687579.

If you are covering an event, and you need a new freezer van, call us and we will arrange a time that suits your needs. If you also need professional advice or answers to questions regarding our refrigerated van services, we have a standby customer representative ready to talk to you whenever you call. We are available on call 24/7.

Generous Warranty Offers

Our freezer vans come with a fantastic warranty. We have a three-part warranty plan which is comprised of the rest of the vehicle manufacturer warranty, our freezer system 12-month warranty, and our special Glacier Vehicle 12-month warranty. We also offer a renewable annual warranty.

Freezer Van Models and Specifications

We have over 40 vans in our showroom for sale, ready for delivery. These include: Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Iveco, Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Vauxhall, and Volkswagen. Our vans also come in different sizes and with different specifications. We have the small-medium (2 pallets) freezer vans with an internal length ranging from 2.0m to 2.5m and a payload of 400 kg to 800 kg. We also have the medium-large (3-4 pallets) freezer vans with an internal length ranging from 2.9m to 4.2m and a payload of 800 kg to 1300 kg. Here are some vehicle models you can find in our showroom:

Small–Medium Freezer Vans

  • Renault Trafic
  • Citroen Dispatch
  • Vauxhall Vivaro
  • Volkswagen Transporter
  • Ford Custom
  • Mercedes Vito
  • Peugeot Expert
  • Fiat Scudo

Medium–Large Freezer Vans

  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Nissan NV400
  • Ford Transit
  • Volkswagen Crafter
  • Renault Master
  • Citroen Relay
  • Vauxhall Movano
  • Peugeot Boxer
  • Fiat Ducato
  • Iveco Daily


Glacier Vehicles cares not only for your transport and logistics needs, but also for your all-around satisfaction. On top of our basic refrigerated van services, we also offer advice and extras for your new freezer van.

We offer excellent advice delivered by industry experts on insurance, the required licences your staff should have, motor/vehicle tax, and VAT. We are always ready to offer you advice based on our extensive experience.

To make the driving experience pleasant for your staff, we can add rear parking sensors, LED daytime running lights, cruise control, Bluetooth, and alarm systems to your new freezer van.

Partner With Us

In your transport and cold chain distribution business, you do not just need freezer vans to handle your frozen goods. You also need a well-connected and experienced partner to not only provide new freezer vans for you, but to also be there to offer valuable advice.

Call us now on 02086687579 to purchase a new freezer van and partner with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What professional experience do your engineers have?

Our engineers are experts in the industry who are poised to deliver excellent service and can handle just about any problem, no different to GAH, Hubbard, Carrier, Sanden, Tempcon, and Thermo King Systems. Whenever you seek professional advice, you will get your answers in a polite, friendly, and warm manner. We consider you a partner and your satisfaction is our top priority.

How much do refrigerated vehicles cost?

At Glacier Vehicles, we offer our vehicles at competitive prices and with optional payment plans. The prices of the freezer vans vary. Large freezer vans with more panels cost more than small or medium vans. The costs also vary according to the make and model of the vehicle, and the purpose. Additional bespoke elements will attract additional costs. For each model and make listed on our website, you will find its specifications and the price attached. We have freezer vans that will match your budget and still provide fantastic value for your money.

How many freezer vans do you keep at your dealership?

We have over 40 refrigerated vans to order in our showroom. This is to enable us to deliver vans even in emergency situations to clients. These vehicles are put through checks and tests to ensure they are in good working condition and ready to move.

What components are used in your refrigerator vans?

Our refrigerated vehicles use the GAH refrigeration systems to provide sustained cooling. These systems are designed using 3D CAD systems and manufactured at the GAH factories where they undergo rigorous checks and tests to ensure they deliver optimum service for cold chain distribution.

How is the refrigeration compartment powered?

Refrigerated vehicles use a direct drive mechanism which powers the refrigeration compartment and keeps the content cold once the engine is on. As you transport your perishable products in your freezer vans, the engine keeps the compressor running, extracting heat from the contents. Glacier Vehicles also adds a standby night system that ensures your refrigeration compartment is kept running 24/7.

What are the four-part Freezer/ Refrigeration van conversion processes?

Our refrigerated vans for sale are given 4 major components to ensure better thermal insulation. First, the Styrofoam comes with specific thickness depending on refrigeration. Fridge vans have 50 mm thick Styrofoam protection while the freezer vans have 75 mm thick protection. The second component is the wood boarding which is treated with anti-bacterial fungicide to prevent rot. The third component is the fibreglass-like sheeting which acts as the keying agent for the GRP resin. Then the GRP resin is finished off with a wet lay roller providing a 100% hygienic and cleanable loading area.

How do temperature-controlled van refrigeration units work?

In refrigerated vans, a vital component is the thermal insulation, as every other process is affected to a large extent if the insulation is not functioning optimally. The engine of the refrigerated vehicle powers the whole refrigeration process. The condenser draws heat away from the interior of the refrigerated van. The thermal insulation then ensures no heat transfer is possible from the outside of the refrigerated van to the inside. This keeps the van cool at all times and at the degree/temperature chosen by the client. Our vehicles come with extra thermal insulation to keep heat out at all times.

What Are Refrigerated Vans Used for?

Refrigerated vans are used to store perishable goods like drugs, medical supplies, food items, meat, fish and other agricultural products. Businesses that operate in the cold chain and supply chain industry use these refrigerated vans to transport their products. Glacier Vehicles has partnered with different SMEs and large enterprises, providing freezer and fridge vans at a great price.

What Is a Freezer/ Refrigerated Van?

A freezer/ refrigerated van is specially designed and optimised with cooling equipment for transporting and storing perishable products. It is used in the cold chain business to preserve and transport products from one place to another. Glacier Vehicles offers one of the best-refrigerated van services in the UK, providing top quality, used and new freezer/fridge vans ready to be purchased for logistics and transportation.