New refrigerated vehicles can enhance your business.

Having a refrigerated vehicle could enhance you and your business. With the use of one of many refrigerated vans you will be able to ensure that you products don’t go bad and that you can provide your own customers with great tasting food. A refrigerated van could also be used make your life much easier, as having your own refrigerated vehicle means that you can travel on longer journey’s having to worry that your products may go bad, it will also mean that you can cover a wider array of areas providing customers with your high quality products. We have ... Read more

London Low Emission Zone (LEZ)

We are sure many of you are aware London are introducing a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) which will come into effect 3rd January 2012. If you are yet to hear of this, what it means is that from 3rd January any commercial vehicle which was first registered before 1st January 2002 is going to be required to pay a daily charge of £100 to enter and drive around Greater London. We know that the introduction of LEZ is going to cause many difficulties for businesses which operate daily within London, but we have a solution for you. Our solution is ... Read more

Start the New Year with a new vehicle.

At Glacier vehicles we offer a wide array of different refrigeration vehicles for you, we stock a large number of new and used vehicles for you to choose from and we offer part exchange on all vehicles. Not only do we sell refrigeration vehicles we also carry out vehicle conversions, we can convert a standard van into a refrigerated van or freezer van, this means that you do not need to purchase a new vehicle to carry refrigerated or frozen stock.  When it comes to converting your van we offer a wide array of different conversions and so finding one ... Read more

Where Has the Refrigerated Vehicle Come From?

Until recent years the ability of transporting frozen foods was extremely difficult, this was all down to the stringent legalities concerning food distribution. Large trailers attached to Lorries were the main source for such deliveries of frozen foods and goods by road, which were mainly utilised by the corporate shopping chains. This has now changed due to the manufacture of the refrigerator van and freezer equipped vehicles. The demand was so great for such requirements that the likes of Glazier Vehicles have become recognised as one of the leading suppliers of refrigerated vehicles within the UK. This is alongside providing ... Read more

Do you have an old van that you could use to enhance your business?

Here at Glacier Vehicles we have a conversion service which allows individuals to have an insulation, which is light weight and very cost effective, installed into their vans so that they can be used to transfer foods either for long or short journeys. Purchasing the conversion service allows you to enhance your business further if you don’t already have a refrigerated vehicle. A refrigerated or frozen goods vehicle could be very beneficial in the food industry as food can spoil very easily if your van is not up to standard thus you could lose money as you’d have to throw ... Read more

We can create your very own bespoke refrigerated vehicle.

Every one of our clients have one requirement in common- the need for refrigerated vehicle- however we understand that each of our clients will have many other needs and requirements for their vans, this is why we offer the opportunity to create your very own bespoke refrigerated van. This is so all of your needs and requirements are met and you can truly make the most out of your new van. We have an experienced engineering team who will take you through every step of the design and will incorporate each and every needs and requirement into the design and ... Read more

Get top quality refrigerated transport to suit your businesses requirements

Here at Glacier Vehicles we pride ourselves on delivering purpose-built refrigerated transport for all our client’s particular budgets and needs. With years of experience within the refrigeration trade we sell to various businesses, from those within the catering industry to hospitals and private medical groups, having a great understanding of their requisitions. We guarantee excellent quality vehicles to suit your businesses particular needs, whether it is delivering catered meals and groceries, flowers or for those vitally important medical missions, you can be assured that any van purchased from us will be perfectly outfitted for those important requirements and many more. ... Read more

Increase your businesses mobility today with one of our bespoke vans.

There is now a much higher need for refrigerator and freezer vans as many more individuals are opening up businesses within the food industry and need to transport their food from one place to another. We believe that here at Glacier we provide high quality vans and the perfect solutions for businesses needs. Our vans are available from new or if you wish to save a little more money, there are vans also available from second hand. We ensure that each of our  refrigerated vans are of the highest quality and provide a safe and clean environment for your products. ... Read more

Professional catering services with refrigerated vehicles

Refrigerated vehicles have greatly increased in popularity during recent years due to the fact that they are now widely seen as an essential tool within the food industry. With the understanding that transportation of any type of food item is quite risky, Glacier Vehicles provide a great range of refrigerated transport to ensure that such items are kept at the their appropriate temperature during transit. Food is such a perishable item and even just the slightest amount of exposure to the outer atmosphere can spoil it. The last thing you want is to deliver an n inferior product to your ... Read more

Find the perfect catering van for your business today.

Here at Glacier Vehicles we understand the need for high quality, efficient vehicles that are at a low price, we believe that we can provide you with just that. We have spent many years in the industry, recruiting experienced and professional members of staff such as technicians, electricians and much more to ensure that each vehicle we provide to our customers meets all of their needs. A refrigerated or freezer vehicle can be used for a wide range of occasions and purposes, and are very popular with many businesses, especially businesses in the catering or food industry. This is because ... Read more

Find the best catering vehicle for all of your needs today.

The vast range of high quality, affordable refrigerator and freezer vehicles at Glacier Vehicles could be the perfect catering vehicle for you and your business. We understand that for many businesses in the food industry it is hard to find vehicles that meet the needs and requirements of your business; however we believe that have and can provide you with the best possible solutions to your business’ needs. We supply a wide range of new and used vehicles that are either refrigerator vans, freezer vans or both. This is to ensure that you and your business can find the ideal ... Read more

Discover the perfect place to buy your refrigerated vehicle today.

Here at Glacier Vehicles we understand how important a refrigerated or freezer vehicle can be, especially for those businesses within the food industry, which is why we have created our extensive ranges of refrigerated transportation to ensure that you can find the ideal one for your business. We have many years of experience in the industry and have spent a lot of time perfecting each of our vehicles to ensure that you receive the best one that suits all of your needs and requirements. As a business we understand how important it is to have equipment that is high quality, ... Read more