When the Fiat Doblo Cargo first hit the market in 2010, it heralded the grand entrance of the Fiat Company into the van fleet niche. It was in direct competition against Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz.

At the time, the Doblo lived up to expectations and matched the German products punch for punch in terms of practicality, quality and drivability.

6 years on, and many awards and several revisions later, we have a new Fiat Doblo Cargo refrigerated van.

The new Fiat Doblo is a perfect embodiment of what we have come to expect of the range here at Glacier Vehicles.  New features and emphasis has not been limited in the mechanics and functonality.  With the new range, Fiat has shown a willingness to transform the Doblo Cargo refrigerated van from a bland work beast to a more chic refrigerated vehicle; perfect for enhancing your brand image

The headlights on the new Doblo have been fixed higher, ensuring adequate protection against speed bumps. The bumpers are also bigger offering protection against crash impact. The new look is targeted at refrigerating van businesses looking for a modern yet sturdy vehicle that can meet up with the day to day demands of a business with diverse logistic needs.

On the rear of the new Doblo, you can find the full Fiat Professional logo on its tailgate. This is something that will appear on all Fiat Professional commercial vehicles from now on.

The logo is the only alteration made to the rear of the doblo. This is understandable as it ensures the vehicle can be modified to meet the refrigerating van needs of specific businesses.

Build Quality

Looking at the build of the new Doblo, there are several important upgrades of note. The door handles are a lot stronger and they are designed to allow one finger operation. Here at Glacier Vehicles, we understand the importance of this change for refrigerated van drivers. The one-finger function is easy to grasp and we can confirm- you will love it.

Noise levels inside the new Doblo have also been improved. The new model offers a quieter driving experience in comparison to the old models.

The new Gateway fleet management system on the new Doblo will be loved by refrigerated van business owners. It allows easy tracking of mileage, braking and speed. With this, fleet managers for refrigerated van businesses will never lose sight of all the vans out on the road.


The engine on the new Doblo refrigerated van has been tweaked significantly by Fiat. It now offers as much as 40% better torque response than the previous model, without any adverse effect on fuel consumption.

Comfort and Handling

Two of the selling points focused on by Fiat during the launch of the new Doblo were comfort and handling. It will only take one drive to see that they delivered on these fronts. The driver and passenger seats come with plenty of lumbar support. Driving is a lovely experience because the new Doblo has refined suspension set-ups to improve ride and handling.  Another interesting addition to the driving experience is the slicker gear changes and the lighter clutch.

Here at Glacier Vehicles, we firmly believe that the FIAT Doblo Cargo refrigerated van is a good option for any business, but don’t take our word for it. Come down to our showroom for a test drive!