Toyota Refrigerated Vans

Do you require a Japanese-built refrigerator van for your delivery rounds? Are you searching for a UK-based Toyota van freezer conversion company? Do you need a cost-saving, temperature controlled van optimised for smooth transmission and fuel efficiency?

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Glacier Vehicles is a UK company specialised in selling freezer vans and refrigerated vehicles for large companies and small startups. We are the industry leaders in top-quality refrigerated vehicle conversion, sale of used fridge vans, used freezer vans and new fridge vans.

Bespoke Fridge Vans to Improve Your Delivery Service

If you’re in the market for a conventional freezer van, consider customising your Toyota refrigerated van with extra features to increase efficiency. Our Toyota freezer vans are used by large catering firms and small business to turn their Hiace vans into fully-customised, refrigerated vehicles. Our passionate team of engineers will identify your refrigeration needs and recommend the best solutions to help you serve your customers better. We’ve had years of experience matching clients with their perfect freezer van. We know that the Toyota fridge vans we recommend are essential in helping you achieve your goal of providing fresh or frozen food to your clients. When recommending customisations or fridge vans, we consider your budget limitations, expansion plans and transportation needs. The fridge van you buy will work hard for your business and help you meet your business objectives. Call us today on 0845 5212 036 for a free quote or visit our website for more details.

Why Your Business Needs a Refrigerated Van

  • Fresh produce should be top-quality

Some products depend on a controlled temperature to maintain their quality. Such products include poultry, seafood, meat, pastries, flowers and medicines that wilt in warm temperatures. Ice cream is a prime example of an item that requires a controlled temperature if its frozen state is to be maintained. Transporting any of these items without a chiller van could risk deterioration in the quality of the product by the time you arrive at the point of delivery. This in turn will affect your reputation and cost you money.

  • Ensure the safety and health of your clients

If you’re thinking short trips will suffice, know that the temperature still affects the health of the products on board. Partially defrosted food could contain bacteria, which can cause food-related sickness - a surefire way to send you out of business.

  • Protect your business reputation

Wasted deliveries affect your profit and damage the reputation you’ve worked hard to build. Pharmaceutical goods and seafood (especially when flown in from overseas) are costly to replace. Suppliers might refuse to stock your products if they’re not in top condition and you could lose revenue from damages. Glacier Vehicles stock a broad range of Toyota temperature controlled fridge vehicles, both new and used. Our experts are some of the best in the UK and we never compromise on quality, with every vehicle we provide.

Innovative Automobile Technology For Daily Operations

Toyota has a global reputation for manufacturing durable, trusted vehicles that go the distance. Their vans are built on the values of competitive pricing, reliability and efficiency. The models comprise different body configurations, suitable for your delivery needs. If you’re on the road making deliveries all day, Toyota doesn’t disappoint, providing a comfortable, fully adjustable driver’s seat and ample storage space. At the core of the Hiace design are style and quality. Glacier Vehicles Toyota Fridge vans come with sturdy exteriors and lasting interiors that ensure the vehicle looks attractive, even five years down the line. The Toyota Hiace D-4D Refrigerated vans are suitable for narrow city streets that offer little room and include a 5.5m turning circle for easy navigation. To keep your Hiace in good condition, purchase the Professional Park, which contains rear-parking sensors and Bluetooth hands-free system to prevent bumps and scrapes that happen when parking or reversing. The sensors auto engage when you go into reverse gear.

Commercial Delivery Vehicles, Optimised For Comfort And Durability

The new Toyota Proace series provides full coverage for the medium-duty van market by offering new innovative specifications and three body types. Glacier Vehicles Toyota Proace 1200 L2 H1 2.0 HDi Freezer Van features advanced diesel engines for lower fuel consumption and minimal carbon monoxide emissions. The Glacier Vehicles insulated van conversion combines higher payload with strength, thermal efficiency and waterproofing. The conversion kits are designed in our UK workshop by the best insulation and temperature-control experts, using 3D CAD software. We build bespoke designs to meet your refrigerating needs and exact specifications.

Best Features of Toyota Vans

  • Independent suspension that offers a car-like driving experience, unlike other commercial vans

  • Suitable for dirt roads

  • Rust-resistant and anti-corrosion panels

  • RAC roadside assistance in the UK

  • Special rates for travel insurance

  • 5% discount on motor insurance

  • Free membership to the Toyota club for the first year

  • 3-year warranty or 100,000 miles on new vehicles

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Why Should I Buy a New Refrigerated Vehicle?

Both new and used vans are excellent choices - it all depends on your specific requirements.

  • A new fridge van is designed according to your specifications

A great reason to buy a new fridge van is that it’s been customised based on your business needs. Conversions on used fridge vehicles are conducted on an existing framework, while a conversion from the ground up has benefits such as new technology and limitless configurations.

  • Maintain the value of your new refrigerated vehicle

When you buy a new freezer vehicle, you are the first person to ever drive it, which means there is no previous wear and tear. Hence, if you decide to sell in the future, you’ll get a very good price for your refrigerator van. If you’re planning to buy a new fridge van or used freezer vehicle, Glacier Vehicles always offer supreme expertise and customer service for a pleasant and satisfying experience.

Why Buy Toyota Fridge Vans From Glacier Vehicles?

  • Experienced team of conversion specialists, adept at converting your vehicle based on your unique needs

  • We use insulating materials that exude low thermal conductivity

  • Our kit components mesh to provide unparalleled strength

  • Situ laminated floor edges to ensure complete floor waterproofing

  • Bespoke leasing packages to fit any budget

  • Option for chill operation or deep freeze conversion

  • After-sales support with each Toyota van you buy to ensure customer satisfaction after purchase

  • Suitably tested used vehicles to guarantee they stand the test of time

Call us today on 0845 5212 036 for a free quote or visit our website for more details.