Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van: Introduction and Review Summary

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van stands out as an exceptional choice for businesses in need of advanced temperature control and reliable performance. This model boasts a spacious cargo area for refrigerated goods, capable of maintaining temperatures from 0 to +5 degrees (chilled) and 0 to -25 degrees (freezer). High-quality Styrofoam insulation ensures optimal temperature maintenance, while the GAH refrigeration system offers dual-compartment functionality.

Environmentally Friendly and Durable Conversion Options

Our conversion options cater to specific business needs, ensuring that each vehicle is tailored to customer requirements. The powerful direct drive mechanism allows for efficient cooling, further enhancing the performance of this van. At Glacier Vehicles, we take pride in our expert team with years of experience in refrigerated vehicle conversions, guaranteeing that our customers receive the best possible service.

Warranty, Delivery, and Customer Satisfaction

To provide peace of mind, we offer:

  • A 12-month warranty on fridge systems
  • Free delivery and callouts to mainland UK

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in the numerous positive testimonials from satisfied clients. With customisable conversion options and reliable performance backed by Glacier Vehicles’ warranties and services, the Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van is an excellent investment for businesses seeking a dependable solution for their temperature-controlled transportation needs.

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van Review


  • Impressive cargo capacity: Efficient transportation of large quantities of perishable goods.
  • Advanced insulation and refrigeration systems: Maintains optimal temperatures, reducing spoilage risk and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Powerful engine and smooth handling: Ideal for long-distance deliveries.
  • Bespoke conversion services: Glacier Vehicles provides tailored solutions to meet industry standards and requirements.


  • Size limitations: Challenges in navigating tight urban spaces and limited parking lots.
  • Lower fuel efficiency: Compared to smaller models due to larger size and weight.

Selecting the right refrigerated vehicle is crucial for your business needs. Glacier Vehicles’ experienced team offers expert advice and guidance on choosing the most suitable model based on your unique requirements. Contact us today to optimise your temperature-controlled transportation solutions with our range of high-quality refrigerated vans and conversion services.

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van Average Cost

The average cost of a Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van varies significantly due to factors such as van specifications, conversion options, financing options, and potential discounts or promotions. At Glacier Vehicles, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Conversion Options – Environmentally friendly GAH bespoke conversions to ensure a high-quality product that meets your control temperature requirements.

Financing Options We collaborate with our clients to find the most suitable financing solution for their business, which may include: – Leasing – Hire purchase – Outright purchase

Our approach depends on your financial situation and preferences. We also strive to offer competitive pricing and may offer discounts or promotions at any given time to provide further value for our customers.

The final cost of a Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van depends on the unique combination of factors mentioned above. We encourage you to contact our knowledgeable team at Glacier Vehicles to discuss your specific needs and receive a personalised quote tailored to your business requirements.

By doing so, you can ensure that you are making an informed decision when investing in a refrigerated vehicle that will serve your business effectively for years to come.

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van: Dimensions, Load Space, and Practicality

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van is a highly practical and efficient solution for businesses requiring temperature-sensitive goods transportation. With its spacious design, this vehicle offers ample load space, ensuring a large volume of products can be transported with ease.

Insulated Cargo Compartment

The insulated coolbox/cargo compartment is specifically designed to maintain consistent temperatures, safeguarding the quality and integrity of perishable items during transit.

Movable Partition Wall

One notable feature of this model is the movable partition wall, which allows for flexible load space configuration. This enables users to optimise the available space according to their specific requirements, catering to varying cargo sizes and quantities.

Standby Facility Option

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van offers a standby facility option, providing uninterrupted refrigeration during events or power outages. This ensures that temperature-sensitive goods remain in optimal condition even when the vehicle is stationary.

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van combines practicality with efficiency, making it an ideal choice for businesses in need of reliable temperature-controlled transportation solutions. Its spacious design, insulated cargo compartment, movable partition wall, and standby facility option all contribute to its effectiveness in preserving the quality of perishable goods during transit.

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van with GAH Refrigeration System

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van features a cutting-edge GAH refrigeration system designed to offer optimal temperature control for perishable goods during transport.

Key Features: – Dual-compartment functionality: Allows simultaneous heating and cooling of separate compartments, enabling businesses to transport diverse products with varying temperature requirements in a single journey, maximising efficiency and reducing costs. – Insulation materials: High-quality, environmentally friendly materials ensure excellent thermal performance and durability, contributing to maintaining the desired temperature and reducing energy consumption and emissions. – Seamless integration: The GAH refrigeration system is integrated with the vehicle’s engine and power source for reliable performance and minimal downtime.

Customised Conversions by Glacier Vehicles: – Tailored solutions: Our team of experts ensures that each conversion meets the specific needs of your business. – Industry experience: With years of experience in the industry, we are committed to providing premium customer service and support throughout the entire process. – Reliable and efficient: By choosing our refrigerated vehicles, you can be confident in investing in a dependable solution for your temperature-controlled transportation needs.

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van Features

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van is a state-of-the-art vehicle designed to cater to the needs of businesses requiring temperature-sensitive transportation.

  • Heat-generating engine: Ensures optimal performance.
  • Airtight compartment: Maintains the desired temperature within the cargo area.
  • Efficient cooling components: Provide effective temperature control.
  • GRP resin interior: Offers a durable and easy-to-clean surface.

Compatibility with Dual-Compartment Refrigeration Systems

  • Allows for simultaneous transportation of goods at different temperatures.
  • High-quality insulation materials ensure minimal heat transfer.
  • Wood boarding treatment and fibreglass-like interior sheeting contribute to the van’s robustness and longevity.


  • Ideal for transporting various temperature-sensitive goods, such as perishable food items and pharmaceutical products.
  • Glacier Vehicles conducts thorough multipoint checks and services on each van, ensuring reliability and efficiency.
  • Direct drive mechanism for the refrigeration system guarantees seamless operation.
  • Optional extras allow for customisation to suit specific business requirements.

Warranty and Services

  • Warranty coverage provides peace of mind for buyers, covering potential issues during the ownership period.
  • Delivery and callout services are available to mainland UK customers, ensuring prompt assistance in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

In conclusion, the Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van offers an exceptional solution for businesses seeking efficient and reliable temperature-controlled transportation.

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van: Variants and Upgrades

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van caters to the diverse needs of businesses in the temperature-controlled transportation industry by offering a range of customisable options and upgrades.

Adjustable Insulation Thickness

  • Allows clients to choose the level of insulation that best suits their specific requirements
  • Ensures optimal thermal efficiency and energy conservation

Refrigeration GAH Conversion

  • GAH Refrigeration Conversion: Offers enhanced cooling performance and precise temperature control, ideal for transporting perishable goods requiring strict temperature regulation

2 Temp Fan Kit

  • Innovative feature that enables users to maintain two separate temperature zones within the vehicle simultaneously
  • Provides greater flexibility in managing diverse cargo requirements

By incorporating these various options and upgrades into your Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van, you can rest assured that your business will benefit from a tailored solution that meets your unique needs while maintaining the highest quality and performance standards.

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van: Engine Options and Performance

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van caters to diverse customer needs by offering various engine options and performance features.

Engine Options

  • Efficient diesel powertrains
  • Advanced hybrid powertrains

These options ensure optimal fuel economy, reduced emissions, and uncompromised performance. Diesel engines come in multiple power outputs, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for your specific requirements.

Performance-enhancing Features

  • Advanced suspension system for a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Robust chassis for exceptional durability and stability
  • Intelligent all-wheel-drive system for enhanced traction and handling in challenging road conditions

These features make the Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 ideal for refrigerated transportation, ensuring the safe and efficient transport of perishable goods.

Bespoke Refrigerated Conversions

  • State-of-the-art insulation materials
  • Advanced cooling systems for precise temperature control

Customisations not only guarantee the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive products but also contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of the vehicle. In conclusion, the Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van offers a versatile combination of engine options and performance features, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking dependable and efficient solution for their refrigerated transportation needs.

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van: Driving Experience, Steering, and Handling

At Glacier Vehicles, we recognise the significance of a seamless driving experience in the realm of refrigerated transportation. The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van is specifically designed to address the unique requirements of temperature-controlled transport, boasting exceptional steering and handling capabilities.

Key Features

  • Responsive Steering System: This feature enables precise control and manoeuvrability, even in challenging driving conditions. It is particularly essential for businesses that frequently navigate tight spaces or urban environments.
  • Stable Handling: The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van ensures cargo security and stability during transit, preserving the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods.

Enhanced Driver Comfort

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van prioritises driver comfort through:

  • Ergonomically Designed Cabin: The spacious and supportive cabin reduces fatigue during long journeys.
  • Advanced Suspension Systems: These systems provide a smoother ride, minimising vibrations and road noise for a more enjoyable driving experience.

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van offers an optimal blend of smooth driving experience, responsive steering, stable handling, and enhanced driver comfort. These features promote efficient and reliable temperature-controlled transportation and ensure the well-being of drivers and cargo throughout the journey.

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van Gearbox Options

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van offers two gearbox options to cater to diverse driving preferences and requirements:

Manual Transmission

  • Provides drivers with full control over gear shifting, allowing for a more engaging and interactive driving experience
  • Designed with precision engineering for smooth and seamless gear changes, contributing to the overall efficiency of the vehicle

Automatic Transmission

  • Delivers a more effortless and convenient driving experience
  • Sophisticated system intelligently adapts to various driving conditions, optimising gear shifts for maximum fuel efficiency and performance
  • Contributes to a smoother ride by minimising vibrations and noise levels within the cabin

Both gearbox options are specifically tailored for the unique demands of refrigerated transport, ensuring that customers can rely on their Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van for consistent performance and dependability in all situations.

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van: Ride Comfort, Cabin, and Interior

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van delivers exceptional ride comfort due to its advanced suspension system, which effectively absorbs road imperfections and ensures a smooth, stable journey for both driver and cargo.

Cabin Design and Seating

The cabin prioritises driver comfort, featuring ergonomic seating with multiple adjustments to accommodate various body types and driving preferences. This design promotes optimal posture and reduces fatigue during long drives.

Interior Layout and Features

The user-friendly dashboard provides easy access to essential controls and information.

The infotainment system includes modern features such as:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Navigation
  • Audio streaming capabilities

Numerous storage compartments are strategically placed throughout the cabin, offering ample space for personal belongings and work-related items.

Glacier Vehicles’ Conversions

At Glacier Vehicles, we recognise the importance of a comfortable and efficient working environment for our clients. We ensure that our refrigerated vehicle conversions maintain the high-quality standards of the Ford Transit Jumbo 2023’s cabin features while incorporating bespoke temperature control solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust our expertise in vehicle conversions to deliver a reliable and comfortable refrigerated van that meets your business requirements.

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van: Cab Storage and Practicality

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van features a spacious and ergonomic cabin designed to offer maximum comfort and practicality for drivers during extended periods on the road. At Glacier Vehicles, we ensure that the conversion process retains the original characteristics of this model while enhancing its functionality as a refrigerated vehicle.

Key Aspects

  • Multiple storage compartments for efficient organisation of essential items and paperwork
  • Adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel for an optimal driving position, reducing fatigue during long journeys
  • Well-designed dashboard layout with easily accessible and intuitive controls

At Glacier Vehicles, we recognise the significance of providing a comfortable and practical working environment for drivers in the refrigerated transport industry. By merging our expertise in vehicle conversions with the Ford Transit Jumbo 2023’s exceptional cab storage and practical features, we deliver a high-quality solution tailored to meet your business requirements..

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van: Running Costs and Value

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van is an efficient and reliable solution for businesses in need of temperature-controlled transportation. This model offers cost savings and a comprehensive package with its fuel-efficient engine options, durable construction, and high-quality components.

Running Costs

  • Reduced fuel consumption due to fuel-efficient engine options
  • Minimized maintenance expenses due to durable construction and high-quality components

Insurance and Resale Value

  • Competitive insurance premiums
  • Strong resale value ensures a sound investment for businesses

Customisable Features and Warranties

  • Cater to specific requirements, enhancing overall functionality and efficiency
  • Comprehensive warranties provide peace of mind and protection against unforeseen issues

Performance and Cargo Area

  • Smooth driving experience and cabin comfort, ideal for long-haul journeys
  • Advanced insulation and refrigeration systems ensure optimal temperature control during transit

Business Opportunities and Financing

  • Versatile option for various industries requiring temperature-sensitive transportation solutions
  • Financing options available to suit different budgets
  • Pricing comparisons with other models demonstrate long-term cost savings

For a personalised quote based on your specific requirements and optional extras, please contact our team of experts, who will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect refrigerated van solution for your business needs.

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van: Reliability, Safety, and Security

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van exemplifies reliability, safety, and security, catering to the demanding requirements of the temperature-controlled transportation industry.


  • Robust engine for optimal performance and longevity
  • Comprehensive multipoint check and full service by Glacier Vehicles before delivery


  • Advanced features for driver and cargo protection
  • Secure and airtight cargo compartment to maintain temperature-sensitive goods

State-of-the-art safety systems:

  • ronic stability control
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Advanced driver assistance technologies


  • Exceptional combination of features for temperature-controlled transportation solutions

With Glacier Vehicles’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van ensures long-lasting benefits for your business operations.

Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 Refrigerated Van: Final Thoughts

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van emerges as a versatile and efficient solution for businesses requiring temperature-controlled transportation. At Glacier Vehicles, our team is dedicated to offering customisable conversion options, ensuring each client’s unique needs are met with precision and expertise.

Spacious Cargo Area and Dual-Compartment Functionality

The ample cargo space of this model enables seamless transport of various temperature-sensitive goods – Dual-compartment functionality guarantees optimal temperature management for different product types

Reliability and Efficiency

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 delivers consistent performance, making it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to preserve the quality and integrity of perishable products during transit – Our experienced team at Glacier Vehicles collaborates closely with clients to design and implement bespoke conversion solutions, resulting in a tailored refrigerated vehicle that meets the highest industry standards

Unparalleled Solution for Temperature-Controlled Transportation

The Ford Transit Jumbo 2023 refrigerated van, combined with our expert conversion services at Glacier Vehicles, provides an unmatched solution for businesses in need of dependable and adaptable temperature-controlled transportation – With its spacious cargo area, dual-compartment functionality, and overall reliability, this model is set to become an invaluable asset for companies striving to deliver exceptional service and maintain the quality of their temperature-sensitive goods