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What Is Freezing?

Freezing is the change in the state of a substance from liquid to a solid by cooling to a critically low temperature. Substances such as food are preserved for a long period by freezing. This is because freezing makes water less available for microbial growth. Therefore, food decay and the growth of microorganisms that cause food spoilage to slow down when food is frozen.

Because of the effect of lower temperatures on food and other perishable items, transporting them when frozen is important. Freezer trucks vans are used to transport perishable cargo at a specific temperature. They play a vital role in getting foods, medication and other perishables to people all over the world.

Over the years, the evolution of freezer vehicles has contributed to the success of the delivery business. Frozen transportation is a flourishing business that is increasingly influencing our everyday life. It is a significant percentage of the overall refrigerated transport market. Freezer vehicles are effective in transporting and distributing temperature-sensitive goods over long distances and for a long period.

Types of Freezer Vehicles

At Glacier Vehicles, we offer full freezer van conversion services that are tailored to meet your unique specifications and storage requirements. Our range of new and used freezer vehicles covers different manufacturers, designs and models of vans. The types of freezer vans are:

  • Long Wheel Base LWB
  • Medium Wheel Base MWB
  • Short Wheel Base SWB

Wheelbase is the distance between the centre point of the front wheels and the centre point of the rear wheels. It differs from the length of the vehicle. An LWB vehicle has the longest available base length while the SWB has the shortest. The wheelbase you end up going for depends on your business needs and budget.

We can help you pick out the one which best suits your business and also advise you on insurance, motor vehicle tax and VAT, and whether diesel or petrol engine will be cost-effective for your business operations.

Features of a Freezer Van

The major difference between a freezer van and a refrigerator van is the thickness of the insulation. At Glacier Vehicles, all our new freezer vans are converted with 75mm thickness to match the freezer temperature requirements.

Our freezer vans also come with powerful and brand new refrigeration units. These refrigeration units have an internal battery but some modern designs come with solar panels.

Our vans use a direct drive mechanism that powers the freezer compartment using the engine as a power source. The engine is modified to generate enough power to control the freezing, refrigeration system, condenser, compressor, and evaporator.

The interior of the freezer vans has load-bearing floor panels that can be customised to suit your business needs.

Some vehicles which we can convert to freezer vans include:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Freezer Van

If you are in need of a van for your business, there are factors you ought to take into consideration to arrive at the best decision. Ideally, the nature of your business should determine the van you go for but there are other factors that cannot be overlooked. They include:

  • Do you want a new or pre-owned van?
  • What terrain do you mostly travel?
  • What manufacturer do you prefer?
  • What is the purpose of the van?
  • Your unique requirements
  • Payload
  • Do you want a dual-zone or single temperature?
  • Warranty
  • Your budget
  • Practicality or luxury?
  • Kind of cargo it will transport
  • What model and design will best fit your business?
  • Your ideal size.

Why Choose Glacier Vehicles?

Here at Glacier Vehicles, we source for freezer vans of different makes, models and sizes. We have dozens of converted vans both used and brand new. We guarantee that even if you are buying a used van, the conversion is new. Both your freezer van and the refrigeration system come with different warranties. If it is a used vehicle, the vehicle comes with the remainder of its warranty while the refrigeration system comes with a full warranty.

We also can have the freezer van delivered to you wherever you are in the UK. We can have your selection of freezer vans delivered right on your doorstep. This service is available whether you buy one or multiple vans.

At Glacier Vehicles, we handle all design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance for satisfied clients nationwide. Our freezer vans can attain and hold temperatures as low as -25⁰C. We monitor the conversion of your vehicles from the insulation to the installation of your refrigeration unit. We are also available for maintenance and repairs of any capacity and ensure that all freezer vans sold by us undergo thorough HPI checks, MOT tests, and other performance tests before they are delivered.

The Cost of Freezer Vans

Larger freezer vans cost more than smaller freezer vans. Likewise, new freezer vans cost more than used vans. Some brands are more expensive than others. And obviously, the more options and fittings you ask for, the more expensive the freezer van.

Notwithstanding, we offer some of the best prices on the market. Our freezer vans are sold at competitive prices. We also offer attractive financial packages which enable you to spread the cost of your purchase. That way, we can work out a plan that is within your budget.

If you want to buy a used refrigerated van, a used freezer van, a new refrigerated van or a new freezer van call, Glacier Vehicles on 0208 668 7579.