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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management, in simple terms, refers to how a supply chain is run or managed. This covers all the design, planning, execution, control, and evaluation of all supply chain activities within a particular system.

For a very productive and successful supply chain system, an efficient supply chain management needs to be established to oversee the running of the supply chain process.

At Glacier vehicles, we not only provide you with refrigerated vehicles for your transportation and logistics needs; we care about the success of your supply chain and cold chain distribution, hence we go through extra lengths to help you become better.

Components of Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management can be broken down into some basic components. These include…

Planning and Control

Planning and control holds the bedrock to efficient supply chain management, and a successful supply chain outfit. Without proper planning, necessary steps will not be implemented and the whole supply chain process will suffer handicaps at some points.

Work Structure

The work structure gives a breakdown of how the supply chain is to be run. From the job description of every role in the chain to how the work is carried out, the entire supply chain process is defined by the work structure.

Organizational Structure

Nearly similar to the work structure, the organizational structure provides a guide to how the supply chain distribution is managed. Most importantly, it shows the hierarchy of management or leadership in the outfit and how decisions are taken.

Product Flow Facility Structure

This is the part of the supply chain process which deals with the sourcing of raw materials, processing and transporting of the product to the final consumer. This is about the actual important part of the process as any mistake can ruin the final product. Product designs must be followed to the letter, and the refrigerated vehicles at optimum performance.

Information Flow Facility Structure

This component ensures the supply chain is kept updated and abreast with any technological developments relating to every aspect of your product and the industry. It is the component that determines the future of the supply chain and the industry in whole.

Culture and Attitude

Culture across workers within the supply chain is very important and cannot be underestimated. For the supply chain to perform well and satisfy the final consumer, there is need to have an organizational culture that not only keeps the workers happy but also works well with the customers of the supply chain outfit. How workers are treated by the supply chain management, and how they respond to the work structure and the consumers come under this component.

Important Supply Chain Management Processes

In order to achieve the aim of the Supply Chain Management, which is to provide an all-round efficient handling of the supply chain process in order to guarantee best results, there are a number of processes to follow.

Customer-Relationship Management

This process is designed to manage your supply chain outfit’s dealings with current and potential customers. In order to retain your old clients and ensure new clients join the network, you need to manage the relationship between your supply chain and your clients effectively.

Demand-Management Style

This planning approach is used to predict, plan and manage the products demand. It deals with how your supply chain outfit handles demand and the extra processes or activities or carries out in order to match demand.

Order Fulfillment

This deals with the manner your supply chain outfit responds to customers’ demand. It covers all processes from the point-of-sale inquiry to the delivery of your produce via new refrigerated vans to the final consumer. It works hand-in-hand with demand-management style, but focuses on meeting the singular needs of each client order.

Manufacturing-Flow Management

This deals with the workflow processes concerned with the manufacturing or the processing of your supply chain product. From production and processing to storage and preservation, your manufacturing-flow needs to be managed properly in order to keep a steady supply. Ensure your machines and new refrigerated vehicles are in good condition, keep appropriate records, maintain a good product design and monitor the work culture for best results.

Supplier-Relationship Management

This deals with the relationship between a company and a supplier. . If your supply chain relies on raw materials you do not produce, a stable business relationship between your supplier and your supply chain outfit is needed to ensure your work is not hampered. This could cause serious damages to not just your company’s brand but also to your clients and the community you service.

Product Development and Commercialization

In product development and commercialization, feedback from customers and suppliers are used to better the product design and the workflow structure. In the best results supply chain framework, this feedback helps to ensure best results at all times. Good product design can improve the performance of your supply chain network, bringing more clients along your way and expanding your reach within the supply chain industry.

Supply Chain Consulting

Supply-chain consulting is the assessment of the productivity of a supply chain by experts in order to enhance productivity. It can be better described as outsourcing for expert supply chain management advice/resources in order to increase the chances of generating best results. If at any point you feel your supply chain outfit needs external and professional input to perform better, you can always outsource for information and help within the supply chain industry.

Partner With Us

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We also provide you with opportunities to optimize your supply chain process. Thanks to our connections within the supply chain industry, we can offer expert advice on any issue you may need help on – ranging from insurance to even supply chain security.

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