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With power steering, both heavy and light vehicles can be steered with ease. Considering this, at Glacier Vehicles, we only sell refrigerator vans that have power steering.

We have a variety of freezer and fridge trucks of different models and each one features an effective power steering system. This makes manoeuvring and controlling the van easier, no matter how heavy the vehicle.

To find out more about the power-steering refrigerator vehicles we have in stock, and what sort of power steering system they have in place, please call us now on 0208 668 7579.

What Is Power Steering?

Power steering is a system in vehicles that works by minimising how much steering effort is required to turn the steering wheel and control the vehicle.

The power steering system in a vehicle may be a hydraulic or electric system. The power steering system adds to the steering mechanism controlled energy. This makes it possible for the driver to spend less effort turning the wheel when driving at speed or slowly.

A vehicle that features Hydraulic Power Steering Systems uses an “actuator” to augment steering effort. Such systems are designed with a direct mechanical connection that connects the mechanism that steers the tyres to the steering wheel. Because of this design, even if the power steering system fails, the driver will still be able to steer the vehicle, albeit with more effort.

Unlike the hydraulic systems, electric systems use electric motors.

Hydraulic vs Electric Power Steering

A hydraulic power steering system operates by multiplying the force applied to the steering wheel with the aid of a hydraulic system. This added force is generated by a rotary vane pump or gerotor that’s driven by the engine of the vehicle. This means that if the engine is turned off, the hydraulic power steering system won’t work.

In a hydraulic power steering system, the steering wheel controls the valves that manage the flow of hydraulic fluid to the cylinder. The more the steering wheel and its column are turned, the more fluid will be released from the valves to facilitate the turn.

Electric power steering or electric power-assisted steering uses an electric motor to facilitate the steering of a vehicle. The system features sensors that detect the torque and position of the steering column. A computer module will then via the motor apply assistive torque. The advantage of this is the amount of assistance provided will vary based on driving conditions and other factors thus optimising handling, ride, and the steering of the vehicle.

If a vehicle features a hydraulic or electric system, the power steering will assist the driver by adding force to the steering. The key difference is one accomplishes this through a hydraulic system while the other uses an electric system.

Another difference is that an electrical power steering system only draws power from a vehicle when it is being used. A hydraulic system draws power as long as the engine of the vehicle is on.

But which is better?

Be it an electric or a hydraulic system, the quality of a power steering system is determined by the manufacturer and the condition of the vehicle. But because hydraulic systems have been around for much longer, the technology has evolved into a more familiar and reliable power steering system.

Depending on your unique needs, we can recommend and provide a hydraulic or electric power steering system for a new refrigerator van that will best serve your business needs. Please contact us today on 0208 668 7579 for a free consultation.

Benefits of Power Steering

  • Increased manoeuvrability

With power steering, a driver can manoeuvre the vehicle through traffic, winding roads, and corners. It can also be useful when trying to park in or get out of a tight spot.

  • Ease of driving

With power steering, driving a large truck can feel like driving a small car. Regardless of the weight of the vehicle or cargo, power steering makes it possible for you to spend less energy to turn the vehicle and keep it under control.

  • Greater control

Power steering provides greater control over a vehicle even on bad roads. This includes wet or slippery roads.

Power Steering Refrigerator Vans Available at Glacier Vehicles

At Glacier Vehicles, all our new and used refrigerator vans feature a power steering system. We offer vehicles with either a hydraulic system or an electric system depending on your preference or individual needs.

Our stock list of refrigerator vans covers a wide variety of manufacturers, models, and designs. You can contact us for an LWB (Long Wheel Base), an MWB (Medium Wheel Base), or an SWB (Short Wheel Base)

The wheelbase refers to the distance between the centre of the rear wheel and the centre of the front wheel. An LWB vehicle has the longest available base length and comes with the most storage space.

Some brands of refrigerator vans we have in stock include:

Depending on your budget, you can purchase from us either a brand new van or a used one. We guarantee that regardless of your choice, the power steering of the vehicle will be fully functional

How Much Is a Power Steering Refrigerator Van

The prices of refrigerator vans will vary based on their model, brand, year, and other factors. To facilitate your purchase, you can access our flexible payment options and financing solutions. This will help you spread the cost of your purchase over months or years while you use your fridge/freezer van.

If you want to buy a used refrigerated van, a used freezer van, a new refrigerated van or a new freezer van call, Glacier Vehicles on 0208 668 7579.