Ford Transit

The Ford Transit, also known as the Ford Tourneo, is a range of vehicles manufactured by Ford. The range covers all forms of passenger vans, minibuses, trucks, and new refrigerated vehicles under the name. Since 1965, there have been five generations of the Ford Transit vehicles, each having significant improvement than the preceding generation.

The Ford Transit is about the best-selling van in most first world countries, being a popular van that many people are comfortable with. In the transport and logistics industry, the Ford Transit has maintained its top position in the industry.

In the cold chain and supply chain industry, Ford Transit vehicles can be converted into refrigerated vehicles. Their great features make transportation of perishable products possible. They come in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate both low client budget and supply.

At Glacier Vehicles, we have small, medium, and large sized Ford Transits as both new and used refrigerated vans in our dealership, ready to be delivered on demand. For your Ford Transit freezer or fridge refrigerated vans, call us today on 02086687579.

Models and Specifications

The fifth generation of Ford Transit vehicles was launched in 2013. The new generation vehicles were designed and introduced by Ford of Europe AG. The vehicles were cargo vans–for cold chain and supply chain purposes–and chassis cab configurations. The first major release of the fifth generation Ford Transit was the 2015 model. Every other year, until now, saw the release of improved models.

2015 Model

This was made as a replacement for the E-series. It was more economical and manoeuvrable. It had reduced weight to boost fuel economy, high roof body to accommodate tall individuals and structures, and the driving cockpit was made spacious and with supportive seats for a better driving experience. It sports a 3.7-litre V6 engine for 275 hp and 260 pound-feet torque. It also features a 6-speed automatic transmission that drives the rear wheels and makes the response to steering wheel better.

2016 Model

The 2016 Ford Transit 250 van along with its Nissan and Mercedes counterparts was European-styled and with cutting-edge tech. The cargo vans targeted for the logistics and transportation industry had three varying roof lengths, six body lengths, and a short and long wheelbase option. The 2016 model was optimised for better mobility, offering supply and cold chain businesses better driving options. It still featured the same V6 EcoBoost engines with additions such as the dual sliding doors, the Sync 3 audio upgrade, and Ford Telematics–a remarkable onboard diagnostic tool.

2017 Model

The 2017 Ford Transit van only featured little improvement and additions to the 2016 model. Just like all Transit vans, it has stability, antilock brakes, and front side impact airbags. It featured a new Side Wind Stabilization system that keeps the vehicle from getting swayed by wind gusts. The Transit 350 had a new wheelbase version for suppliers that move moderate amounts of heavy materials. Just like the 2015 and 2016 model, it provided a better driving experience, responding like a family vehicle than like a full-size cargo van it is.

2018 Model

The 2018 Ford Transit model sports several variants, providing more options for businesses in the transportation and logistics industry. Just like the older fifth-generation models, it has only one trim level, so picking a van depends on other factors such as the overall weight of the load, style, configuration, and comfort. Most of the updates were added to provide better comfort, such as the power folding mirrors, relocated rear-view mirror and the Bluetooth-controlled AM/FM stereo. It kept the standard base V6 engine, the tall-roof heights, and the renowned Ford Transit stability.

2019 Model

The 2019 model came with numerous configurations, improving the loading capacity. The long-wheelbase model featured new hinges that enable cargo doors to open wide. It kept the V6 3.7-litre engine, the single trim, and the Sync 3 infotainment system.

Ford Transit Refrigerated Vans

Ford Transit cargo vans can be converted into refrigerated vehicles to provide better transportation options for businesses in the cold chain and supply chain industry. The cargo vans only need to be fitted with refrigeration systems at the cargo section with other important features and they will be ready to be used as refrigerated vans. The refrigerated vans will still sport the cool Ford Transit features with better mileage and optimised carriage options.

Glacier Vehicles Ford Transit Vans

Glacier Vehicles has qualified engineers who ensure our Ford Transit cargo vans are fitted with the best refrigerated systems. Our systems come with efficient temperature control and thermal insulation with several cooling options. We can also add bespoke elements such as shelving systems, temperature-controlled compartments, hanging meat rails, standby night system, and custom branding to your chosen Ford Transit refrigerated van.

Here are some used and new Ford Transit refrigerated vans in our fleet…

  • The2015 Ford Transit Custom L1 H1 310 Limited fridge and freezer vans
  • The 2016 Ford Transit 310 L3 H2 130ps Euro 6 fridge and freezer vans
  • The 2017 Ford Transit 350 Jumbo L4 H3 130ps freezer and fridge vans
  • The 2017 Ford Transit Connect T220 L1 Euro 6 fridge and freezer vans
  • The 2018 Ford Transit Custom L1 H1 270 105ps Euro 6 fridge and freezer vans

Get a Ford Transit Refrigerated Van

Ford Transit vans are arguably the best in the market, offering good and valuable driving options for the transportation and logistics industry. If you run a supply chain or cold chain business, a Ford Transit refrigerated van is right for you.

At Glacier Vehicles, we have new and used Ford Transit refrigerated vans that come with extra warranties and are guaranteed to serve you better.

If you want to buy a used refrigerated van, a used freezer van, a new refrigerated van or a new freezer van call, Glacier Vehicles on 0208 668 7579.