The Peugeot Boxer is a freezer van that comes in an extensive range of body sizes. It also features economical engines that perform incredibly well; a great blend of efficiency and performance.  This freezer van is highly rated in the refrigerated business sector, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Fuel Efficiency

The Boxer is without doubt one of the most efficient and economically friendly vans in the market today. Even when you choose more powerful engine options, the difference in efficiency is miniscule.  In the short wheel base variants, the 110bhp and 130 bhp versions of the 2.2 litre HDi engine both achieve a fuel economy of 41.5mpg with CO2 emissions of 180kg/km.   The long-wheel base L3 model clocks in at between 37.7 mpg and 39.2 mpg depending on the choice of engine you go with.  On the 130bhp Boxer, there is a stop-start technology which is very beneficial in an urban setting and reduces CO2 emissions by as much as 5g/km.

Load Space

The Boxer has one of the best load carrying capacities of vans in its class. Four body lengths and three roof heights are available, making it easy for refrigerated van businesses to find a combination that fits their needs perfectly. 1,870mm is the load space width and interior height is 2,172mm on the tallest model.  The distance between the wheel arches is 1,422mm and the side door width is 1,250mm, allowing easy side loading and unloading.

Driving and Performance

The 2.2- litre diesel version is the main engine on the Boxer range. In all forms, it delivers high grade performance even on the latest 110bhp version. The engine is also available in 130 bhp, 150 bhp and 180bhp variants. All of the variants provide smooth driving performance without negatively impacting on performance.

Light, well positioned controls mean that the Boxer drives well in all terrain conditions. Visibility whilst driving is excellent as well. The steering wheel height is adjustable, adding to driver comfort.

In The Cabin

The cabin of the Boxer doesn’t disappoint in any way. There is plenty storage space, including two glove boxes.

The new Boxer has a redesigned steering wheel with big, chunky buttons and updated controls on the dashboard. The audio systems are new and also state of the art. Plastic is used in the design of the cabin but parts are hard and durable. A 5” colour touchscreen display emphasises the feel of quality in the cabin.  The display shows images from the reversing camera system, which is another impressive feature in the Boxer.  Freezer van drivers will appreciate the ease of parking and reversals as a result of the camera. This is a 2016 freezer van that will keep your drivers happy. It is a great, functional option to add to your fleet.

Overall, the Boxer van is a sturdy and efficient freezer van that guarantees good value for money. It should certainly be on your shortlist.