2017/2018 Peugeot Boxer Refrigerator Van Review

2017/2018 Peugeot Boxer Refrigerator Van Review

Peugeot Boxer - 2017/2018 Peugeot Boxer Refrigerator Van Review

A van similar in many aspects to the Citroen Relay, the Peugeot Boxer is a practical van that is manufactured with more emphasis placed on its functionality rather that its aesthetics. That, however, doesn’t mean that the appearance of one of Peugeot’s newest release is disappointing, as it does have attributes that are indeed appealing to the eyes. Coupled with a floating grille expertly placed in front of the van, the headlamps and LED running lights are amazingly styled for such a vehicle with a basic design. Its interior is also quite decent looking with conspicuous upgrades implemented in quality and arrangement.

Load Space

The load space in the Peugeot Boxer is practically based on the size of the wheelbase, with all the variants comfortably capable of housing a refrigerating system. The smallest of the variant, which is the entry-level Peugeot Boxer, has a cargo space capacity of 282 cubic feet. This isn’t an apparent hindrance though as the vehicle still possesses a load length of 2670mm. The Boxer vans with the medium wheelbase have a bigger cargo space capacity that ranges between 353.1 cubic feet and 406.1 cubic feet. Those with the long wheelbase, however, have the most efficient carrying feature with a cargo space capacity that can reach up to 459.1 cubic feet.


The major characteristic difference between the 2017 Peugeot Boxer and the older models is the replacement of the 2.2 diesel engine used in the old ones with a more efficient 2.0 litre BlueHDi diesel engine. The output on the new Boxer engine has also been modified to the 110hp, 130hp, and the 160hp, which replaces the discontinued 150hp version that was present in the old engine. It is also claimed that the new engine is capable of effortlessly reducing CO2 emission by as much as 30%.


The simplicity of the cabin doesn’t affect its decent interior modifications. The steering is deceptively sleek, almost having the appearing of a car’s, and the dashboard is creatively styled while also incorporating the control panel. The cabin has a full steelbulkhead that helps protect the vehicle’s occupants from objects that may suddenly come loose in the wide load area. Access to the cab is aided by grab handles and steps that are quite very low. The location of the vehicle’s handbrake is also another peculiarity that is uncommon in other refrigerated  vans, with its position between the driver’s seat and the door unusual.

Other features or attributes that can be found in the Boxer’s cabin includes Bluetooth and USB connection, door mirrors that are electrically heated, and DAB radio.


The Peugeot Boxer is a very reliable vehicle, with its ruggedness and durability a very appealing feature among its customers. One of the standard safety tools of the Boxer is the electronic stability control (ESP). Also present in the vehicle is an ABS braking system that has Emergency Brake Assist. The larger variant of the fridge van has a land departure warning system that is, however, only included based on specification in the smaller variants. The van has great security features and even comes with two sets of keys so you won’t be reaching for your phone to call that local Worthing locksmith straight away.


The Boxer is a van that is simple both in appearance and in use. Its engine isn’t only efficient but also economical when in use. There is a flexible height adjustment for the steering, which ensures that the driver is comfortable regardless of the posture that he or she takes.

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