The Fiat Doblo  refrigerator van is certainly one of the leading vehicles in the small van category that is filled with quite a lot of viable options. This massively lauded diminutive masterpiece has already won a couple of reputable van of the year accolades, and its ratings among  refrigerator van lovers seem to be improving with each model that is released. Its latest release also looks to be continuing the trend that has be set by its predecessors, with a few modifications in the vehicle’s aesthetic and components certain to raise the stock of the greatly underrated van. As a refrigerator van, it is perhaps one of the most appropriate vehicles for small scale refrigerating equipments.

Load Space

Being in a similar category as other small compact  refrigerated vans, it is easy for one to think that the Fiat Doblo Cargo suffers from similar deficiencies that mostly include lack of adequate load space. But one would be entirely wrong with such assertions because of the impressive load space present in the posterior of the vehicle. While the smaller models of the van usually have load spaces that may match or narrowly exceed the value of other small compact  fridge vans, its largest model composed of a long wheel base and a high roof often tends to have a cargo space value of 5.0m3. Perhaps, what is even more impressive is the maximum payload value of the vehicle, which stands at 1,005kg, and ensures that the carrying capacity of the Fiat Doblo Cargo is a foot above all other vehicles in the same category. Access to the load bay of the vehicle is gained either by a single or double sliding side doors and twin asymmetric back doors.


The transition of vehicles to the Euro 6 approved engines as has also affected the Fiat Doblo Cargo with its new models fitted with EU6 variants. One of its variants is the petrol powered 1.4-litre engine that offers about 95hp. The other is the MultiJet II diesel engine, which itself also has two separate variants to suit the different power needs of the models. The lowest of the diesel engine variants is the 1.3-litre engine that is able to dissipate power that reaches up to 95bhp. Next in the engine range is the1.6-litre MultiJet II with 105bhp that can, however, reach up to 120hp. This is actually a replacement for the 2.0-litre engine used in previous models.


It seems that only the exterior of the new Fiat Doblo Cargo models received any kind of facelift as the interior is left with its default design. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that there is stagnation in the vehicle’s aesthetic s as its decor still remains one of the best in the small fridge van category. The spaces in the cabin remain impressive, with storage spaces available everywhere within the fridge van. From the windscreen, to the door pockets, and even the base of the passenger seat, there are compartments that will readily house tools and packages of varying sizes. Other elements in the vehicle include electric mirrors, high-performance loudspeakers and a radio/CD/MP3 player.


Standard tools that help optimize the safety of the vehicle include ESC stability control, which was absent as a standard in older models, ABS with EBD, Brake Assist, a driver’s airbag, and a hill holder system.


One of the perks of driving the Doblo Cargo is its possession of a rear suspension system that assists the compact vehicle in coping with the demand of hauling very heavy loads. It is not only a smooth vehicle to drive…its handling is also very much comfortable.  It is very efficient when used on urban roads because of its light steering that may at times be imprecise.