The Vauxhall Movano remains one of the favourite haulage vehicles for a refrigerator van business and for conversion into a refrigerator van. Its wide selection of variants ensures that customers are able to choose the appropriate sizes that will suit their commercial activity or refrigerating needs. The Movano models have a collection of front and rear-wheel-drive panel vans capable of carrying out the process of conveyance and haulage of refrigerated items from source to destination with remarkable ease. The efficient functionality of this vehicle, however, doesn’t have any detrimental influence on its aesthetic with its body and interior design very decent compared to the others in the market.

Load Space

The variety of models available for this refrigerated Van ensures that customers can simply choose the model with the load space that will suit their refrigerating needs. Vauxhall offers four body lengths and three roof heights to give customers a variety of options to choose from. The cargo space capacity likewise varies from variant to variant, with the capacity value ranging from 275.5 cubic feet to as high as 600 cubic feet. The Movano, however, can also be converted to more dynamic and broader haulage vehicles like a light truck or a Luton box van with the aid of its chassis cab. While the Vauxhall Movano is a major player in the 3,500kg weight market, its modification capabilities enables the van to compete with vehicles that have a 4,500kg gross weight. The Movano’s load area in its rear-drive model also has half-height protective panels that assist in comfortable posture maintenance. Protective floor in the load area ensures that Refrigerator equipment incorporated into the vehicle does not initiate any long term damage to the floor of the vehicle.


The design of the Movano’s cabin interior isn’t quite as elegant as some other vehicles in its peculiar niche. It is practically efficient, though that doesn’t mean the cabin’s interior is bland and unattractive. The equipments incorporated into the vehicle’s cabin are done to improve its functionality and are not just aesthetic choices. Storage space is also very impressive as with many other fridge vans, with compartments present at every nook and cranny of the vehicle’s cabin. Features like electric windows, AUX and USB interface, and Bluetooth connectivity, gives the vehicle a comfort level that matches those of the best in its niche.


Standard safety tools and equipments can be found across all variants of the Vauxhall Movano. These safety tools include Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), driver and passenger airbags, and an efficient braking system. Optional tools that may be included to increase the safety of the occupants are Lighting Park, reverse parking sensors, and speed limiter.


A dominant driving position and a very comfortable cabin make the Vauxhall Movano a convenient fridge van to drive. The position of the steering, which is on the light side, makes driving on town roads very smooth, though the same cannot be said for open roads. The brakes and suspension of the Movano is very effective and these ensure that journeys along bumpy roads are a bit more tolerable.