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Small Freezer Vans For Sale

Have you been looking all over the UK for the right small freezer van, but had no luck? Your search ends here. In our online showroom we have a range of vans designed to diverse operational needs; we are bound to have a small freezer van that suits you. We have been supplying the distribution sector for the past two decades, and have extensive experience in the sales, delivery, repair and reconstruction of temperature controlled vehicles. We are quite simply a leader in freezer van sector. You can rely on us to provide you with the best quality at the best price. Read More…

Small Freezer Van Specialists

We are renowned for our impeccable customer service. We pull out all the stops to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. We achieve this by ensuring that we fully understand the type of vans will suit your business.

Customers who are unsure of which models to purchase often find that a face to face consultation with one of our expert staff, free of charge, clarifies many of their questions and uncertainties. We evaluate the kind of business you operate and point you towards the model that suits your business. There are very few businesses in the transport and logistics industry that we have not advised at one point or another. This customer-focused service is what has made us one of the biggest and best names in the UK, offering a massive range of vehicles.

If you would prefer to have a discussion over the phone then that can be highly useful as well. Our massive amount of experience in the sector means that we can guide you on the considerations that you should be making in the buying process. We can help you shortlist options, and weigh up the pros and cons. A twenty minute conversation can move you much closer to decision clarity; and much closer to your ideal freezer van.

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Freeze Van Models We Sell

Our dealership is always loaded with some of the most popular models in the world. All of the vans are tested comprehensively to make sure they meet regulatory standards, and our own internal standards, ensuring you the best quality. Our freezer systems are also inspected to ensure they work perfectly from day one, and there are on latent issues to worry about for the future.

  • Our freezer vans utilise original patented technology of double air-condition systems. They contain very effective cooling systems and trusted durability.
  • Has a “sandwich panel” assembled cargo partition, with composite panel of exceptional technique. It features light materials, functional design and reliable quality.
  • Rational heat isolating bridge structure with unique diversion channels and drainage holes to achieve remarkable heat isolating performance. The minimum temperature of -xxC with a uniform cooling effect, free of water accumulation to keep the partition dry, clean and easy to pack and unpack. *some features can be custom-fit into your van

Great Quality Freezer Vans with Improve Designs

Our company supplies freezer vans to both small and large companies who wish to increase their existing fleet of vehicles with high quality models. Due to our reputation for reasonably priced quality vans, Glacier vehicles come highly recommended. Our team of specialist technicians will understand your needs and tailor the freezer van to required specifications, if you wish to convert them. We guarantee you will be pleased with our finished work. Like our insulation systems, the freezers will depend mainly on your business’ day to day requirements for products, drops, temperature and distance covered. At Glaciers, we don’t confuse you with technical jargon, instead we listen carefully to your needs and deliver as requested. You may be looking for a standard freezer van, but we offer additional features to ease your day-to-day use of the vehicle. Trust us to custom fit accessories into any model of vehicle to make it more efficient. Be it a shelving system, temperature control compartments or hanging meat rails, we promise a seamless fitting with our hi-tech equipment.Glacier vehicles does not sub-contract to third party technicians. We have our own experienced engineers who are also licensed professionals. This affords us a quick response and one of the fastest service times in the industry. Our lead time will also depend on the desired equipment for the freezer vans including any bespoke modifications you would like to make. But we promise our specialist will provide a timeframe for completion when we verify your request. Many of our customers like to collect their finished vehicles themselves. However, we understand sometimes you may be too busy at your workplace or with personal obligations that you would rather have your vehicle picked up or delivered. At Glacier technology, we provide this option; a member of our trusted staff can visit your premises to take the vehicle and deliver it once we have completed the job. This way, you enjoy unobtrusive and guaranteed service when you hire Glacier Vehicles.

Small Freezer Vehicle Models We Sell

There are some really excellent small freezer vans available on the market, such as the Renault Kangoo, Mercedes-Benz Citan, Peugeot Expert,Vauxhall Combo, Ford Transit,Ford Transit Connect, Citroën Berlingo, Citroën Nemo, Fiat Fiorino, Fiat Doblo, Nissan NV200 and the Volkswagen Caddy to buy. We stock from the following brands Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Toyota, Ford, Citroen, Fiat, Iveco, Nissan and Volkswagen Vans. The reality is that there is an increasing range of small freezer trucks available in the marketplace to enable businesses to take care of their transport and logistic requirements in cities and locations that are traditionally more difficult to deliver to.At Glacier Vehicles our in-house workshop enables us to tailor your chiller specifications to your exact requirements. A temperature controlled vehicle is only as good as the purpose it fulfils, so we can help you work towards getting the exact blend of features and functionality in a van – to enable you to succeed in your particular business sector. Freezer van conversions take skill and experience, both of which Glacier Vehicles have in abundance.

Choose Glacier Vehicles for peace of mind

We know how frustrating it can be to purchase a vehicle and then for you to require roadside assistance soon after. Therefore, at Glacier Vehicles we ensure that every vehicle that leaves our showroom has been multi-point checked, benefits from generous guarantees and a long warranty when you buy with us. We are in the business of building relationships with companies like yours so that we can help you grow and then benefit from that growth by providing for your fleet as your operation expands. Most motor vehicles, even used models that we provide, will have a new chiller unit and will be ready to go. Whether you need a high roof, specific mix of storage, want a petrol or diesel engine, or want speed in the city environment, we can provide you with the small freezer truck that gets the job done.

Get a free consultation today

At Glacier Vehicles we believe in supporting, guiding and advising, and, therefore offer a free consultation to enable you to choose the right model for your transport and logistics requirements. That means understanding your operation so that we can help you make the right decisions throughout the process, in terms of inside storage, rear and side door loading, and even the size of the vehicle. It may be, for example, that a large or medium freezer truck is more suitable to your requirements considering the growth that you anticipate over the coming months and years. We will help you to get the best possible value from the transaction by helping you to plan forwards and helping you to become more competitive in your particular sector.