New Renault Master 2015


Renault has been hitting the trade show circuit again this year showing off its new master van model ahead of it going on sale in summer 2015 Order books this new van will open in June which means that the refrigerated conversions by glacier vehicles will not be far behind. Our clients will be able to benefit from a variety of engine types including 2.3 DCI power outputs of up to 110 to 165 hp.

Refrigerated vans based on the Master Chassis will come equipped with electronic stability control, load adaptive control, hill start assist, extend and more standard trailer swing also be available with the towing option. This new model of refrigerated van will come complete with tire pressure monitor warning system to notify the driver if a tyre is under inflated punctured Another desirable feature of the upcoming refrigerated van based on the Renault Master is the optional wide view mirror cooperated on the passenger-side sunvisor which provides excellent review of the blind spot on the opposite side of the van.

Renault will be releasing a variety of models based on the master in the UK, options include four lengths and three heights panel van and well as front- and rear-wheel drive, for a carrying capacity of between eight and 22 m3 has a payload allowance of 1415 kg which provides ample cargo for all your refrigerated goods.

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