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The demand for temperature-controlled vehicles has increased over the years. With the expansion of the logistics industry and the need for convenience in delivering products, new refrigerated vans are a must-have.  When transporting temperature-sensitive goods, having an effective and good van is crucial. Glacier Vehicles can help in giving your business that extra boost it needs. With over 20 years in the temperature-controlled industry, we understand the peculiarities of different businesses and have an unmatched knowledge to help select the right van that suits your requirements. We do not just give you any vehicle, we go the extra mile to provide a unique custom-built chiller van for your brand. 

The Benefits of Getting a Refrigerated Vehicle for Your Business 

If your business involves transporting temperature-sensitive items, then getting a new or used refrigerated truck is the best thing you can ever do for your company.   Below are the benefits of buying a temperature-controlled vehicle:  

Delivery of Good and Services without Delay

Getting a refrigerated van means you get to deliver your cargo without having to deal with the challenges from a third party. Our vehicles are strong and reliable and can plough any road. As standard, all our vehicles go through rigorous inspection before they are sold, you are sure you are getting a good vehicle at an affordable price. 


There are different brands and types of refrigerated vans. If you are considering the cost of getting a chiller, Glacier Vehicles has a wide range of small, medium and large vehicles. We also sell used and new vehicles and conversion vans. All these are available at affordable prices and flexible payment options. Also, all our vehicles come with 100,000 miles or three years warranty from the date of purchase. 

Business Expansion

With a refrigerated vehicle, your business has no limit. Our vehicles are reliable and strong enough to give you access to every part of the UK and mainland Europe. Because of our inbuilt smart controllers and monitoring devices you are sure of consistent temperature throughout your journey. 

Protected Consignment

The safety of your freight is tied to the consistency of the temperature in your van. In the UK, there are laws and regulations relating to food temperature control. To comply with the FDA regulation, our vehicles come with essential and new controllers like a smart fan kit and an in-cab display to help improve the system and monitor the temperature of the vehicle. Our vans come with overnight standby mode for temperature consistency over a long distance.  


Our cargo compartment is custom-made. It comes with separate compartments and each with a different temperature. That means you can have different items in the van. 

What Type of Business Needs a Temperature Controlled Van? 

A temperature controlled van is useful for any business that handles temperature-sensitive cargo from the manufacturer to the final user. 


This is an industry that needs a temperature-controlled vehicle. Businesses that deal with fresh foods and vegetables, frozen food, seafood, poultry, meat, baked goods, vending services, catering services, and restaurant delivery need to get a chiller van.  Glaciers Vehicles ensures that your food items are safe and at the right temperature. Our refrigerators come with a protective layer that is 100% hygienic, have a cleanable loading area and decreases the growth of mould. So you don’t have a problem when cleaning your van, we have intelligently designed the chambers in our chiller vans to aid your cleaning process with a stem washer and hose. They also come with different customisation options like hanging meat rails for butchers transporting carcasses. 

Floral Industry

The floral industry depends on temperature-controlled environments without which flowers and plants will wither prematurely. Our vehicles have refrigeration and heating units to ensure your merchandises are at the right temperature during transportation. 

Pharmaceutical Industry 

There are medical supplies that are temperature sensitive, such medications often require chilled environments whether they are in the medical lab or not and a refrigerated van will be needed when transporting such temperature-sensitive supplies.   To get your business the right van, you can choose from our diverse range of vans with multiple compartments and different temperatures. The frozen compartments have a temperature of 0°C to +5°C, and the freezer compartments 0°C to −25 °C. They also have a synchronised shelving system that gives you easy access to your products and allows you to browse through your inventory. 

Art Industry

Art galleries have artworks with delicate and sensitive paintings, canvass, and oil. Our vans come in different sizes so you get to choose the perfect van that is set at the right temperature for your precious artworks. 

Fragrance Industry

Some fragrances have a complex chemical composition which is product sensitive. If these perfumes are not kept in the right temperature, their quality may depreciate.  At Glaciers Vehicles, our new freezer vans protect your products against temperature fluctuations. They come with multiple compartments and bespoke panels to fit your business need. They have slip resistant and wet load floors which prevent excess moisture on the floor of the van. 

How Do You Know the Van to Buy for Your Business? 

Whatever your business type is, we can provide a vehicle for it. We have friendly and available 24-hour customer service to answer any of your questions and advise you in picking the best van for your business.  We also have experienced and well-trained technicians, engineers, and designers that can provide you with a customised van to your specific taste.  If you want to buy a used refrigerated van, a used freezer van, a new refrigerated van or a new freezer van call, Glacier Vehicles on 0208 668 7579.