Temperature Control

There is a growing share of refrigerated cargo being transported around the world in temperature controlled environments. With our range of superior new refrigerated vans at Glacier vehicles, your temperature-sensitive goods are kept fresh with thermostat monitoring, energy balance and control loops throughout the transportation process, with minimal changes of temperature. With thermostats, heat exchangers and insulated containers perishable goods can now be transported more efficiently than ever. Convection, conduction and radiation energy exchange are minimised and the space or substance temperature controlled.

What Does Temperature Control Mean?

Temperature control involves all the processes by which change of temperature of a substance is measured or detected, as well as the passage of heat energy in/out of the substance adjusted to achieve a desired temperature. Devices that are used to regulate, monitor and control temperature include refrigerators, freezer/refrigerated vans, space-heaters, and air-conditioners, among others.

Why is temperature control important?

You are legally mandated to monitor the temperature of your food, especially if you are in the commercial food community. It is your responsibility to ensure that the products you offer to the public are safe and consumable. So monitoring and detection, and temperature control is crucial. Energy balance and control loops must be at the core of your temperature systems.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the testing, production, movements and distribution of drugs rely largely on temperature-controlled supply chain. This is why governments usually regulate the access to drugs by controlling the distribution of those drugs and the drug supply chain than any other trade for goods.

You will need to consider opting for a new freezer van to make sure that your temperature-sensitive goods will not be compromised en-route. High-risk foods such as vegetables, meats, fish, seafood, eggs and poultry products, must be regulated under the appropriate temperature during shipment and delivery to preserve their quality and ensure they are safe to consume. Regardless of the distance or how rough the road is, new refrigerated vans will ensure the preservation of your products over a long period of time.

Temperature Controlled Vehicles for Your Transportation & Logistics Needs

Temperature controlled logistics involves all the processes for the preservation, transportation and storage of products that are highly sensitive to atmospheric conditions, and need to be maintained under the proper temperature, until they are needed.

The advent of temperature controlled vehicles have immensely helped businesses in their delivery of perishable products and other temperature-sensitive goods. Whether your business is involved with the cold chain, supply chain, or distribution of goods, you will definitely appreciate a reliable refrigerated vehicle. As this ensures that your customers are safe and your business continues to thrive.

At Glacier vehicles accurate temperature control are major highlights of our used freezer vans. We have on site a team that offers professional temperature-control solutions for your transportation and logistics needs. We realize that time and distance are important considerations when managing cold chain logistics for the transportation of fresh food, perishable goods and pharmaceuticals. This is why our refrigerated vehicles are designed in such a way that they can withstand the vigor of long distance travel and at the same time ensure that the quality and safety of your cargo is maintained over a long period of time.

How temperature-controlled vehicle units work

Refrigerated vehicles generally come in form of small vans and trucks, equipped with electronic control systems to regulate temperature. Freezer vans have thermostatically controlled cargo compartments, which allow the proper temperature range to be maintained. A reefer is the basic name for the temperature controlled units. It can be a van, small truck, a semi-trailer or a standard ISO container.

Refrigeration unit is the most essential aspect of freezer vans. The temperature you need will depend largely on the van’s contents, for instance, flowers, vegetables, ice-creams, chicken breast, mince, and ready meals are refrigerated at varying temperatures. Here at Glacier Vehicles, our used refrigerated vans are tailored to meet your specific temperature needs.

Thermal insulation

Insulation is absolutely essential to a successful conversion of a refrigerated vehicle. The insulation used in refrigerated vans is often of a higher quality and much thicker than the insulation used in the fridges or freezers at your homes.

Freezer vans work by exchanging the heat within the vehicle with its surrounding environments through the movement of air in and out of the van, while the doors are either opened or closed. The trays, racking, fittings, and food inside the vans exchange heat with the van air. An ideal freezer van cools food from 0 degrees -25 degrees

At Glacier vehicles, we make use of insulated airtight compartments, to limit the air exchange when doors are opened, by using polymer foam, which contains billions of minuscule air bubbles.

Thermal engineering

The incessant need for cold chains to be evaluated, monitored and controlled, has spurred us to work with the major manufacturers in the industry, use high quality materials and have a team of well-trained thermal engineers, to guarantee that our vans/trucks are reliable and of a superior quality to preserve your temperature-sensitive goods.

Our freezer vehicle come from sophisticated and trustworthy brands such as:

  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Iveco
  • Ford
  • Peugeot
  • Volkswagen
  • Renault
  • Vauxhall
  • Fiat
  • Citron

Maintaining a consistent temperature

To maintain the appropriate temperature from loading to unloading, including all other points in between, it is important to discuss temperature guidelines with your carrier. Do not fail to lay out all the specifics, to ensure that your transporter sticks to the proper parameters.

Due to our years of experience in handling a number of temperature-sensitive commodities, we have a wide range of reliable temperature-controlled vehicles. We can also provide specialized services tailored for the transportation of your temperature-sensitive products.

You may also want to discuss whether the route will include temperature-controlled docks, so as to ensure the safety of your temperature-sensitive goods. By keeping your products in a temperature-controlled environment, your product quality will be maintained until the van or truck is ready to move.

It goes without saying that doors should be properly closed until the very last possible moments to minimize potential change in temperature within the freezer van. This is important for temperature sensitive products like some pharmaceuticals, which can have serious consequences on the health and wellbeing if they become spoiled.

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