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Bespoke Refrigerated & Freezer Vans

Even though you are in the market for a standard refrigerated / freezer van, you may need some additional, bespoke features added to help make your daily use of the vehicle even easier. Our engineering team have the experience and knowledge to custom fit any vehicle model with bespoke fittings to help make your use of the vehicle more efficient. Glacier Vehicles uses the latest technology in refrigerated systems and insulation, and all of our vehicles are built to the highest standards. No matter what your unique needs, give us a call today to discuss our tailoring service.

  • Shelving system

    Shelving systems are ideal for vehicles with a rear tailgate, allowing your customers to browse through your on-board product, and are ideal for businesses such as a food delivery company, as example

  • Overnight Standby System

    If you need to stock your van the night before, or perhaps run the van for several days at a festival, your van can be custom-fitted with an overnight standby system, either single phase or three phase available.

  • Panel Van Conversions

    If you already own a panel van that suits your needs, we offer a conversion-only service, complete with any bespoke additions you may require, at a very competitive rate.

  • bespoke

    Temperature Controlled Compartments

    If you need to transport two differently-cooled products at once, we can fit your chosen van model with both a partition wall and temperature controlled fans, giving you either two refrigerated / frozen compartments or added dry space for catering.

  • bespoke

    Optional Hanging Meat Rails

    For butchers transporting carcases, we can install a hanging meat rail system to the refrigerated van of your choice.

  • bespoke

    Custom Van Signage

    Lastly, use your new refrigerated vehicle to advertise your business! Having your brand and contact information on the side of your van can help bring in new clientele!