If you deliver chilled or frozen food, then of course!

With warm weather finally on our doorstep, along with the beginning of the wedding season, the demand for refrigerated vehicles is on the rise. At Glacier Vehicles we provide new and used refrigerated vans, as well as panel van conversions, to the top catering and food delivery service companies in the area.

However, large companies aren’t the only ones who need refrigerated vans. Butchers, fishmongers, event and wedding caterers, and many more companies also need to keep their products cold while they make their rounds. Any business that delivers perishable food is required to use a refrigerated vehicle kept at the necessary temperature for their particular products. So regardless of whether you’re delivering deli sandwiches or catering a huge wedding, you’ll want to ensure you’re adhering to health and hygiene legislation.

The temperatures you need to keep your fresh or frozen food safe depends on what you’re delivering. Chilled food needs to be kept at 8˚C or lower, with the ideal temperature being around 2˚C-5˚C. Frozen food must be maintained at a temperature of no higher than –18˚C. Always check that the temperature of your food when you load up and again at the time of delivery.

While food delivery is a prominent business sector that requires refrigerated vans, it’s by no means the only one. Florists, for instance, benefit from lengthening the life and freshness of their flowers with a refrigerated van.

Whatever your business, there is a refrigerated or freezer van for you – whether you require a small transit van or a massive delivery truck. While a refrigerated van can be an expensive investment, they are also essential in complying with health and safety legislation and allow you to expand your business to include deliveries, which you may not have been able to safely undertake before. Thisincrease in profit can soon cover the cost of the van itself.

Buying a refrigerated van not only allows you to start making deliveries, but by branding the van with your logo and business contact information, it also provides a new advertising opportunity that allows you to reach new potential customers wherever you go.

If you think you need a refrigerated van for your business, but aren’t sure where to start, contact us at Glacier Vehicles today. We’ll ensure you get the right vehicle for your business at the best price. If you already have a panel van, we can also convert it into a refrigerated van for you with our new, light-weight conversion process.