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For compact minivans, see Compact MPV. A compact van is a type of van characterized by a flat front design, mechanicals based on a compact car, an engine placed either at the rear or between and behind the front seats and were roughly the same size as the VW Bus. Popular in the United States during the early 1960s, they were replaced by full-size vans at the end of the decade. These large vans used body-on-frame construction and featured front engines under a short hood.

The 6 Best Compact Vans for Your Refrigerated Transportation Business

Compact vans offer superior fuel economy and manoeuvrability than their bigger, more spacious counterparts. Purchasing a compact van will leave you with enough money to invest in order aspects of your business. Selecting the right compact van can be harder than you think. Though, there aren’t many models of compact vans, they all look similar on paper, and there aren’t many reviews for finding the right compact van for your refrigerated transportation business. Fortunately, at Glacier Vehicles we do much more than mere reviews, we actually sell, and help you choose, the best compact vans for your business. Here, we’ve listed and explained six of the best:

Ford Transit Connect

Newly redesigned, the Ford Transit Connect is a compact van specifically designed for refrigerated transport businesses interested in a van that is quick, but emphasises fuel economy, rather than the fully fledged cargo buses. With improved interior design, it has moved Ford’s compact vans upmarket. It is durable and comfortable to navigate, plus there is a good level of kit standard; it includes high frequency radio and USB compositions. Its small size helps with better manoeuvrability. The starting price is £15,400. The 2018 edition is pure class, and it’s one of our favourites, Glacier Vehicles highly recommends it.

Nissan NV200

Don’t be fooled, the name “Nissan NV200” has no parallel with the larger Nissan NV, except for its status as a compact van. The NV200 is smaller than its sibling and is very easy to manoeuvre. Only the NV200 uses the CVT automatic transmission in the sector. The best thing about the Nissan NV200 is its strong fuel economy ratings. The NV200 is priced at around £15,200.

Mercedes-Benz Citan

This is a top-notch small van, and one of our class favourites. It’s a little bit pricey compared to some of the others, but this is offset by its durability, and good cabin space. Though its fuel economy is lower than its rivals, it is very easy to navigate. Starting price is £22,400.

Fiat Doblo Cargo

The capable Doblo has once again benefitted from an exterior refresh. It is better looking, and continues to offer good value. Though it’s pricier now, over 100kg maximum payload and large cabin storage still makes it a great option for your business. The starting price is £20,900.

Ford Transit Courier

Ford has nailed it again with their new transit courier. It is the most compact transit edition, yet it has a similar structure and the practicality of the larger vans. It is not only good looking, but built to tough and impressive commercial standards. It is not only made to last, but to also minimise the cost of maintenance. The wide array of fuel options, and high fuel economy ratings, is the icing on the cake. And boy, isn’t it good value; it is priced at £13,050.

Peugeot Partner

The latest Partner is just so good looking, the exterior is breathtaking. While its navigation isn’t great, it does come with a pennywise and Euro 6 compliant fuel engine. The Partner’s compactness makes it easy to manoeuvre, although its maximum payload is smaller than the others. At Glacier Vehicles, we don’t just sell high-performance vehicles, we help you choose the right ones for your business. Why not call us now (0208 668 7579) and we’ll help you make a perfect choice.