Renault Refrigerated Vans

Developers of a wide-range of quality vans, Renault have been the number one LCV brand in Europe for many years now. In 2016, Renault was the ninth largest automobile maker in the world by production volume. Renault is Europe’s largest manufacturer of LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles), with a range of buses and vans that are well suited to any business need. This makes Renault’s range of refrigerated vehicles a perfect choice when picking a Temperature Controlled Van.

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Renault Refrigerated Vans

It doesn’t matter if you run your operation with a single van or manage an entire fleet, your choice of vehicle is vital for the success of your business. Join thousands of others who choose a Renault model as their choice for refrigerated vans.

Looking For Something Small?

The Renault Kangoo is perfect for a small-scale or low-cost operation. Powered by a very efficient 1.5 dCi diesel engine, the hi-cube Kangoo is the flagship of Renault’s low-cost temperature controlled vehicles.  This small vehicle comes in 75bhp, 90bhp and 110bhp engines and has a surprisingly large amount of storage space. The Kangoo has an eco button on the dashboard, which the driver can use to reduce the power of the engine to make it more fuel friendly. This can be useful during long-haul deliveries.

This freezer vehicle has a relatively low CO2 emission of 123g for every 1 kilometer, which is ideal for a van of its size. If you are looking for a refrigerated vehicle that is easy to drive, then the Renault Kangoo is a great choice. This van is extremely drivable and well powered - even when fully loaded - and comes with a six-speed gear system, which is especially useful for long distances.

Renault’s Kangoo refrigerated van is well-suited for any temperature controlled operation you have in mind. Give us a call today on 0845 5212 036 to discover our available options and add-ons.

When Convenience Matters

If you need a mid-sized vehicle for your refrigerated delivery needs, then the Renault Traffic is the perfect choice. The Renault Traffic comes with a much larger payload than the Kangoo. This temperature controlled traffic van is ideal for transporting perishable goods, as it features insulation in the doors, floor and ceiling, allowing it to maintain temperatures between 0c and 12c, no matter what the temperature is outside.

The roof-mounted 870W freezer unit is powered independently of the engine and can be charged either during transit or while stationary. Both the driver and the passenger can monitor the temperature of the goods in the back, through the refrigerator unit control panel, mounted at the top centre of the windscreen. The Renault Traffic refrigerated van makes loading straightforward, with the two back swing doors able to open up to 180 degrees. This makes it easy to load awkward or bulky packages. The vehicle also comes with a side sliding door, which is wide enough to accommodate a standard-sized pallet.

With its six-speed gear, efficient engine and payload system, the Renault Traffic makes an excellent choice for anyone in need of a fairly large refrigerated van for their operations.

If you have any questions about our Renault Traffic Refrigerated vehicles, call us or send an email to and our sales staff will get back to you promptly.

Missing Deliveries Because of Space?

Do you need a refrigerated vehicle that will not shirk on size? Then the Renault Master is the van for you. Practical storage space solution is the game plan for this model. Whatever the size of your operations or the volume of your storage needs or delivery, the Renault Master manages it all.

This freezer van comes with a pivoting seatback table and a clipboard holder on the dashboard, ideal for recording deliveries and taking notes on the job. Weighing just 3300kg and able to carry a payload of about 750 kg, this vehicle is perfect for carrying a large amount of perishable goods. The floor has a slip-resistant coating, which also helps with loading. Renault Master combines the fine features of Renault Kangoo with that of Renault Traffic. Add to that the power of a Hubbard refrigerator unit and you will understand the functionality that this vehicle has to offer, while no longer having to worry about missing your deliveries because your van can’t carry enough.

Need more information on our Renault Master fridge van? Call us on 0845 5212 036 and we’ll answer all your questions.

Our Unique Approach

At Glacier Vehicles, we don’t just sell you any vehicle. We take our time to understand your business, so that we can provide a vehicle that will uniquely suit your operations. Our decades in the refrigerated vans industry have given us the experience and knowledge to help you select the van that is exactly right for you. No matter what your needs, you will almost certainly find something in our range of Renault Temperature Controlled vehicles that meets your requirements and more.

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Ready To Make A Choice?

Do you want the best deal on a Renault Kangoo Freezer van - or would you rather go for the convenience and space of a Renault Traffic Refrigerated vehicle? Perhaps you need the practical space and functionality of a Renault Master Temperature Controlled van. Whatever your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Glacier Vehicles sell and supply a wide range of Renault Refrigerated vans, suited for any operation type or scale. Do you run a food service, butcher’s shop, pharmaceuticals or flower shop? Our refrigerated vans and temperature controlled vehicles will give you the quality, service and function that you need.

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