The Iveco Daily is a quirky refrigerated vehicle in ever complicating UK refrigerated van market. The Daily’s distinctiveness isn’t a reason to buy one on its own, but professionalism behind the refrigerated van and the lack of superior market alternatives certainly are.

The 2015 Iveco Daily refrigerated van can save you over 5.5% more than its predecessor. Weight saving techniques, smarter aerodynamics, and the installation of the latest technology has helped achieve this.

The greenest Iveco Dailys are the 3.3 and 3.5t single rear-wheel models with the 2.3-litre engine in its most powerful 144bhp guise. Although it has combined cycle returns of 34mpg, not the greatest in its class, where over 40mpg has become standard. After adding the stop-start tech, this increases to 35mpg.


The Daily’s ladder-frame chassis is customizable to fit your idea and needs when it comes to your business model. Because of this, the Daily can be considered one of the most customizable and adaptable refrigerated vehicles on the market.

The loadbay has a lot of give, allowing for 1,320mm of space between the wheelarches as well as the ability to deal with an entire Europallet through its rear or sliding side doors. One negative is the internal grab handles feel very fragile and the doors slam with a sickening clang that gives the impression of shoddy manufacturing work.

The most important thing: safety in your refrigerated van

Iveco characterizes the Daily like a small truck rather than a large refrigerated van and its robust design should be sturdy enough to stay the course for most operators.

In the UK Iveco is slightly worse off in comparison to Ford due to its small dealership network size but Iveco are specialist refrigerated vehicle sellers, that can tailor themselves to pretty much any business need. If something does go wrong with your Daily refrigerated van, they’ll get on to it very quickly.

Function and handling

An advanced Quad-Leaf double wishbone front suspension system on the Daily refrigerated van guarantees a luxurious drive and finer driving undercurrents than its predecessor. The front end feels malleable while holding fast when tackling corners.

Cab and Interior

Refrigerated van companies are quickly adopting the notion that their refrigerated vehicles need to drive like cars. Iveco certainly didn’t want to be left in the dust when it came to this. This Daily has eroded away the blatant truck characteristics of the previous model’s interior but it still doesn’t have the classiness in the cab of a Transit or Mercedes Sprinter.

Although, some operators will appreciate the unashamedly tough plastic and no nonsense robust van features. Some of our disapproval stems from a badly finished trim around the door inserts and the tacky chrome design on the dials for the top-spec EcoMac air-conditioning system.

It’s essentially an office on wheels, with almost countless storage space and no shortage of places to work on documents. The controls are incredibly easy to get to grips with can come with IVEConnect touchscreen sat-nav system, which is currently top of the range interior for any refrigerated van.