If you’re in the market for a small sized, yet highly effective vehicle for your refrigerated van business, you’ll do well to consider the 2018 Vauxhall Combo Freezer Van. This model combines the very best of Peugeot and Citroen technology, making it one of the most impressive small vans around.

There are two different versions available:  the short-wheelbase (SWB) and long-wheelbase (LWB), offering you the benefit of choosing the most suitable body-length for your refrigerated van business. This model is also accompanied by certain improvements, such as its electric power steering, which will save on fuel costs when you’re on the move.

Vauxhall Combo 2018 Freezer Van: Payload

The payload area of the Combo refrigerated van is designed along the lines of the outgoing Citroen Berlingo, which makes it perfect for usability and load space. The back space of the LWB version comprises an impressive 4.4 cubic metres and can comfortably carry up to one tonne of cargo, while the SWB version has a load space of 3.8 cubic metres. Notably, the onboard overload alert will let the driver know if the van is carrying more load than it was designed for.

Maximum load length for the LWB and SWB is 2,160mm and 1,810mm respectively, making it perfect for urban deliveries or short to medium distance runs.

Vauxhall Combo 2018 Freezer Van: Cabin Interior

Depending on the version and specs, the 2018 Vauxhall Combo freezer van sports two and three seats in the front cabin for the driver and passenger(s). The cabin features plenty of storage space, including an overhead shelf and a drawer under the driver’s seat, where important items can be kept. There are also door bins, and numerous charging points for phones and other devices; these include two USB sockets, two 12V sockets and one 220V socket. The driver has a touchscreen navigation and speed recognition that will prove handy when driving on unfamiliar roads. Because the van’s interior is very similar to that of the Vauxhall Combo Life, there’s a standard multi-function steering wheel (with electric power steering) and a touchscreen audio console that features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in selected models.

Vauxhall Combo 2018 Freezer Van: Security Improvements

The 2018 Vauxhall Combo freezer van comes with an array of technological and security improvements to help the driver whilst on the road. There is automatic speed sign recognition, smart navigation and an anti-drowsiness system to keep the driver alert behind the wheel. Safety features include automatic city braking, lane change alert, hill descent control and a rear view camera that serves as a high tech rear view mirror. There is also another camera mounted on the passenger side door that serves as blind spot detection for the driver.

Vauxhall Combo 2018 Freezer Van: Engine

This freezer van is mechanically similar to the Berlingo, so features the same engine. Under the bonnet is a 130PS, 1.5litre diesel engine, combined with an EAT8 automatic or six speed manual gearbox. It is also offered with a 110PS or 130PS 1.2litre petrol engine with the same gearbox configuration.

The engine configuration is a big seller, as it can comfortably power a fully loaded van for long distance runs, without compromising on efficiency and handling. In fact, the new improved electric power steering and extra gear is very effective in improving the quality of the ride and reducing fuel consumption all the while.

Driving the 2018 Vauxhall Combo Freezer Van

The Vauxhall Combo 2018 freezer van provides the perfect driving experience, within and outside of the city. This is not surprising, as a van that shares the best features of Peugeot Partner and Citroen Berlingo will definitely break the bar when it comes to technology, safety and refinement. This freezer van fits the bill perfectly for a small/midsized van and would be a great asset to your refrigerated van business.

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