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A motor vehicle or road vehicle is a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not operate on rails, such as trains or trolleys. The vehicle propulsion is provided by an engine or motor, usually by an internal combustion engine, or an electric motor, or some combination of the two, such as hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

The Best Motor Vehicles for the Refrigerated Transportation Business in the UK

If your business is in the cold chain sector, made up of businesses such as restaurants, flower shops, pharmaceuticals, and food delivery, you need a refrigerated vehicle that keeps your products fresh while making long-distance trips across the UK. The best refrigerated vehicle for your logistics business depends on the function you want the vehicle to perform. For example, a pharmaceutical company needs a temperature-controlled van that can stay in a defined temperature range between +2°C and +8°C to ensure products are safely delivered to the end user. A few things to consider when buying a freezer van for your transportation business include:

  • Size and type of cargo
  • Temperature
  • Wheelbase
  • Duration the doors will be opened for
  • Payload of the cooling van
  • Custom specification
  • Number of drops you’ll make along your route

Insulated Temperature Controlled Vans

A major cost when buying a refrigerated van is the insulation of the cargo unit, such as the ceiling and floor that will be paneled over. Based on the function the vehicle will perform, the insulation should be sufficient to keep your products cold, whilst maintaining the ideal temperature that keeps the products in pristine condition. We fill every nook and cranny of the cargo unit with foam insulation, to prevent infiltration of heat, air or, moisture. Frozen items, such as beef and ice, need a more powerful cooling unit and thicker van insulation.

Fridge Vans or Freezer Vans?

Fridge vans are known for their versatility, with temperatures ranging from 0°C to 8°C. For perishable products like plants and flowers, they need a precise temperature to maintain colour and consistency, from the time they’re loaded to the point of delivery. If the temperature is too cold or warm in the fridge van, it destroys them. Our Fridge vans also benefit pharmaceutical companies, especially those transporting fragile pharmaceutical products, such as plasma and blood. Over freezing could have a negative impact on the outcome of a patient’s recovery. At your request, we can fit your vehicle with a temperature recorder, to allow the fleet to set, analyse, and maintain optimum temperature. UK pharmaceutical companies have lost over £250 million due to damaged medicine and vaccines. We can help you save money and prevent damages through the provision of a dual compartment vehicle, to ensure products are not compromised if there is a power shortage. Freezer vans are similar to Fridge vans. The major difference is that the thicker insulation, and the superior gas that keeps the interior temperature as low as -18°C. If you’re in the ice cream business, or your business is centered around frozen food delivery, our freezer vans are exceptional at transporting meals to those who need them, and keeping your ice cream at your preferred standard of quality.

Choose a Refrigerated Van That Complies With Food and Drink Regulations

The UK food and drink industry is booming. It supplies over 6.3 billion cases of products annually. Contamination is a serious problem for your logistics business, and hygiene must be a priority. In line with UK regulations, our temperature-controlled vehicles are designed in a way that allows thorough disinfection and cleaning, and are equipped with easy to clean (and maintain) draining facilities and internal surfaces. Ready to Buy a New or Used refrigerated van for Your Transportation Business? Contact us today on 02086687579 and we’ll help you choose the best cooling van for your business

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