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The Best Fridge Vans and Freezer Vans on the Market

Are you in the market for a brand new refrigerated van? Or do you need a complete fleet of freezer vans for your business? Glacier Vehicles is proud to be the best in the temperature controlled vehicle business, a title we’ve earned over the decades that we’ve spent matching happy customers with the best possible fridge van for their unique needs. We know that choosing the right refrigerated vehicle is key in expanding your business and streamlining your delivery process, and we also understand that purchasing a new vehicle – or an entire fleet of vehicles – is a decision not to be taken lightly. Read More...

At Glacier Vehicles, we have a showroom packed with top-of-the-line fridge vans and freezer vans for you to choose from. All of these great vans feature the latest technology in temperature control and have been tested by our expert team of knowledgeable staff. Whether you already know exactly which fridge van you’re after or would like advice tailored to your specific business needs, we can match you with the fridge van or freezer van that meets all of your requirements and will best serve your business, fueling growth and increased sales.

Meeting Your Transport and Logistics Needs

Our decades of experience in the transport and logistics market and our unsurpassed knowledge of the wide range of fridge and freezer vans available has taught us how to effectively match our clients with the best refrigerated van for their unique requirements. However, what sets us apart in the transportation and logistics industry is our commitment to putting our customers’ need above our own: we will never push the most expensive refrigerated van in our showroom on you just to increase our bottom line. Instead we will get to know you, your business, your individual requirements and your budget so that we can find the best freezer van or fridge van for you. Our objective advice and goal of making our customers our number one priority has made us the best in the business, with our satisfied customers returning time and time again because they know that they will only leave with the ideal refrigerated vehicle for their specific delivery needs.

There are a number of factors involved in determining which freezer van is right for you. We will listen to your plans for your business, from what you transport to how you envision your future growth, and will use this information to customise our advice. Your success is our success, and we know that you can only succeed if you purchase a temperature controlled vehicle that allows you to do business better.

Fridge Vans and Freezer Vans at the Best Price

Glacier Vehicles is proud to have developed successful relationships with all of the major commercial temperature controlled vehicle manufacturers as well as the best insulation engineers and refrigeration supply companies in the business. These beneficial relationships save us money and let us do what no other freezer van and fridge van dealer can do – pass those savings along to you. This means that we’ll not only match you with your ideal refrigerated vehicle, but you will also pay the best possible price.

However, we don’t skimp on quality. We know that the cheapest refrigerated van on the market is not necessarily the best, and the key to customer satisfaction is pairing you with the freezer van that will help you increase your business and reduce labour and man-hours. This is why at Glacier Vehicles we don’t compromise when it comes to quality. We only stock the highest-quality new and used fridge vans that we know from experience offer the best value for money so that your business can become more effective and earn you bigger profits.

Top of the Line Refrigerated Vehicles

Every fridge van and freezer van sold by Glacier Vehicles includes as standard the award-winning GRP insulation mechanism and a brand new refrigeration system. We also offer a top-of-the-line warranty that covers the vehicle for three years or for 100,000 miles from the date of purchase. Each refrigerated van that enters our showroom is inspected by our team of engineers so ensure that the vehicle is in optimal order. We also offer only the best in after-sales support. Although rarely necessary, if any problems should arise with your newly purchased temperature controlled vehicle, we are always here to assist you.

Those of you who are regular visitors to our Glacier Vehicles showroom will know that our supply of stock of fridge vans and freezer vans is constantly changing as we experience a high turnover in our vehicles. This means that we always have the latest in new refrigerated vans available so that we can find the best freezer van to meet your needs.
If you have specific requirements for your business or if you haven’t yet found what you’re looking for, simply let us know and we will work with you to find the ideal refrigerated van or freezer for your unique business.

The Best Refrigerated Freezer Van Dealers in the Business

At Glacier Vehicles, are professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff are experts on every aspect of fridge vans and freezer vans. Our engineers are also specialists in the Thermo King, Carrier, Sanden & Tempcon, Hubbard and GAH refrigeration systems, and will advise you as to the best refrigeration system for your specific needs. If you require a bespoke system or have unique needs for your temperature controlled vehicle, our engineers will work with you to develop the right configuration tailored just for you, including installing new components or bespoke refrigeration equipment. We guarantee that you will leave with a fridge or freezer van that meets all of your requirements so that your business can run more smoothly and efficiently.

Contact Us Today

If you want to discuss your requirements or simply ask a question about a model we already have in stock, contact us today. We can arrange financing for single or multiple vehicles and offer a wide range of finance options so that you can find the option that works best for you.

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Impressive Ford Freezer/Fridge Vans For Your Business

The Ford brand is instantly recognisable around the world for the quality and efficiency of their automobiles and this extends to their line of vans as well.  Glacier Vehicles now have some of the finest Ford freezer vans available for purchase. Because the Ford brand is keen on diversity, there are a variety of freezer van models available from the automobile giant. Depending on how much storage space, fuel economy and efficiency you need, we can provide an ideal Ford refrigerated van to suit your business needs. The vans we have in stock are all available at a great price, which means you are bound to find one to match your budget. Call us now on 0845 5212 036 to find an impressive Ford refrigerated van at a fantastic price!

Ford Temperature Controlled Van Models We Have Available

At Glacier Vehicles, we stock a wide range of models from various brands to ensure our clients get exactly the right freezer/fridge van to serve their needs. We currently have an interesting variety of Ford fridge van models across different years of manufacture. Each model offers unique features that are capable of boosting your business operations. Some of the Ford refrigerated vans you will find in our showroom include:

2013 Ford Transit Connect T200 SWB Fridge/Freezer Van

This small fridge/freezer van utilises a manual transmission and cools with a new GAH L200C fridge system for the fridge model and GRP insulation. It also comes with a side loading door for easy loading and offloading.

2015 Ford Transit 350 L3-H3 125ps Freezer/Fridge Van

This is a large freezer van with a new GAH A300F twin fan freeze system and GRP insulation. The fridge model is also available.

2016 Ford Transit 350 L3-H3 125ps Freezer/Fridge Van

This is a medium-sized van with a side loading door. The freezer model comes with a new GAH L200F freeze system and GRP insulation for effective cooling.

2013 Ford Transit 260 100ps SWB Freezer/Fridge Van

This medium-sized van has its loading door in the back. The freezer model comes with a GAH L200F freeze system and GRP insulation.

Other Ford models we have for sale include:

  • 2008 Ford Transit (85ps SWB LR) 260 Fridge Van

  • 2016 Ford Transit Trend 290 TDCi Freezer/Fridge Van

  • 2014 Ford Transit TDCi 100ps SWB LR Freezer/Fridge Van

  • 2016 Ford Transit Custom L1 290 Freezer Van

  • 2014 Ford Transit Connect T200 L1 Fridge Van

  • 2013 Ford Transit 300 TDCi SWB LR Freezer Van

  • 2016 Ford Transit 350 TDCi Fridge Van

  • 2014 Ford Transit (LWB HR)350 Fridge Van

  • 2015 Ford Transit (L1 270) Custom Freezer Van

  • 2016 Ford Transit 350 Jumbo Fridge Van

  • 2014 Ford Transit 350 LWB HR Freezer Van

  • 2014 Ford Transit Custom L1 290 TREND 100ps Freezer/Fridge Van

  • 2014 Ford Transit 350 LWB HR Fridge Van

Depending on your budget, you can purchase any of these Ford refrigerated vans from us, whether used or brand new. To make sure you get exactly the right temperature controlled van for your needs, contact us now on 0845 5212 036 to arrange a demo drive.

Why Choose a Temperature Controlled Van From Ford?

Ford freezer vans have been designed to offer optimal cooling for long periods of time. The needs of your business will determine which particular van is most suitable for you. A business that needs to transport lots of frozen goods on a regular basis can opt for any of the larger sized Ford models, such as the 2016 Ford Transit 350 Jumbo L4 H3 125ps Fridge/Freezer Van. Businesses with less need for space, but more for speed and agility can easily opt for a smaller model, such as the 2013 Ford Transit Connect T200 SWB Fridge/Freezer Van. If you are unsure which Ford refrigerated van is ideal for your business needs, you can contact us on 0845 5212 036 to speak with our experts. They can provide all the specifications and information you need to make a well-informed decision for purchasing your Ford freezer van.

What About The Drive?

The Ford freezer vans we stock are mostly diesel engine with manual transmission. Depending on your needs, we can provide a Ford fridge van with an engine size that will take you exactly where you need to go - fast and smoothly. Generally, our Ford refrigerated vans are great on roads and offer fuel economy, safety and storage space, without compromising the convenience of driver or passenger.

How Much Do Our Ford Refrigerated Vans Cost?

The cost of our Ford vans is mostly determined by the model and year of release, as well as its condition; i.e. whether new or used. Regardless, we can provide a Ford temperature controlled van that best suits your needs and your budget. You can also conveniently pay for a van through our competitive rates of finance. Aside from fantastic freezer vans at great value, we also offer free shipping to all our UK customers.

Discover a great deal on a brand new or used Ford freezer van today by dialling 0845 5212 036.

Get a great value Ford temperature controlled van today

Whenever you are in need of a great deal on a brand new or used Ford refrigerated van, look no further than Glacier Vehicles. Not only are our vans low in price, their quality and performance is guaranteed, thanks to extensive testing by our specialist engineers. If you need a Ford fridge van that exactly matches your specifications, contact us now on 0845 5212 036. We guarantee optimum performance from your chosen van for a long time to come.

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