Citroen Berlingo 2018 Freezer Van Review

If you’re in the market for a practical, no frills refrigerated van, you won’t find many that fit the bill as well as the new 2018 Citroen Berlingo. Unveiled in March 2018, the third generation of Citroen Berlingo provides a range of safety and luxury features, without compromising on efficiency and practicability. With the PSA EMP2 platform front end for improved manouevrability and the latest in driving assistance, the 2018 Citroen Berlingo freezer van is the perfect vehicle for urban and rural deliveries. Driving the 2018 Citroen Berlingo Freezer Van Citroen is known for producing vehicles that are easy to ... Read more

Ford Transit Freezer Van 2018 Review

The Ford Transit comprises a range of light refrigerated and freezer vans available in various models. In ascending size, these include the Transit Courier, Transit Connect, Transit Custom and the Jumbo. In total, there are roughly 450 variants available, taking into account the various configurations which include options such as rear, front and all-wheel-drive, engine outputs, roof heights, wheelbases, bus modifications and chassis cab. Ford Transit Freezer Van 2018: Cargo capacity Depending on the model you choose, you can enjoy cargo space up to 15.1 cubic metres (as is the case with the Jumbo model for example). The cargo capacity ... Read more

Peugeot Boxer Freezer Van 2018 Review

The Peugeot Boxer freezer van has a fuel-efficient engine, a large load area and volume, and emphasis on safety and durability, makes it stand out amongst the other vans in its class. It is without doubts an excellent addition for any refrigerated van businesses. Peugeot Boxer Freezer Van 2018: Engine The Peugeot Boxer is fitted with 2.0-litre BlueHDi diesel engines with three outputs: 110hp, 130hp and 160hp. The van is Euro 6 compliant and the fuel economy on the engines is quite good. Consumption rates range from 44.1-47.1 miles per gallon depending on the engine, with an average CO2 emission ... Read more

Mercedes Sprinter Freezer Van 2018 Review

This third generation Sprinter van is the first all-new Sprinter since 2006 and certainly doesn’t disappoint. It features the new MBUX infotainment system that Mercedes introduced this year, as well as a classy interior (that will remind you of the E-Class) and a brand new exterior design. It is a perfect addition for all freezer businesses. For our eco-conscious customers, the eSprinter is also available; this is an electric variant, which has a range of approximately 100 miles, powered by a 41.4 kWh battery pack. Mercedes Sprinter Freezer Van 2018: Load Space and Practicality Mercedes have designed the Sprinter to ... Read more

2018 Review of the Renault Kangoo Maxi Refrigerated Van

The Renault Kangoo Maxi Refrigerated Van is a highly efficient freezer vehicle, replete with upgraded engine, comfort oriented cabin, guaranteed to meet the demands of the commercial refrigerated van business. No matter the scope of your business, the 2018 Renault Kangoo Maxi Refrigerated Van is the ideal vehicle for keeping you moving in tight-spaced urban areas with relative ease and very little footprint. Renault’s range of small fleet vans was launched in 1997; with more than 20 years of production spanning two generations, they have now succeeded in creating a cost efficient vehicle that meets the demand for today’s refrigerated ... Read more

Fiat Ducato 2018 Freezer Van Review

The Fiat Ducato is one of the most high-tech and economical panel vans on the market. The Ducato essentially runs itself, with a variety of features guaranteed to give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on the refrigeration aspects of your transport business. The Fiat Ducato brand has a credible history of reliability and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and European markets. Fiat Ducato 2018 Freezer Van: Engine The Fiat Ducato van uses MultiJet engines with different specifications, depending on the model you opt for. All engines run on diesel, with the exception of the ... Read more

2018 Ford Transit Connect Refrigerated Van Review

If you’re in the market for a freezer van that provides ample space at a reasonable price, the 2018 Ford Transit Connect freezer van should certainly be on your radar. This freezer van is versatile, practical and has been kitted out to serve as an incredible load mover. Designed for urban European roads, the 2018 Ford Transit Connect freezer van is possibly one of the most polished vans on the market. 2018 Ford Transit Connect Refrigerated Van: Engine The 2018 Ford Transit Connect refrigerated van comes with a single 169hp, 2.5 litre four cylinder power-train engine, controlled by a six ... Read more

2018 Renault Master Freezer Van Review

If you’re in the market for a freezer van that combines practicability with massive storage and cost efficiency, the new 2018 Renault Master Freezer Van will make for a great choice. The Renault Master range of vans has come a long way since its launch in 2010 to compete favourably with other competitors in the market. 2018 Renault Master Freezer Van compared to previous models The 2018 Renault Master freezer van boasts many new features not available in previous versions. For one thing, this new model is Renault’s debut entry into the battery powered large van range. This conveniently makes ... Read more

Citroën Nemo Freezer Van 2018 Review

A compact van like the Nemo is hard to pass by, especially for a refrigerated business looking for something efficient, but affordable. Driving the Nemo feels like driving a car; meanwhile, its reasonable fuel economy is another notable plus point.  In addition to good fuel economy, it is relatively cheap and easier to navigate around the UK’s streets than a full-size panel van. We like the Nemo, as it offers more space whilst offering the same advantages as supermini vans like the Vauxhall Corsavan and Ford Fiesta. Citroën Nemo Freezer Van 2018: Driving and Performance The Nemo drives like a ... Read more

Review of the Peugeot Partner Refrigerated Van 2018

If you are considering getting a van for your refrigerated business, The Peugeot Partner 2018 refrigerated van will meet your needs perfectly. This mid range, smooth riding and efficient commercial van has benefited from a major facelift and is packed with a lot of tech upgrades including a digital i-Cockpit dashboard and the standard overload warning system. Available in two versions, standard and long, the Peugeot Partner is large enough to meet your refrigerated delivery needs regardless of distance. Banking on decades of vehicle manufacture experience, Peugeot Partner has been one of the most sought after commercial vans since its ... Read more

2018 Mercedes Vito Freezer Van Review

If you’re in the market for a freezer van that’s inexpensive yet durable enough for your business needs, take a look at the 2018 Mercedes Vito. An entry level freezer van, it features the rugged strength of German technology combined with the practicality that makes it suitable for commercial usage. The Mercedes Vito freezer van has much to offer business owners, irrespective of their cargo or the nature of their business. Mercedes Vito Freezer Van 2018: Engine The Mercedes Vito freezer van is the perfect example of German and French technology. Powering the Vito is a 1.6 litre, Euro 5 ... Read more

Ford Transit Jumbo Freezer Van 2018 Review

If your experience with Ford is limited to their old E-Series, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise, because their 2018 models bring attractive qualities such as fuel economy, interior versatility and ease of use that can compete with any other brand on the market. If you don’t need your large freezer van to have a four-wheel drive, you can benefit from an interesting range of configurations and options. Ford Transit Jumbo Freezer Van 2018: Updates There numerous small updates to the 2018 version of the Ford Transit, including Bluetooth; an option for leather seats; a dual alloy rear wheel ... Read more

Fiat Scudo Freezer Van 2018 Review

At Glacier Vehicles, we like the Fiat Scudo because it performs well in the fuel efficiency department and is cheaper than similar freezer vans on the market. It is a modern light commercial vehicle that will no doubt remind you of the Dispatch and Expert models. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a range of trim levels, configurations and engines. Noise levels and performance are improved due to its steeply racked front-end. Plus, it drives well and features some of the latest safety systems installed. Fiat Scudo Freezer Van 2018: Practicality and Specs The Fiat Scudo features double ... Read more

Vauxhall Combo 2018 Freezer Van Review

If you’re in the market for a small sized, yet highly effective vehicle for your refrigerated van business, you’ll do well to consider the 2018 Vauxhall Combo Freezer Van. This model combines the very best of Peugeot and Citroen technology, making it one of the most impressive small vans around. There are two different versions available:  the short-wheelbase (SWB) and long-wheelbase (LWB), offering you the benefit of choosing the most suitable body-length for your refrigerated van business. This model is also accompanied by certain improvements, such as its electric power steering, which will save on fuel costs when you’re on ... Read more

2017/2018 Volkswagen Crafter Refrigerator Van Review

The Volkswagen crafter has always been an underrated vehicle when compared to its more heralded peers like the Mercedes Sprinter and the Ford Transit, but it seem like it may finally lose its underrated title to join the heavy weights. Its build and practicality are the paramount features that remain unchanged since the release of its first model. A leader on top of Volkswagen’s commercial vehicle list that also includes the Volkswagen Caddy and the Volkswagen Transporter, the Crafter is perhaps one of the most efficient cargo lifting vehicles available in the automobile market. Load Space Practically manufactured to be ... Read more