The Volkswagen crafter has always been an underrated vehicle when compared to its more heralded peers like the Mercedes Sprinter and the Ford Transit, but it seem like it may finally lose its underrated title to join the heavy weights. Its build and practicality are the paramount features that remain unchanged since the release of its first model. A leader on top of Volkswagen’s commercial vehicle list that also includes the Volkswagen Caddy and the Volkswagen Transporter, the Crafter is perhaps one of the most efficient cargo lifting vehicles available in the automobile market.

Load Space

Practically manufactured to be an efficient haulage vehicle, the 2017 Volkswagen Crafter is one of the safest choices for the embedding of refrigerating equipments. It comes in three roof heights, three body lengths and two wheelbase length options. The Volkswagen Crafter with the shorter wheelbase usually has a cargo area that possesses a capacity of 349.6 cubic feet or 399.0 cubic feet. The longer wheelbase, which is available in three lengths (3,640mm, 4,300mm, 4,855mm), has cargo spaces that vastly range from 508.5 cubic feet to has high as 649.8 cubic feet.


The 2017 Volkswagen Crafter features a new set of TDI turbodiesel engines with a 2.0-litre capacity. The range of engines are all effective in maintaining fuel consumption, and therefore offer more efficient fuel economy that is up to 15 percent of rival refrigerator vans like the Vauxhall Movano and the Ford Transit. The 2.0-litre TDI turbo engine has three variants that all comply with emission regulations. They include the 102 hp single-turbo, the 140hp single-turbo, and 177hp twin-turbo. With the rear-wheel drive Volkswagen Crafter joining the fray soon, there will be an addition of the 122hp single-turbo


The cabin of the 2017 Crafter has quite a lot of storage compartments that enable safe storage of equipment and tools that are frequently utilised. One of the major storage compartments is a 13-litre glove box that can comfortable harbour an objects as large as a text book.  There are also double-decker door bins expertly placed on the dashboard of the vehicle to enable easy access from the exterior of the vehicle. The seating mechanism of the 2017 Crafter has several configurations including the newly revealed ergoActive driver’s seat, which possesses an innovative shock-absorbing suspension design that no other has.

The integration of accessory elements is very impressive ensuring effective synergy between the vehicles components and electronic tools like smartphones and tablets. Other useful tools available in the vehicle’s cabin include built-in USB ports and multiple 12v sockets.


This is a key area that has seen impressive improvement in the new Volkswagen Crafter. The use of electro-mechanical power steering has helped engineer new systems that optimize the safety functions of the vehicle. This new system replaces the conventional hydraulic power steering that is a main feature in older models. Other safety tools in the new Crafter are lane assist, side wind compensation, park assist, adaptive cruise control, and post-collision braking.


The Volkswagen Crafter is perhaps one of the most comfortable vehicles to drive when plying a difficult terrain. Manufactured to be strong and efficient, its compactness helps take the burden of steering and accelerating away from the driver. With Wheel control features that include the front-wheel drive, 4Motion four-wheel drive and rear-drive, the flexibility the vehicle provides is unlike any other. You could even take it into the mountains it’s so good at difficult terrain.