With the sheer amount of available fridge vans and vehicles now in circulation around Britain, there is certainly enough to satisfy even the most demanding of customers. Advancements in the manufacture of materials used for all types of refrigerated vehicle cargo] holds now ensures superb efficiency in keeping any description of perishable goods in excellent condition whilst in transit. Adding to this the many customised interior designs and features that a client or customer can order when purchasing a new vehicle, there have been some really innovative additions to all types of vehicle, from tailgates that lift to reveal retractable service counters, refrigerated display stands and such forth.

In fact any modification is possible today, whilst offering excellent refrigeration properties, offering both refrigeration and chill settings for varying produce. Our vehicles can be ordered complete with shelving systems for displaying all manner of goods, from food; sandwiches, drinks, fruit and confectionery to the inclusion of partition walls for keeping different produce separated or for when different temperatures are required within your vehicle. With the inclusion of hanging meat rail systems to allow butchers to safely transport their carcasses from slaughter house to shop efficiently and in the cleanest, safest way, here at Glacier Vehicles we understand our clients’ requirements and can deliver the perfect solution for you.

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