The Citroen Relay is another underrated haulage vehicle with a versatility that is shared among similar  refrigerated vans like the Peugeot Boxer and the Fiat Ducato, which uses the same platform with the Relay. The heavy duty van also known as ‘The Jumper’, continues to enjoy massive plaudits from its loyal customers for the simplicity of its features and the efficiency of its performance. The low cost of maintenance is perhaps one of the important reasons the patronage of the vehicle isn’t dwindling anytime soon, even in the midst of power giants like the Ford Transit and the Mercedes Sprinter.

Load Space

The cargo area of the 2017 Citroen Relay can be accessed by two entrance points, which ensures that hauled goods and items can be effectively moved in and out of the van. The entrance points are the sliding door on the van’s nearside and the twin rear doors that are capable of extending to right angles.

Access to the load space from the rear is facilitated by a set of steps adhered to the rear bumper. The capacity of the load space in the Citroen Relay varies vastly with up to six different variations available including 282.5 cubic feet, 353.1 cubic feet, 406.1 cubic feet, 459.1 cubic feet, 529.7 cubic feet, and 600.3 cubic feet. The van also has a payload capacity that ranges from 2,513 pounds to 4,398 pounds.


The old 2.2litre diesel engine that has been a regular feature in previous models of the Citroen Relay has been discontinued, with engine power now produced by the 2.0-litre BlueHDi diesel, which is available at 110hp, 130hp, or 160hp. The power, however, is dependent on the size of the van acquired with 3 different weight classes available for prospective customers.  The Citroen Relay is capable of generating maximum power at 3.750rpm, while also reaching the torque of 350Nm at 1,750rpm.


If there is any deficiency or lacking feature of the Citroen Relay, it is definitely not the lack of storage compartments for the driver and other occupants in the vehicle. There is so much storage space scattered across every corner of the van that one would think the manufacturers chose to build a treasure-hunt device. Added to the storage compartments is the glove box, which is only of average size. The trim and steering wheel isn’t as exquisite as one would expect when compared to other glamorously looking refrigerator vans, but its functionality is efficient enough for one to dismiss such aesthetic setback. Other features that can be found in the vehicle are Bluetooth compatibility, a five-inch colour touch-screen, audio streaming, SMS, and a MP3-comptible CD player.


While the Citroen Relay 2017 may not possess the complex safety mechanisms that highlight its more heralded rivals, its basic safety tools and equipments are properly and effectively incorporated. Not only are disc brakes fitted all round the vehicle, but there are also competent safety systems installed in the vehicle like ABS, emergency brake assist, and electronic stability control.


The 2017 Citroen Relay is quite easy to drive. Its steering is pretty light and effortless for a refrigerator  van, and it also has forward visibility, and a descent interior layout. It is a comfortable fridge van to drive, especially when the cargo area is filled with load and the road is slightly bumpy. The peculiarity of the seats ensures that the passengers don’t feel the impact of the bumps on their bodies.