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Toyota has revamped the Toyota HiAce refrigerated van design for 2015. It a lot more plush and luxurious, and has more features designed to enhance the safety of you and your cargo. It is built to suit the requirements of your business, whilst simultaneously giving the driver and passengers the most amount of comfort possible. The performance of this refrigerated vehicle is very high, making it a peerless van both on and off the road. Coming in at 5380mm by 1880mm by 2285mm, it has a large capacity for cargo and comfort. It only weighs 1700pounds, making it an extremely light and agile refrigerated van for its class, which makes for enjoyable cruises over both long and short distances.

Coming at around £15,000, the 2015 Toyota HiAce refrigerated van will have something of a high powertrain to your money go as far as it does. With four 3.0liter cylinder engines a horsepower of 149, this refrigerated vehicle produces a lot, and the torque is at 241. The fuel efficiency is praiseworthy being at 12.3 to 13.0 liters of diesel per mile subject to city or motorway trips. In short, the van has great green credentials. The fuel usage is 11.6, 7.8 and 9.2 liters per km in urban areas and on the motorway. It takes a mere 14 seconds to reach 100mph from stationary, which is an astonishing figure, and its top speed is around 160miles per hour.


The Japanese based Toyota Company offers their patrons a generous a 3-year warranty for 2015 Toyota HiAce refrigerated van, which roughly works out to around 100,000 kilometers. This is just one example of the incredible amount of faith Toyota have put in their new refrigerated vehicle line. The van is made of top of the range material and the security and relaxation elements are second to none. If you enjoy music whilst you drive, this refrigerated van will give an unbeatable driving experience. With a four-speaker stereo, the sound quality of the music you play is peerless in the auto industry. The audio deck gives seemingly endless options, allowing you to listen to music different sources. There are inputs for mp3 players, CD players, cassettes, USB ports, iPod, iPads, and countless others.

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The 2015 Toyota HiAce refrigerated van has factory-tinted windows, which will serve to maintain your privacy for driver and crew on board as well as that of the cargo in the back. The upgraded air conditioning will provide you and your crew with comfort and rest as that will be sorely needed on longer trips. The unbeatable front suspension system will also aim to prevent harsh mechanical noise and maximize comfort. The bucket seats at the front with the broad shoulder and headspace are adjustable and can be tailored to your specific needs. Pretty much everything in the 2015 Toyota HiAce refrigerated van is designed for you to have a smooth ride. In terms of cargo load and comfort, there simply isn’t a better refrigerated vehicle on the market today.

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