The Fiat Doblo is a major contender in the compact van sector, boasting high performance engines, various body types and one of the largest load capacities in its class. Older versions have been a favourite for our customers in the refrigerated van business and we are certain that this one would be as well.

Fiat Doblo Freezer Van 2018: Engine

The Fiat Doblo features a variety of Euro 6 engines, offering different power outputs suitable for transporting its weight around. The 1.4-litre petrol engine offers 95hp, though customers tend to opt for one of the three more economical MultiJet II diesel engines. The 1.3-litre MultiJet II diesel engine also offers a power output of 95hp, while the 1.6-litre version offers 105hp or 120hp. Diesel engines are fuel efficient, but add the full EcoJet pack and you can get an economy figure of up to 61mpg and 120g/km emissions. The van is fitted with a six-speed manual gearbox and an independent rear wheel suspension.

Fiat Doblo Freezer Van 2018: Van Dimensions and Load Compartment

The Fiat Doblo is on top of the market in terms of space, coming close to the type of dimensions you’d see in a small panel van, rather than a compact van. The Doblo offers two wheelbase lengths and two heights. The wheelbase lengths are 4,390mm for the short wheelbase and 4740mm for the long one. The low roof height ranges from 1,845mm to 1,880mm, while the high roof ranges from 2100mm to 2,125mm. Meanwhile, the width of the van is 1,832mm.

The Doblo prides itself on the volume and weight of cargo it can fit into the load compartment. The height of the loading compartment ranges from 1,305mm for the short roof van to 1550 for the high-roof, while the wheelbase length ranges from 1,820mm to 2,170mm. The smallest van has a volume of 3.4m3 (short length, low roof), while the largest volume is 5m3. The Doblo’s payload capacity ranges form 750-1,005kg, with a gross vehicle weight of 1,990-2,595kg.

The Fiat Doblo is available with a choice of two rear doors or a lift-up tailgate. Simply choose what works best, depending on the loading difficulty and your refrigeration insulation design.

Fiat Doblo Freezer Van 2018: Safety and Driving Performance

Standard safety and driver-assist features on the Doblo include ESC stability control, Brake Assist, ABS, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Hill Holder and a driver airbag. The options list includes tyre pressure monitoring and passenger and side airbags.

The rear suspension system is a key selling feature for the Doblo; it is especially adapted for heavy load-carrying in the van’s spacious load compartment. This helps the van remain balanced whilst driving and pulling along the weight of your refrigeration system and products. Meanwhile, the steering wheel is light and the van’s handling is smoother in urban settings – especially at lower speeds.

Fiat Doblo Freezer Van 2018: Cabin

The Fiat Doblo comes in three trim: Basic, SX, and Tecnico. The basic trim is fairly unimpressive, but functional. There is ample space inside the cabin, including door pockets, an overhead space, and further storage space within the passenger seat base. Build quality is good, though not up to the standard of forerunners in its class. Dials and digits on the dash might be difficult to read for some.

With the SX trim, Fiat have added an audio system with high-performance speakers, a height-adjustable steering wheel, passenger seat storage under tray, as well as bulkhead soundproofing and electric mirrors. If upgrading to the Tecnico trim, you can add air-conditioning, Bluetooth, audio controls mounted on the steering wheel and rear parking sensors to the list.

Fiat Doblo Freezer Van 2018: Security and Reliability

All Doblo vans come with remote central locking and deadlocks, with an alarm as an optional feature. The Doblo is fairly sturdy and regardless of a few comfort-related flaws, stands as one of the best in the compact van industry. To sweeten the deal, Doblo customers enjoy a 3-year/100,000-mile warranty, with AA cover included.