The Peugeot Partner offers smooth, comfortable riding and is economical to run, which makes it a good option for your business, but these are not the only features of the van that make it ideal for your freezer van business needs.

Engine and Transmission

The Peugeot Partner comes in two variations; a 2 door, 1.6L petrol engine and a 4 door 1.6L diesel engine. Both variations have a 5-speed manual gearbox, but drivers who want an automatic option can have the 6-speed Peugeot ETG automated transmission added as an option. If you go for the more powerful diesel engine, you can have the ATV grip control package added as an option to give the van a bit of an off-road ability without the extra cost of fuel which you get with a 4×4. This way, you will be able to use your transporter freezer van no matter the season and terrain.


The Peugeot Partner is available in both long and short wheelbases. The long version offers a load space of up to about 4.0 cubic meters and a variable front passenger seat which can be very handy, considering that it can be folded out of the way when longer load needs to be carried. Also useful are the 6 tie-down hooks in the floor of the load area with interior size protection of half height.


The L2 model of the partner offers a maximum payload of 750 kg while the L1 model has a maximum payload of 850 kg. The width between the wheel arches measures 1,230 millimetres while the load length measures 1,800 millimetres.

The Partner Electric

If you don’t take your van beyond the city limits, you might want to think of getting the all-electric partner. With a range of 106 miles from a single charge, you will be producing zero emissions while running your transporter van business smoothly. There are two load lengths available for the Partner Electric, L1 or L2. While this variation of the Peugeot partner provides the same load area found in the diesel-powered version, it has a lesser payload capacity with the L1 at 636kg and the L2 at 552kg as a result of the extra weight of the battery. The Partner Electric will be ideal if you don’t carry too heavy amounts of load in the course of your business.

Safety and Reliability

Some of the safety features and specs of the Peugeot Partner include a standard driver’s airbag, side airbags, and an optional one for the front passenger. Also included as a standard feature is ESP stability control, hazard lights under hard braking, a ladder-frame bulkhead, and central locking with deadlocks. Other advanced safety systems include Active City Brake which can detect an impending collision and automatically apply the brakes. Available options include a reversing camera and parking sensors. Additionally, the Partner’s simple interior is well-suited to heavy commercial use, meaning this van will serve your freezer van business for long-term comfortable use.