You’re sure to find your perfect van among our selection of refrigerated vans. With so many excellent examples of the latest refrigerated vehicles now found across the motorways and roads spanning the globe, it isn’t too far fetched to remember back to a time when refrigerated transport was an idea, and a very basic one at that. Combined with the transport infrastructure that we are proud of as a nation in the UK, there have been sizeable and revolutionary changes that have enabled us and many other continents and individual countries to increase their annual exports of exotic fruits and perishable items, cheaper meats and many that previously just weren’t seen here in Britain.

Not simply the technology that has been incorporated into portable refrigeration at Glacier Vehicles but the way in which perishable goods can be kept for far longer periods of time in acclimatised conditions, being able to set an exact temperature and maintain it throughout any length of journey has reshaped and remoulded the excellent way in which goods can be ships over land and sea to reach their destination as if it was just a stone’s throw away. Here at Glacier Vehicles we look at the early pioneers and their use of ice to keep produce cool, right the way to the brilliant minds behind our motorways and transport routes and reflect on what a journey and adventure it has been for all of us.

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