Looking to buy a new Freezer Van in the South East? With a customer base comprising both small business owners and large companies all over the UK and Europe, Glacier Vehicles has over twenty years’ experience servicing all types of needs, both big and small. We can add bespoke elements to any of our vehicles/freezer vans we have in stock, all available for free nationwide delivery, so please give us a call to discuss unique needs in detail. All of our used freezer vans operate at a controlled temperature of -25C and come fitted with brand new refrigeration systems and GRP insulation. Read More...

For more than two decades, we have supplied some of the biggest companies within and outside the UK with the best used freezer fans. Wither you are looking for one van, or a fleet of trucks, this is the right place to find the best temperature controlled transportation deals. The size of your business really doesn’t matter, we can fit the right vehicle(s) to you, and even deliver to your premises. Our free delivery service is available to all of our UK customers; so we will do the motorway miles to get your van to you.

Buy a Bespoke Used Freezer Vans

We understand that the precise needs of every business vary, and so the freezing solution will need to vary from one customer to another. This is why we offer bespoke services to our customers. Call us and discuss your required specifications and we’ll match you with the right make and model. Our massive amount of experience in the industry means that there really is no better company to guide you through this purchase process. We really believe that!

Our Models And Specifications For Sale

We sell used freezer vans that operate at a controlled temperature of -25C. All of them come fitted with brand new freezer systems and GRP insulation. We stock all of the major brands Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Toyota, Ford, Citroen, Fiat, Iveco, Nissan and Volkswagen Vans and also handpick some lesser-known brands with models that do an exceptionally good job. You can choose exactly what you need, because the number of vehicles in our showroom is always big. You can choose side-loading freezer vans, rear loading vans, combination vans. You can choose air conditioning. You can add extra freezer compartments. The options really are in your control.

Quality Used Chiller Vans We Sell

We have been around for more than 20 years. In that time, we have built a reputation for selling vans that have low mileage, and vans that have been thoroughly inspected by our well trained in-house engineers. In short, we develop a reputation for value and quality. We don’t sell vans that will require extra work on your part. In addition, we promise that any image you see on this website is what you will receive when delivery is finally made. With free delivery available nationwide, you don’t even need to come to our dealership to pick up your purchase.

What is the Importance of Used Freezer Vans?

Freezer vans are useful to all sectors of the food industry, and over the years, a significant increase in the demand for Freezer vans from various sectors of the food industry has been on the rise. Transport freezing apparatus are needed for operations in more difficult terrains, as they are preferred to stationary refrigeration equipment. Because of the wide array of operating conditions and difficulties that are born from availability of space and weight, transport freezing apparatus are more efficient operationally than stationary systems. Also, the rapidly growing use of frozen transport resulting from the much broader array of transported items, home delivery and bigger quality expectations, is placing significant pressures on the food industry to decrease the energy consumption of frozen transport .Our used Freezer Vans provide great Value for your money. As the Vans are durable and come with a warranty. At a very competitive price, our Vans are arguably the best on the market. We promise you great value for your money. We have experienced and Seasoned professionals on our team with State-of-the-art equipment able to provide a reliable on-time service and route optimization. We also offer round the clock Customer service (24 Hours) for bespoke Customisations and flexible payment options with free delivery Nationwide, an array of vehicle brands to choose from and competitive Prices on the market. We offer some of the best priced used freezer vans in the UK. We simplify the purchase process by offering some of the keenest priced finance options available in the market. If you are looking to spread the cost of your purchase, then get in touch today to discuss how we may be able to help. We can work out a plan based on your financial ability.

When stocking used freezer vans, there are certain things you need to know about your vehicles to maximise the return on your investment. Ensure you conduct a comprehensive check on the used freezer vans you buy. Do they come with a warranty?

At Glacier Vehicles, our used freezer vans come with these extra checks, so you don’t have to spend time and money doing them again. Take advantage of our affordable offers today.

How many freezer vans do you stock at your dealership?

The growth of the ‘gig economy’ has led to an increase in demand for more white vans. Today, ‘cold’ businesses are adding more freezer vans to their fleet. Whether it’s for food storage, medical transportation or ice-block distribution, there are many reasons to invest in a freezer van right now.

At Glacier Vehicles, we have observed a general increase in the sale of freezer vans in the past few years, and experts posit that figures will increase even further. Dealers in the know are taking advantage of the growth to stock up the number of freezer vans in their inventory.

We have an extensive range of vehicles you can buy for your customers in the food industry. Popular models include: the Volkswagen Crafter LWB Freezer Van, Ford Transit 350 L3 H2 130ps, Peugeot Boxer 335 L3 H2 and the Toyota Proace 1200 L2 H1 2.0 HDi Freezer Van.

Our vans are not only multi-purpose, they are affordable. In comparison with other used vehicle companies, we offer some of the most competitive rates in the UK. Due to the wide range of products we stock, you will find something within your budget.

Are you low on freezer vans? Call us for a tour of our vehicles today.

Do your vans come with a warranty?

When customers buy a used vehicle, they like to know it is covered with a warranty that protects them from costs of mechanical repairs if it breaks down prematurely.

Having a cover on your freezer vans is a big sales advantage over your competitors. You’ll not only gain the trust of your customers, but your business will also grow its reputation as a credible company.

A van warranty is a written guarantee that gives buyers that extra assurance they can rely on with regards the quality of your vehicles. It also offers a cost-effective option for small business owners who are price-sensitive. Bigger businesses that are concerned more about the durability of used freezer vans will consider buying vehicles from your dealership.

Depending on the age and type of vehicle, our warranties run from a period of one month to a few years. Most of our vehicle warranties can be renewed annually. At Glacier Vehicles, we shop around for the best prices, so you can be sure of a great deal.

Did you know it is illegal to operate a van without some form of insurance? Third-party vehicle cover is the minimum necessary to run your business. If you wish, we can connect you with a trusted insurance company in your area.

What components are your freezer vans built with?

When stocking your fleet of used freezer vans, variation of components is important. Dealers with the best equipped vans often have a greater edge over their competitors. Consider adding vans with more components to your dealership.

At Glacier Vehicles, our vans come with temperature control features that allow users to maintain the coolness of their vans over long periods, thus keeping its contents fresh. All our vans have the right insulation components to minimise heat loss. Built from high-density polymer foam, the insulating material is highly effective and reliable.

A condenser is installed inside the freezer van’s frozen compartment, along with an evaporator and compressor, which are set in a box above the freezer van. The condenser functions like a reverse radiator; instead of radiating heat, it absorbs and traps it into a continuously circulating coolant fluid. This fluid is then moved to the condenser and evaporator, both of which expel the trapped heat into the atmosphere.

Additional components of our vans include six-speed function, cruise control, side load door, remote central locking for security, electric standby available (if required) and a high roof to increase accommodation space.

Should you require a conversion, our engineers can deliver according to your specifications. The demand for customised freezer vans has increased in the last decade, spurring the need for new types of additions. From installing meat hook rails to shelving and racking, strip curtains and slip resistant floor, we can repurpose your van to suit the functions of your business and make service offerings easier for you.

We have discovered that transporters of unpackaged fresh foods usually experience problems with draining excess moisture that accumulates on the van floor. To prevent this, we use an effective method to add a drain basin (or drain holes) during van conversion.

What kind of conversion or components do your customers usually request? Feel free to send us a message about your conversion orders.

How much does a used freezer van cost?

Thinking of buying a used freezer van? You are probably more concerned about the cost, but it’s necessary to also consider the strength and durability of the van you want. The type of van you have in mind should be suited to the nature of the business.

Are you a major frozen foods transporter? You will need a bigger than average freezer van with a high top for more space. This might cost a bit more than the standard price for used freezer vans. Smaller businesses may need smaller vans, which naturally cost less.

The price of the vehicle will depend on the make, model, components and the conversion type (if required). Below is a price range of a few selected used freezer vans at Glacier Vehicles:

  • 2014 Volkswagen Caddy 1.6 TDi Maxi Freezer Van (£13,995)
  • 2016 Ford Transit 350 L2 L3 125ps Freezer Van (£20,995)
  • 2016 Mercedes Sprinter 314 CDI MWB Euro 6 Freezer Van

*Prices will change with additional conversion and the installation of certain components. That said, we guarantee highly-competitive market rates.

Call us on 08455 212 036 to discuss your options.

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