Citroen Nemo 2023 Refrigerated Van: Introduction and Review Summary

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van is a highly sought-after vehicle in the market, offering a multitude of features that cater to businesses requiring efficient and reliable temperature-controlled transportation.

Key Advantages

1. Compact size: Ideal for urban deliveries, the van’s compact size enhances manoeuvrability and allows for easy navigation through narrow streets and tight parking spaces.

2. Fuel efficiency: The van’s size contributes to reduced fuel consumption, resulting in significant cost savings for your business.

Customizable Temperature Control

1. The Citroen Nemo 2023 offers customisable temperature control options, allowing you to tailor the vehicle’s cooling system according to your specific requirements.

2. This flexibility ensures that perishable goods are transported at optimal temperatures, minimising the risk of spoilage and maintaining product quality.

Superior Insulation

Our team at Glacier Vehicles has incorporated high-quality insulation materials into the van’s design, ensuring that temperature fluctuations are minimised, and the desired climate is maintained throughout the journey.

In conclusion, the Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van presents an excellent solution for businesses seeking a compact, fuel-efficient vehicle with customisable temperature control options and superior insulation. By choosing this model for your temperature-sensitive transportation needs, you can be confident in its ability to deliver outstanding performance while reducing operational costs.

Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van: Pros and Cons


1. Compact size: Easy manoeuvrability in urban environments and tight spaces.

2. Fuel efficiency: Reduces operational costs and contributes to a more environmentally friendly fleet.

3. Customizable refrigeration options: Allows clients to tailor the cooling system to their specific requirements for optimal performance and product preservation.

4. High-quality insulation: Maintains consistent temperatures, even during extreme weather conditions.


1. Limited cargo space: Reduced capacity compared to larger models, potentially limiting suitability for high-volume delivery needs.

2. Maintenance costs: Direct drive mechanisms may result in higher upkeep expenses compared to traditional belt-driven systems.

3. Aftermarket support: This may not be as comprehensive as that available for more popular models, potentially impacting long-term serviceability.

Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van Average Cost

Various factors, including features, customisation options, and the customer’s specific requirements, influence the average cost of a Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van. At Glacier Vehicles, we offer:

  • Competitive pricing and flexible financing options to accommodate diverse budgets
  • Comprehensive warranties for peace of mind
  • Temperature ranges catering to different industries’ needs

Efficiency and Reliability

Our refrigeration systems prioritise insulation thickness and interior materials for optimal hygiene and cleaning, ensuring efficiency and reliability. We understand the importance of timely delivery and callouts in mainland UK, which is why our comprehensive package includes:

  • MOT and service inclusions

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in numerous positive testimonials from clients who have experienced our bespoke conversions. Our expert team guides customers through the entire process, ensuring their unique needs are met precisely and carefully. Optional extras are available to further enhance the functionality and performance of your Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van.

Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van Dimensions, Load Space and Practicality

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van features a compact design, making it an ideal choice for businesses requiring efficient and practical temperature-controlled transportation.

  • Load space capacity: up to 2.8 cubic metres
  •  Suitable for urban environments
  • GAH refrigeration system for reliable temperature control
  • Standby facility for continuous cooling even with the engine off

Dry Goods Panel Van Design: The Citroen Nemo 2023 includes an airtight compartment and movable partition wall, allowing for the simultaneous transportation of both chilled and ambient products. This design maximises efficiency and versatility without compromising on load volume or vehicle dimensions.

Stability and Handling: The well-balanced wheelbase of the Citroen Nemo 2023 ensures safe and secure handling during transit. Glacier Vehicles provides a comprehensive warranty on fridge systems, offering customers peace of mind in the quality and reliability of their investment. Additionally, flexible delivery options and callout services are available throughout mainland UK for prompt assistance when needed.

Customisation Options: At Glacier Vehicles, we understand that each business has unique requirements. Therefore, we offer various customisation options to tailor our refrigerated vans to your specific needs:

  • Bespoke shelving solutions
  • Advanced temperature monitoring systems

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with a vehicle that meets your exact specifications.

Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van GAH Refrigeration System

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van features a state-of-the-art GAH refrigeration system, ensuring optimal temperature control for transporting perishable goods. This system offers:

1. Advanced heating and cooling capabilities: The ability to heat and cool simultaneously provides a versatile solution for businesses with diverse temperature requirements, made possible through precise regulation of the internal environment.

2. High-quality insulation: The Citroen Nemo 2023 model uses effective materials to maintain the desired temperature within the cargo area, preserving goods and contributing to energy efficiency and reduced operational costs.

3. Direct drive mechanism: This mechanism allows for seamless integration with the vehicle’s engine, resulting in reliable and consistent cooling capabilities.

Optional 2 Temp Fan Kit

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van can be fitted with an optional 2 Temp Fan Kit for even greater temperature control. This innovative feature:

  • Improves air circulation: Enhanced air circulation within the cargo area ensures a more uniform distribution of cold or warm air as needed.
  • Increases confidence: Businesses can trust their ability to transport temperature-sensitive goods safely and efficiently with this additional component.

In conclusion, the GAH refrigeration system in the Citroen Nemo 2023 model offers unparalleled performance and versatility for businesses requiring reliable temperature-controlled transportation solutions. With its advanced heating and cooling capabilities, superior insulation features, direct drive mechanism, and optional 2 Temp Fan Kit, this refrigerated van is ideal for maintaining product quality and meeting industry standards.

Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van Features

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking efficient and reliable temperature-controlled transportation. Its innovative features contribute to an exceptional level of performance and dependability.

  • Direct Drive Mechanism: This feature ensures optimal refrigeration performance by minimising energy loss during operation, reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions. It makes the van an environmentally friendly choice for businesses.
  • Static Partition Wall: This allows for effective cargo organisation and separation of goods based on their specific temperature requirements. It ensures that perishable items are maintained at their ideal temperatures throughout transit, preserving their quality and freshness.
  • Engine-Generated Power Source: The power for the refrigeration unit is derived from the engine, eliminating the need for an additional external power supply. This integration results in a more streamlined and efficient system.
  • Insulated Coolbox/Cargo Compartment: Utilizing advanced insulation materials and techniques, this compartment effectively retains cold air while preventing heat infiltration from external sources. It ensures consistent temperature maintenance throughout the journey, safeguarding the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods.

Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van: Variants and Upgrades

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van offers a range of variants and upgrades, ensuring businesses can find the perfect solution for their specific needs. At Glacier Vehicles, we pride ourselves on providing customisable conversion options, allowing our clients to tailor their vehicles to meet their unique requirements. Our optional extras cater to a variety of business needs, ensuring that each van is equipped with the necessary features to enhance efficiency and productivity.

High-Quality GRP Resin Interior Lining

One of the key aspects of our conversions is the use of high-quality GRP resin for the interior lining. This material is durable and hardwearing and provides a hygienic surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

This ensures that your refrigerated van remains in optimal condition for an extended period, safeguarding your investment and maintaining the highest standards of food safety.

Expert Guidance and Support

In addition to our premium conversion options, we offer expert guidance and support throughout the entire process. Our knowledgeable team is always on hand to provide advice on selecting the most suitable variant or upgrade for your specific needs. We understand that each business is unique, and our goal is to ensure that you receive a refrigerated vehicle that perfectly aligns with your operational requirements. With Glacier Vehicles as your partner, you can be confident in receiving a Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van that is truly a good degree better than the competition.

Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van: Engine Options and Performance

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van is a versatile and efficient vehicle designed to meet the demands of businesses requiring temperature-controlled transportation.

  • Engine and Transmission: Equipped with a Euro 6-compliant engine, this model offers both petrol and diesel options, ensuring optimal fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The manual transmission provides smooth gear changes, while the engine power range caters to various driving conditions and payloads.
  • GAH Refrigeration System: One of the key features of this van is its GAH refrigeration system, which ensures consistent temperature control for perishable goods during transit.
  • Payload Capacity and Load Volume: With a payload capacity that accommodates a variety of cargo sizes, the Citroen Nemo 2023 offers a load volume that maximises space utilisation.
  • Vehicle Dimensions: The vehicle’s dimensions are thoughtfully designed, with an overall length, width, height, and wheelbase that facilitate easy manoeuvrability and parking in urban environments.
  • Warranty and Delivery Services: At Glacier Vehicles, we understand the importance of reliability and support for your business operations. That’s why we offer comprehensive warranty and delivery services for our refrigerated vehicles. Our warranty covers both the conversion components and the base vehicle, providing peace of mind for your investment. Additionally, our delivery services ensure that your new Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van arrives at your location promptly and in pristine condition.

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van is ideal for businesses seeking a dependable and efficient temperature-controlled transportation solution. Its performance features, dimensions, and our commitment to customer satisfaction make it an excellent investment

Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van: Driving Experience, Steering and Handling

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van offers an exceptional driving experience specifically tailored to meet the demands of urban environments and delivery services. Key features of this vehicle include:

  • Nimble handling: Allows for easy navigation through tight city streets and congested areas.
  • Responsive steering: Ensures precise control during deliveries, enabling drivers to manoeuvre effortlessly in various situations.

In addition to its impressive handling capabilities, the Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van provides a comfortable driving experience through:

  • Ergonomic cabin design: Prioritises driver comfort, with well-placed controls and ample space for optimal ease of use.
  • Meticulously engineered suspension system: Delivers a smooth ride, even when carrying heavy loads, enhancing driver comfort and maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo.

At Glacier Vehicles, we understand the importance of providing reliable and efficient refrigerated transport solutions for our clients. Our bespoke conversions ensure that your specific needs are met, while our commitment to quality guarantees durability and longevity in our products. With the Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van, you can expect a superior driving experience that combines performance, comfort, and practicality, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking dependable and versatile refrigerated vehicles.

Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van Gear Box Choice

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van offers two gearbox options to cater to diverse driving conditions and cargo loads, ensuring optimal driver control, efficiency, and comfort.

Manual Transmission

  • Provides greater control over gear shifting and engine performance
  • Beneficial for navigating varying terrains or requiring precise handling during tight manoeuvres
  • Contributes to fuel efficiency by allowing drivers to select the most suitable gear for their driving conditions

Automatic Transmission

  • Simplifies the driving experience by automatically selecting the appropriate gear based on factors such as speed, load, and road conditions
  • Allows drivers to focus on steering and braking without worrying about gear changes, resulting in a more comfortable and stress-free driving experience
  • Designed to optimise fuel consumption and reduce emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice

By offering these gearbox options, Glacier Vehicles ensures that customers can select the most suitable transmission system for their specific needs and preferences.

Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van Ride Comfort, Cabin and Interior

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van prioritises ride comfort and cabin ergonomics, offering an exceptional driving experience.

Adjustable Driver’s Seat and Dashboard Design

  • The adjustable driver’s seat ensures optimal posture and support
  • The intelligently designed dashboard provides easy access to controls and instruments

Noise Reduction Measures

  • Implemented to create a serene environment
  • Allows drivers to focus on the road ahead

Storage Compartments and Visibility

  • Strategically placed throughout the cabin for maximising space utilisation and organisation
  • Large windows and well-positioned mirrors enhance visibility
  • Ensures safety and ease of manoeuvring in various driving conditions

Cargo Area

  • Thoughtfully designed with a focus on functionality and efficiency
  • Ideal for transporting temperature-sensitive goods

Suspension System

  • Engineered to provide a smooth ride
  • Effectively absorbs road imperfections and minimises vibrations
  • Contributes to driver comfort and protects the integrity of the refrigerated cargo

Customization Options at Glacier Vehicles

  • Understanding that each business has unique requirements
  • Offering a range of customisation options for the Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van
  • Working closely with clients to tailor the vehicle’s features according to their specific needs

Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van Cab Storage and Practicality

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van offers a variety of storage and practical features tailored to businesses requiring efficient temperature-controlled transportation.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Storage Compartments: These compartments provide ample space for organising essential tools and equipment, maximising the use of available space and ensuring easy access to items when needed.
  • Ergonomic Cabin Design: The adjustable driver’s seat allows for customisation according to individual preferences, promoting optimal posture and reducing fatigue during long journeys.
  • Foldable Passenger Seat: This feature offers versatility in accommodating additional cargo or providing a convenient workspace when required.
  • User-friendly Instrument Panel: Designed with an emphasis on clarity and ease of use, the intuitive layout enables drivers to quickly access vital information, such as fuel levels, temperature settings, and vehicle diagnostics, without unnecessary distractions.

In conclusion, the Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van conversion combines practical storage solutions with ergonomic design elements to create a comfortable and functional workspace for drivers. This prioritisation ensures that your business can operate smoothly and efficiently while maintaining the highest standards in temperature-controlled transportation.

Citroen Nemo 2023 Refrigerated Van: Running Costs and Value

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized delivery businesses, offering a balance of value and cost-effectiveness. Key features include:

  • Fuel Efficiency: The vehicle’s fuel-efficient engine provides significant savings on running costs, boasting an impressive fuel economy that reduces overall operational expenses.
  • Competitive Pricing: Attractive rates and flexible financing options make it an appealing investment for businesses seeking a reliable and efficient refrigerated transport solution.
  • Eco-Friendly: Environmentally conscious businesses will appreciate the reduced carbon footprint, as the advanced technology contributes to lower emissions.
  • Strong Resale Value: The model retains a high demand in the market due to its durability, ensuring a strong resale value.
  • Warranties and Aftersales Support: Comprehensive warranties and aftersales support protect your investment, providing peace of mind and minimising potential downtime.
  • Customization Options: Bespoke conversions, such as GAH conversions, cater to the unique requirements of your business, offering tailored temperature-controlled solutions.
  • Additional Features: Upon request, extra features can be incorporated to enhance the transportation process for both your staff and valued clients.

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van is a smart choice for businesses seeking a high-quality, cost-effective solution for their temperature-sensitive delivery needs.

Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van Reliability, Safety and Security

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van prioritises reliability, safety, and security to ensure efficient transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. Glacier Vehicles offers bespoke conversion options tailored to various customer requirements while preserving the vehicle’s inherent features.

Safety Features:

  • Advanced braking system, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) provide optimal control and stability during transit
  • Reinforced body structure and airbags enhance protection for both driver and cargo
  • Hill-start assist ensures smooth acceleration on inclines
  • Daytime running lights improve visibility for added safety
  • Low loading height facilitates easy loading and unloading of goods
  • Rear parking sensors aid in manoeuvring the vehicle in tight spaces

Security Features:

  • Central locking system deadlocks on doors, and an immobiliser system protects against theft or unauthorised access

After-Sales Support:

Glacier Vehicles recognises the importance of after-sales support. Our warranty and support services provide peace of mind to customers, ensuring their investment in a refrigerated van is protected.

With industry expertise and a commitment to customer satisfaction, trust us to deliver a high-quality conversion that meets your specific needs while maintaining the Citroen Nemo 2023’s exceptional safety and security features.

 Final Thoughts

The Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van emerges as a highly suitable choice for small businesses with urban delivery needs, thanks to its compact size and manoeuvrability. At Glacier Vehicles, our customisable conversion options ensure that each van is tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our strong customer testimonials reflect the high level of satisfaction with our services, as we consistently deliver durable and reliable refrigerated vehicle conversions. This further solidifies our reputation as a trusted partner for businesses in need of temperature-controlled transportation solutions.
  • Eco-friendly: The environmentally friendly Euro 6 compliant engine in this model demonstrates our commitment to reducing emissions and promoting sustainable practices within the industry.

In conclusion, the Citroen Nemo 2023 refrigerated van and our bespoke conversion services at Glacier Vehicles offer an ideal solution for small businesses seeking efficient and eco-friendly urban delivery options.