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If you are running a refrigerated commercial fleet, one of your concerns would be what brand of vehicle to get for your business especially for your frozen consignments. Delivering temperature-sensitive cargo requires a sturdy and durable vehicle that can be easily converted from an ordinary van to a chiller or new freezer van.

The Iveco Daily is a large light van produced by the Italian automaker Iveco. Due to its build and efficiency, it will be difficult to find a better new refrigerated vehicle. Business owners all over the world know this. It is no wonder the Iveco Daily has sold over 3 million vehicles till date.

Why Iveco Daily Is the Best Option for Your Refrigerator Van

There are many reasons the Iveco Daily is the choice of several businesses that operate in the climate-controlled logistics industry. The robust nature and the load capacity of the Iveco Daily make it an attractive investment for any business owner. The vehicle combines the different wheelbases, power ratings, volumes, internal heights of the load compartment and load capacities to match different missions.

The engineering

The Iveco Daily has two engine sizes and six power ratings. The engine sizes are the FIC 3.0-litre engine from 136 to 205 hp and the 2.3-litre FIA from 116 to 156 hp both of which guarantee high performance.

The Iveco Daily has a reputation for being robust and practical. It is the ideal van for multi-stop deliveries of frozen cargo. The interior of the Iveco Daily has a sophisticated feel and the cargo area provides easy access for packing and unpacking.

Reduced fuel consumption

If your business involves travelling long distances to deliver your frozen cargo from the production point to the consumer or storage, then you would appreciate any vehicle that saves you fuel. The Iveco Daily helps you save up to 15% fuel thanks to its Eco Switch PRO system with automatic activation.

The engine line-up features two powerful diesel options that provide excellent refinement combined with low fuel emissions, making them fairly cheap to run. Maintenance and repair costs are equally reduced because of the availability of high-quality components and materials.


Space is one of the top needs of any logistics company looking for a refrigerator van. Fortunately, the Iveco Daily has ample cargo space. With a cargo volume that ranges from 7.3 to 19. 6 cubic metres, and a load capacity that ranges from 3.5 tonnes to 7.2 tonnes, the Iveco Daily is your dream van.


This van is the most versatile commercial vehicle with the widest line-up of 8,000 factory versions to choose from. Because of its versatility, it is easy to customise or convert the van to a fridge or freezer vehicle. The Iveco Daily can complete your missions efficiently and with low purchasing cost and an adaptable system.

Features Available When Converting Iveco Daily to a Fridge/Freezer Van

The Iveco Daily can be customised with accessories and optional fittings to suit your business. The van comes with some standard features but if you need additional accessories, Glacier Vehicles can provide them. During the conversion, you can choose how well-equipped you want your Daily Iveco to be. We tailor these optional extras to fit your requirements and match your business’s mission.

Some standard features the vehicle comes with include:

  • Electromagnetic retarder
  • Rear air suspension
  • Lane departure warning system
  • Independent heater
  • Air conditioning
  • Cruise control
  • Cargo compartment LED lights

Asides the standard features above, Glacier Vehicles can customise your Iveco Daily chiller van with the following options:

  • Alarm: We can install an added alarm system for security on your refrigerator truck.
  • Rear Parking Sensors: To avoid dinging your vehicle, other vehicles, or structures while parking, we can provide you an Iveco Daily van with this useful feature.
  • LED daytime running lights: This option is especially beneficial for businesses that operate in regions with low visibility during the day. The lights will cut through snow and rain to not only illuminate the road but also warn other road users of your presence.
  • Bluetooth: This is great for those who want the ability to pair their phone with the van so they can have hands-free access to it while driving.
  • Sat Nav: This installation will help ensure the driver of your Iveco Daily never gets lost and makes delivery appointments on time through the fastest routes.

Why Choose Glacier Vehicles for Your Iveco Daily Refrigerated Van?

At Glacier Vehicles, we handle the design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of Iveco Daily refrigerated vans for satisfied clients nationwide. We source Iveco Daily vans of different models and sizes to convert them into used refrigerator vehicles.

We have a number of Iveco Daily vans, both used and brand new. In the rare case we don’t have what you want, we reach out to different dealers all around the UK to find what you need. We thoroughly monitor the conversion of your vehicles from the insulation to the installation of your refrigeration unit.

We assure you that even if you are buying a used Iveco Daily van, the conversion is new. Both your freezer van and the refrigeration system installed come with different warranties. If it is a used vehicle, the vehicle comes with the remainder of its warranty while the refrigeration system comes with its full warranty.

We are also available for maintenance and repairs of any capacity and we ensure that all freezer vans sold by us undergo thorough HPI checks, MOT tests, and loads of other performance tests before they are delivered. After the conversion, we deliver your Iveco Daily van to you wherever you are in the UK, whether you are buying one or multiple vans.

If you want to buy a used refrigerated van, a used freezer van, a new refrigerated van or a new freezer van call, Glacier Vehicles on 0208 668 7579.