Mercedes has always been an elite brand in the automobile industry, being one of the innovative conveyers of comfortable vehicular transportation. Its large vehicle division as well exhibits a lot of innovative characteristics that differentiates it from the others in the industry. One of the company’s latest releases, the 2017 Mercedes Sprinter van, is probably among the most flexible freezer  vans that is in the market today. Being versatile and highly configurable makes the latest model of the Sprinter van collection an ideal automobile of commercial users that are involved in the sales or haulage of items or equipments.

Load Space

The Mercedes Sprinter is perhaps one of the most efficient vehicles for the haulage of items, tool, and equipments, with cargo spaces in almost every corner of the robust vehicle. Not only are there storage spaces beneath the seats and in compartments that are at the back of the seats, there is also a vast space available in the cargo area at the posterior end of the van. In short, cargo space in the 2017 Mercedes Sprinter can reach up to 586 cubic feet, with a payload capacity that is about 3000 pounds. This massive freezer  van is ideal for the hauling of a variety of consumer goods.


The base engine of the 2017 Mercedes Printer is a standard 2.1-litre turbodiesel 4-cylinder that has an impressive torque value of 265 lbf-ft. This is a perfect engine to use on urban infrastructures because of its thriftiness and the efficient thrust it propels. Another engine variant, the 3.0-litre V-6 turbodiesel engine, is more efficient especially if the vehicle frequently plies the highway or is used to haul very heavy tools and equipments. It harnesses a horsepower of about 188hp, and torque value of 325 lbf-ft, which gives the vehicle adequate back-up for difficult tasks and journeys.


The three main configurations of the Mercedes Sprinter that defines the design and composition of the cabin are the Passenger, Cargo, and Crew. The passenger van has comfortable seats arranged behind the driver that can take 12 passengers, while the cargo only has two seats with a vast cargo space behind. The crew van usually has seating design that will take either three or five passengers. The seats of the Mercedes Sprinter are well cushioned, and thus bring perfect comfort to the driver and the other occupants. The basic features present in the vehicle’s interior include Bluetooth connectivity, 5.8-inch colour display, USB connection, SD media input, and an auxiliary point. A back up camera can also be made available as an option.


The safety mechanisms in the 2017 Mercedes Sprinter are quite peculiar among heavy duty  freezer  vans of such large sizes. Apart from the back up camera, other safety tools in the vehicle include Parktronic parking assist, and the Crosswind Assist System that ensures that the vehicle remains in line in the midst of heavy side winds.


The engine of the 2017 Mercedes Sprinter isn’t the fastest when getting up to speed, however, it is well capable of maintaining speed for a period of time. With the freezer  van able to accelerate at 60mph in 11.5s, it still manages to maintain its forward momentum. The steering is also quite comfortable for a heavy duty  freezer  van, with the effort needed to steer adaptable to the circumstance the vehicle is experiencing.