The refrigerated vehicle that’s on the market and everyone’s lips, the 2015 Vauxhall Movano, is subject to review today. This is going to prove difficult, mainly because of the sheer amount of add-ons available for this adaptable van. The Movano shares its platform with both the Nissan Interstar and the Renault Master – the Renault being essentially the exact same design as the Movano. Buying a refrigerated vehicle is a difficult choice due to the market being flooded with almost complete customization. Buying a van is difficult enough, let alone one that adapts its design to become temperature controlled. After this review, you should have a better idea of which models do it best.

First things first… how good does it look?

Panel vans are known for their ultimate versatility in numbers, but none have a range as big and distinct as the Movano refrigerated van. It has a multitude of add-ons, including, three different roof heights and four body lengths. Not only is this great news for the taller crew member, it also has practical effects. The cargo capacity of the Movano can range from 7.8m3 at its smallest to 17.0m3 at its largest. Its weight ranges from 2,800kg to 4,500kg at its heaviest, again depending on the model you pick. The scale of its sizes has made the Movano the most adaptable van on the refrigerated vehicle market. It goes without saying this has made it one of the vans of choice ever since its original release in 2010, and has remained that way for 5 years.

What interior features are there in my refrigerated van?

You can get a second row of seats for the cab (subject to which model you decide on), bringing the total of cab seats to four – and you can further equip the van with six, nine or seventeen seats, the last of those effectively turning this refrigerated van into a refrigerated minibus.

What are the choices?

You have a choice of four 2.3 turbo diesel engines, with outputs of 108bhp, 125bhp, 134bhp and 161bhp – the best and most powerful of the lot being the Bi-turbo units. All engines come in either front or rear wheel drive – and fuel economy ranges from 29mpg to 42mpg between the different versions, with CO2 emissions that come in at 184g/km to 249g/km with the heavier models, making the smaller ones much more eco-friendly, and the larger ones, well, not so much.

How does my refrigerated vehicle handle?

The 2015 Movano refrigerated van is built to be robust and capable of transporting temperature controlled cargo safely over any distance, and you get a great view of the road due to its raised driving position. Even the larger models drive like a car, which is great for the city. But even at top speed, it handles excellently. Add to this the superior suspension and the Vauxhall Movano is one seriously capable refrigerated vehicle, that easily outdoes its peers in almost every area.