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A cool and fresh welcome to all visiting our new blog here at Glacier Vehicles, where we will be discussing all things relating to our vehicles and services over the course of 2011 and beyond! We hope to offer you many posts over the next few months that can answer all your questions regarding our superior customisable refrigerated vehicles and also bring you the latest news in our company and the refrigerated vehicle industry so when you’re looking to buy a single vehicle or perhaps seaching for fleet vehicles we can assist you!! As always our aim is to provide ... Read more

Refrigerated Vans for Sale

In the year 1938, Harry Werner, a trucking executive in Minneapolis, shared his complaints to a man named ‘Joseph Numero’ while they were enjoying playing a game of golf. Werner was having problems with the large profits his company was losing. He further explained to Numero that due to the scorching weather, his company’s product deliveries became very complicated and more costly. Their simple conversation led to a partnership that brought significant developments in many industries today. Werner lent his trailer to Numero after one of them thought that refrigerated trailers could be a possible solution. The latter, a movie ... Read more

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If you are looking for a new, used or bespoke refrigerated van the Glacier Vehicles is the right place to go. They have many years experience and knowledge of the refrigerated vehicle industry and can offer you a wide variety of vehicles to suit your requirements, with a large variety of vans always in stock you will always have plenty of choice in refrigerated vehicles. Their team of experts will be able to help you with all of your needs. If you are looking for a bespoke van to suit your business needs then Glacier Vehicles can fit shelving systems, ... Read more

A refrigerator unit must keep operating through the hottest conditions and the longest traffic tailbacks.

Taking perishable goods across Britain’s road network needs vehicles with purpose-built equipment to keep them at a regulated low temperature. Meat, fish and dairy producers are the main users of refrigerated vans in the UK. They are designed to run a cooling unit at as low cost as possible for long periods. This is because, though a journey can be planned to take a certain amount of time, there are always the unexpected delays. Take into account the farmer producing quality beef, lamb or pork. He has had his stock slaughtered on the farm, and now needs to get the ... Read more

Keep it cool!

Keeping meat refrigerated keeps it in an edible state for longer periods by slowing down the growth of dangerous bacteria. The process is a temporary measure used for transporting carcasses whilst in transit. The refrigeration is often begun at the meat’s point of origin in large walk-in cold stores. The meat is transferred to the refrigerated road transport, which keeps the cargo at the same temperature for the duration of the journey. The meat is then placed back in a cold store again when it reaches its destination. Refrigeration only slows the growth of bacteria, however, it does not halt ... Read more

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When it comes to needing a refrigerated vehicle there are many different vehicles for you to choose from and depending on the usage for your refrigerated vehicle there are different bespoke elements which you may require. You can easily choose from a range of new and used refrigerated vehicles to suit your budget, you can take your time to browse the selection of vehicles currently in stock at Glacier Vehicles allowing you to take a thorough look at the vehicles and ensuring that they satisfy you. All vehicles are fully checked out so that Glacier Vehicles can assure you that ... Read more

Need a refrigerated van to fit your requirements? Have one converted.

If you require a bespoke refrigerated van to suit the needs of your business Glacier Vehicles can help you with their conversion service, whether you choose to purchase one of their refrigerated vans or have your own converted they will be able to offer you the very best service. They will help you decide what you need from your conversion once they know the use of your van and they will then help you by creating a van conversion which is easy to use and does the job efficiently. There are many different conversions available for your van so that ... Read more

Freezer Vans – why buy one?

If your thinking of possibly going into business for yourself, or maybe start a new family business. Freezer vans could open the door to a profitable venture. With a freezer van you could sell fresh and frozen foods right to the customer’s door. If you love to cook for a big group, then catering may be a good choice. This would give you a chance to mix your love of cooking with your freezer van business. As a catering service you would prepare foods for a wedding, big party, holiday or family reunion. If you love ice-cream, it might be ... Read more

The cooling unit may fluctuate a few degrees at times.

However it should stay at the temperature it was set. It’s important when purchasing a freezer van that all the cooling mechanisms are working correctly. When purchasing a freezer van, some go in a whole different direction. They build their own, and option out of buying new or used. They convert their own vehicle into a freezer van. This is another consideration, for those who already own their own refrigerated van or pickup truck. There are many different conversions and options for most any type of van or truck. And for most people this is the most cost effective method. ... Read more

Rules on Transporting Dairy Products

The Food Standards Agency is the body, which governs every aspect of safely handling food for public consumption in the United Kingdom. There is a set of rules laid down governing how dairy products should be kept, whether in the home, in a shop, restaurant or even in a lorry in transit. The rules cover a wide range of haulage issues and relate to a number of non-hazardous goods and materials, including food, animals and waste. If you are taking poultry, lamb, pork, beef, venison, or dairy products from one part of the country to another, then the Government has laid down ... Read more

Enhance your businesses mobility today.

Here at Glacier Vehicles we provide high quality refrigerated and freezer vans to all businesses. We want to provide every company with the means to be able to transport their products/ goods. Our vans can be used for an array of purposes and for an array of businesses. Refrigerates and freezer vans are becoming more wanted by many businesses as it is an easier and quicker way of transporting products and goods then hiring a van or hiring someone else to transport it for them. Our vans can be used for an array of business such as: caterers, butchers or ... Read more

Use our conversion service to create your perfect van.

Here at Glacier Vehicles we thrive on providing each of our clients with a vehicle that is perfect for them; this is why we provide a conversion service so that each individual can create a bespoke van that is perfect for all their needs and requirements. If you and your company are missing out due to not having a van that suits your needs visit us today. As soon as your paned van arrives with us work on your van will start almost immediately as our insulation and refrigeration engineers are onsite. We are well known for having the shortest ... Read more