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Markets Sectors

At Glacier Vehicles, we are committed to being the foremost choice in the temperature controlled transport industry. We cater for various markets, ensuring that business owners, their customers and everyone else in between can get the best possible results. No market remains constant, because customers’ expectations and needs change. Therefore, we endeavour to research extensively in order to understand those changes as they evolve. Regardless the market in which you operate, we can guarantee that Glacier Vehicles will help you stay on top of your game.

Ice Cream

With Glacier Vehicles, you can rest assured that your investment in an ice cream supply van is one you’ll never come to regret. Our combination of the appropriate refrigeration unit and top quality insulation make for a winning formula that’s certain to keep your products at the desired temperature range.

In order to keep your products in excellent condition, you’ll need a freezer van capable of maintaining deep-freeze temperatures. You can go as low as -25°C to -18°C (as needed), while enjoying excellent payload capabilities. Your van will be fully customised to suit your needs, right down to eliminating side access to the vehicle and fitting a slab door to replace a sliding door if necessary.

Meat, Fish, Dairy and Poultry

A good chunk of our customer base is in the business of carrying poultry, fish, meat and dairy products. Having worked closely with organisations that transport raw meats and fish, we’ve come to understand what features are needed most in vans used for such purposes. We’ve found that the prime concern is maintaining constant temperature control – no matter how long the van has to be in motion or how many times it has to stop at traffic lights.

As we work on improving existing technology to bolster these vans, we don’t leave out other important enhancements such as meat hanging railings, racking and storage, strip curtains, rear safety step, drain holes and more, depending on your requirements.

Drinks Suppliers

When converting vans for this market, our primary concern is the weight of the drinks to be transported. Therefore, we give careful consideration to the payload after conversion. This is crucial, as it’s important to adhere to the safety regulations guiding the transportation of goods.

We are able to offer ideal payload capabilities as a result of our insulated lining kits, which help to maintain a perfect temperature range of 0°C to 8°C. In order to prevent premature wear or damage to your van, we offer an optional add-on of floor pallet protection, amongst other enhancements needed to create a truly bespoke van for you.

Couriers and Transport

The most important consideration is the ability to provide proof of the temperature maintained within the load space at the point of delivery. In order to achieve this, the van driver must be able to monitor the temperature throughout the journey. At Glacier Vehicles, we are able to fit our vans with this critical feature by working with renowned suppliers of temperature monitoring systems.

Utilising this advancement, your drivers will be able to keep track of their real-time temperature range, including how long every door opening lasts during the delivery cycle. If you need a personalisation based on the nature of the goods you’re carrying, that’s no problem. We can fit the appropriate refrigeration units to provide double or triple temperature refrigerated vehicles, as needed.


There can be no denying how delicate medicinal products are and how important it is to maintain their quality and integrity. We fully comply with the Commission Guideline (2013/C 343/01), outlining directives on Good Distribution Practice (GDP), as stipulated by the European Commission.

We are able to provide designs that are perfectly suited to your application as a business operating in the medicinal products industry. We understand that you’re most concerned about ensuring your products are not compromised by inadequate temperature management. Not only do we make sure the temperature in the load area is uniform, but also include equipment for recording, monitoring and alarming to ensure optimum productivity.

Catering and Food Service

We understand that businesses in this sector often require dual temperatures, so we duly fit our vans with this feature. In order to produce a tailored temperature-controlled van to suit your needs, we endeavour to work closely with your requirements and specifications.

Usually, a van designed for such purposes will comprise both chilled and ambient sections. Depending on your requirements, these sections can be placed either at the rear or front of the van. Whether you intend to sell from your vehicle or simply transport food in a refrigerated van, we can make the necessary customisations as needed.


Flowers are such delicate goods, which require a specific temperature in order to keep them at their best. If you’re in the business of supplying flowers, you’ll need a reliable refrigerated vehicle that can help make the most of their short lifespan.

Anything above or below 5°C to 7°C will affect the quality of flowers, so we fit all of our vans with an additional heat/cool facility. With this advancement, the refrigeration unit will raise the temperature if it’s a cold winter’s day outside and in turn lower the temperature if it happens to be hot. Our customisations are adaptable to a wide range of van models, so you can be certain of one that suits your needs.

Pet Food

The health and wellbeing of beloved pets is just as important as our own, so it’s vital to ensure that anything they will be fed is kept at the best possible quality. Having worked with customers in the business of transporting pet food, we understand the features required of a refrigerated van.

Of course, the temperatures have to be kept within a range that can ensure the quality of the products, regardless how far you’re transporting them.

Read more about the various markets we cover or simply contact us now to discuss the refrigerated van options for your business.