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Glacier Vehicles specialises in providing excellent new and used refrigerated van services that help you establish, grow, maintain, and enjoy your food business all year round. From agricultural produce, food processing, food, and drinks distribution, to all kinds of food services, we have your cooling and preservation needs perfectly covered.

At Glacier Vehicles, we pride ourselves on showcasing the unbeatable skills of engineers who are dedicated to making sure you get the best food cooling and preservation experience. We have a fleet of vans with refrigerators that keep all kinds of food fresh.

Are you wondering how we can serve you? Get to know us better.

Preserving the Garden-freshness of Plant-based Produce

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables improves the overall health of everyone. Besides the crunchy nature of the farm delicacies delivered in our refrigerated vehicles, the powerful phytochemicals which help to keep the body in great health are retained, just like in freshly picked agricultural produce.

As a leader in the refrigeration industry, Glacier Vehicles has developed an outstanding temperature control mechanism, which enables you to convey different items under varying cooling requirements in the same truck. You can now transport fruits, vegetables, and other goods without running the risk of losing the freshness of the produce on board.

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Transport Meat in High Performing Refrigerator Van

Animal-based protein is a source of essential nutrients for the body. Some of these essential body requirements, like zinc and iron, are more easily absorbed from meat than any other food source. And it must be fresh from the abattoir to provide nourishment.

If you run a business that deals in animal flesh, you need the services of a top-rated refrigeration company to keep your market goods well preserved.

Our fleet has freezer vehicles that can deliver frozen meat. There are also meat hangers to keep your meat fresh.

We have different logistics vehicles like trucks and vans, and they all have in-built refrigerators that work to fullest capacity all day.

Refrigerated Vans for Food Processing Companies

From the farmers’ market to the factory, a lot can go wrong with farm produce if it is not properly refrigerated in transit. The quality of your finished product is proportional to the quality of the raw food used in the production stage.

If you choose Glacier Vehicles, the raw materials for your food processing business will always get to the manufacturing point in perfect condition.

When you purchase one of our vehicles, you will advertise your business by creating your brand information on the van.

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Reliable Logistics for Your Food Services

Our commercial trucks and vans keep your goods exactly the way you want them. Do you need dry space around the refrigerator in the vehicle? Our expert team will give you the best solution that will meet your specific needs.

Mobile Cold Rooms for Drinks

Our fleet of trucks and vans transports drinks to different locations.

We are Versatile

Are you planning to start a food business with a commercial refrigerated van? Or you are a veteran logistics company considering adding a truck or two to your fleet? Whether you need a brand new vehicle or a used one, we can provide them.


Because of our long history of excellence, many of our clients have taken their time to testify to our professionalism and matchless performance of our vehicles. As we specialise in food industry logistics, you will get an excellent service delivery to boost your business. We have been doing it, and that’s why we have many happy clients.

Why Choose Glacier Vehicles for Your Food Business?

For over two decades, Glacier Vehicles has delivered excellent logistics services to its clients in the food industry. Decades of quality experience puts us at the forefront of the refrigerated vans sector.

We have also formed long-term relationships with leaders in vehicle manufacturing, and the discounts we get, we totally transfer to you. Plus, our in-house professional insulation engineers are proactive and only interested in the growth of your business. We believe the success of your food logistics merchandise is our success, too.

When you choose Glacier Vehicles, you enjoy the following and more:

  • • Prompt response
  • • Professional advice to help you make the best refrigeration choice
  • • Established relationship with top auto manufacturers you can depend on
  • • Great savings on the best food transportation available
  • • Multiple temperature-controlled compartments to suit your specific needs

Glacier Vehicles is the best solution for all food industry logistics needs. Use us to deliver satisfaction to your customers.

If you want to buy a used refrigerated van, a used freezer van, a new refrigerated van or a new freezer van call, Glacier Vehicles on 0208 668 7579.

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