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Refrigerated Van Showroom

Glacier Vehicles understands the need for high quality-assured fridge van conversions and always provides assistance to customers in making the best choice from available options by providing useful information. We have put together some FAQs below to further assist you. You can see some of our vehicles here as well. If you have additional questions, please contact our sales team and we will be more than happy to provide temperature-controlled vans that match your business needs.


What if I want shelving in the van?

We can provide that along with any other customized facilities you want in the van. All you have to do is ask.

Can a regular outlet be used to power my standby facility?

Yes! Glacier Vehicles with standby facilities can be plugged into a regular power outlet.

Do I need to refuel the van when I bring it back?

Yes, the van has to be returned with the same fuel level that it was rented out with. If there is a shortage in the fuel level on returning the van, your credit card will be debited with the cost of the fuel and an administration charge.

Does the van come with a full tank of fuel?

Not always. However, Glacier Vehicles fuel policy is like for like; full tank out, full tank in etc.

Can I collect or return a van outside normal rental hours?

Yes, as long as it has been pre-arranged.

What if I bring the van back late?

Additional hire charges will apply for late return of the vehicle. If you are over 60 minutes late, you will be charged for a full day. If a vehicle is returned later than the stipulated time, charges for the additional days that you have had the vehicle will be accrued to you. The additional charges will be at the usual daily rate of that rental vehicle. Please contact us ASAP if a vehicle is going to be returned late.

When do I have to return the van?

This is usually as per your rental agreement; typically by 9:00 AM on the morning following the end of the hire.

What happens if I get a speeding fine or a parking ticket?

This will be debited from your credit card with an administration charge; driver details will be forwarded to the relevant authority.

What happens if an accident or van theft occurs?

Contact the Police. In the event of an accident or theft of a van, you will receive prompt assistance. All Glacier vehicles have breakdown/recovery cover. Call Glacier Vehicles Customer Support free on - 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If the line is busy, please leave a message including your phone number and we will call you back.

Are my personal possessions and goods in transit covered?

No, Glacier Vehicles insurance does not cover personal possessions nor goods in transit.

What insurance cover is included?

A comprehensive Insurance plan is provided for each vehicle with an excess of £2000

Can I tow a trailer with your vans?

Yes, tow bars are fitted to most Glacier refrigerated vans - please confirm this when you hire.

Are the hired vans for use only in the UK?

Yes, we hire vans for use only inmainland UK. Diligent servicing and regular testing ensure that Glacier Vehicles refrigerated vans are ideal for long distance travel.

Can I use my insurance?

Certainly! In fact, you must have proof of insurance available before renting the van.

Can I buy my rental?

Certainly! Refrigerated van rentals are always available for sale.

Is a rental possible?

Certainly! Refrigerated van rentals are available on a short and long-term basis. You will get a custom quotation when you contact us.

What special licence do I need to drive Fridge vans?

None. A standard full UK driver’s licence is all that you need.

Are rental hire and contract hire the same?

No. Rental hire is the hire of an existing vehicle. This is usually done on a short-term basis but can be done on a long-term basis as well. Contract hire, however, provides the opportunity to have a vehicle built to your specification for long-term use. This involves building a vehicle to match your specific needs and having the features that you want.

Can I use the same vehicle to carry chilled and frozen products?

Yes, you can. We have quite a good number of dual compartment vehicles, which have their load space divided, thereby making it possible to have different operating temperatures set in the different load spaces.

What is the difference between Fridge vans and Freezer vans?

Fridge vans are built for goods that require a temperature above 0 degrees centigrade. These are goods which just have to be kept chilled like fresh meat, fruits, and sandwiches. Freezer vans, on the other hand, are built to achieve and maintain temperatures much lower than fridge vans, usually temperature of at least minus 20 degrees centigrade. They are used for goods that have to be kept frozen like frozen food and ice cream.

Which is the better option between a Fridge van and a Freezer van?

They are both designed for different purposes and to carry different items and so cannot be compared. The items and goods you are carrying, specifically the temperature they need to be stored at, determines which van is appropriate.

Which should I get – a Fridge van or a Freezer van?

This depends on what you intend to store in the van. Fridge vans are suitable for keeping items chilled while Freezer vans are for keeping items frozen.

What does an Overnight Standby Function in a Fridge van mean?

This electrical plug-in addition enables a fridge van to operate when the vehicle’s engine is switched off. This facility has to be added from the start as it cannot be added after a fridge van conversion is completed.

How thick Is the insulation in a Refrigerated Vehicle?

Glacier refrigerated vehicles provide insulation of 50mm for a fridge van or 75mm for a freezer van.

What is the temperature range in a Refrigerated Vehicle?

You can get a range between +21°C to -25°C in our refrigerated vehicles. This, however, is dependent on the requirements of the produce and the specification of the refrigeration unit.

How long does it take for a Fridge Van Conversion?

The length of time for a Fridge Van Conversion can be up to 21 days from the vehicle arriving at our manufacturing premises. It could be shorter. however, depending on stock availability and manufacturing.