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A truck is a vehicle, designed to transport cargo. They vary in size, power and configuration. Smaller varieties are similar to normal automobiles mechanically. However, commercial trucks are powerful, large, and are often configured to mount specialised equipment, such as suction mixers, tanks and suction excavators. Trucks are divided into different types and classes, according to their uses. Some of them include dump truck, cement mixer, tractor-trailer, flatbed, tanker, garbage truck, heavy hauler, garbage truck and refrigerator truck.

Refrigerator Truck

Refrigerated trucks are primarily dry trucks that are insulated, and have a cooling system, to keep the enclosed goods fresh. Grocery store chains and food manufacturers, often use refrigerator trucks, to transport frozen goods and foods that need to be chilled, while in transit. They are often used for transporting fresh and frozen cargo such as ice cream, food, vegetables, and prescription drugs. Refrigeration trucks make use of an insulated airtight compartment, and a condenser system, to remove any remaining heat, on the inside of the truck. They have insulated panels as walls, a roof, and a floor. They are mostly equipped with double-wing rear doors, but a side door is sometimes fitted. The maximum weight limit for a refrigerated truck is 42,000 pounds. They have a maximum legal width of 8.2 feet, and a maximum legal height of 8 feet.

How Refrigerated Transport Trucks Work

Refrigeration trucks are designed to carry various types of perishables such as fruit, meat, pharmaceuticals, art, wine and even organs, at specific temperatures. Most trucks are fitted with special cooling systems and apparatus that allow for refrigerated transport of most goods. The refrigeration process is made up of the condenser, compressor and evaporator.

  • The condenser is a large section of metal piping that works to absorb heat, inside the cargo compartment. The piping is filled with technologically advanced refrigerant that turns to a gas, once it absorbs enough heat.
  • At this point, the gas is taken into the compressor, where the gaseous matter is significantly compressed and has all its molecules crushed together. The compressor is normally driven by a very small engine that helps it draw gaseous refrigerant in. The gas is then liquefied and begins to give off heat. This heat is responsible for warming up the compressor, which in turn warms the air.
  • The evaporator is normally located inside the truck. Once held in a high-pressure state, the gas is transferred into the evaporator. This mechanism uses air from outside, and forces it through the compressed gas, which cools the gas down enough to return to its previous state while discarding the heat energy back outside. The refrigerant expands in the evaporator and quickly turns back into gas. Once this has occurred, the gas is returned to the condenser, and the entire process starts again.

For a refrigerated truck to successfully do its job, the insulated body and the refrigerated unit have to work together in perfect coordination, as a complete system. Insulation is crucial, as it restricts the cooling from escaping, and keeps external heat from coming in. The insulation must be effective as possible, in keeping the majority of the heat from penetrating  inside  the cargo compartment, and the chosen refrigerated unit must be powerful enough, to remove the heat that leaks in. At Glacier Vehicles, our team of engineers and technicians can convert and outfit trucks of all sizes, models and designs, using your unique specifications, to create a refrigerated truck that serves your business. We deliver high performing cooling trucks, by using not only high quality insulation material, but also installing them in thicker layers of up to 50mm to 75mm, depending on your cargo type. We make use of Styrofoam, wood boarding, fibreglass and GRP resin interior, for our insulation on trucks. After the insulation is carried out, our engineers take a comprehensive look at the truck, in order to understand the amount of heat that may leak into the vehicle. This helps them choose the most effective refrigeration unit, to carry out the job at hand. At Glacier Vehicles, we make use of light, strong and durable components, to optimise efficiency and accommodate the different requirements of our clients. We make sure each truck we convert and deliver to our customers are made to order, and will effectively answer the refrigerated demands of their deliveries.

Features of our trucks

At Glacier Vehicles, we believe that maintaining the trucks to the highest standard is critical. We enforce regular checks and testing, to ensure that the cooling system of the trucks is fully functional, in order to avoid disasters. Some of the features of the refrigerated trucks you get from us include:

  • MOT Test: We perform this test on all our trucks, before delivering them to you. That way, you are assured of a vehicle in top form, in both body and structure.
  • Warranty: At Glacier Vehicles, all our trucks come with their manufacturer’s warranty. Our vehicles come with a 12-month warranty, and our freezer systems installed on your vehicle come with a 12-month warranty of their own.
  • Free of Charge Delivery: We can have your selection of refrigerated trucks delivered to you, anywhere in the UK.
  • Conversions are New: All the trucks we have in stock are newly converted, to ensure you are getting a vehicle capable of optimal performance, for years to come.
  • Standby Facility: As a rule, all our trucks come with standby facilities. They can be plugged into normal electrical outlets.

At Glacier Vehicles, our refrigerator trucks are sold at very competitive prices. We offer some of the best prices in the market. Also, if there’s a specific type and model of truck you would prefer for your logistics or transportation needs, you can contact us with its details. In the unlikely event where we don’t have your preferred truck in stock, we can source for it on your behalf. To learn more, please give us a call on 0208 668 7579 or visit us at our office in Surrey to buy used fridge vans, used freezer vans, new fridge vans and new freezer vans today.