Best Quality Refrigerated Van for Your Catering & Food Services from Glacier Vehicles UK

Do you run a catering and food business and are looking to expand your local reach and brand acceptance? Do you have the passion, drive, mental dexterity, and know-how to take a share of the market inside your target industry?

Then your customised refrigerated catering and food van from Glacier Vehicle UK may be the missing piece of the puzzle to create your dream food and catering business.

With spring soon upon us and wedding bells tolling all around, refrigerated catering and food vans are becoming an ever present feature in homes and business places as friends, families and colleagues get together for parties, family reunions, and anniversaries. Those food and catering vendors who have discovered the secret goldmine that is Glacier Vehicles UK’s fully equipped and top quality refrigerated catering and food services can’t thank us enough.

At Glacier Vehicles UK, we cater for a wide range of individual and business refrigerated van needs, providing clients with a wide range of specific-purpose vans of different sizes and specifications, built by the world’s leading automakers, including Toyota, Ford, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Mercedes-Benz and Renault.

Clients can choose from over 40 new and used refrigerator vans on display at our showrooms at any given time to suit their customised needs and budgets. We also have custom-made vans in stock, and have done panel conversions for some of the leading food and catering companies in the area.

Is Glacier Vehicle UK’s Special Food and Catering Refrigerator Van for You?

Yes, if you run a food and catering company and have adream of making a name for yourself delivering delicious food and top class service for various different occasions. With Glacier Vehicle UK’s special purpose-built food and catering refrigerated vans, you can confidently add speed and efficiency to your business’ unique selling points.

Our top-grade quality special refrigerated vans are not just for small and established businesses in the food and catering industry. Fishmongers, butchers and all types of enterprises that deliver perishable goods, and need to keep their products cold, find our sturdily-built and well-tooled vehicles indispensable to their success.

With us, you’re guaranteed the right temperature levels for all your products, the best global ergonomic standards; as well as health and hygiene levels that meet legislation.
Whether you want to keep your food chilled at 8˚C or lower, or frozen at –18˚C, at Glacier Vehicles UK, our wide range of refrigerated vans of different auto brands,from small transit vans to massive delivery trucks, are adequately equipped and sturdily built to exceed your expectations and help you to swiftly meet your business targets.

Nissan NV200 Fridge Van 1 300x169 - Refrigerated Vans For Catering & Food Services

  • Best quality refrigerated food and catering vans in the market
  • Strongly built and come fully equipped for all modern food and catering business needs.
  • Over 40 new and used refrigerator vans on display at our showrooms at any given time to suit customised needs and budgets
  • Special purpose-built vans from the world’s leading automakers, including Toyota, Ford, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Mercedes-Benz and Renault
  • Guaranteed for improved speed, efficiency and business success.
  • Customised for all the modern business needs of food and catering vendors, butchers, fishmongers, as well as individuals and companies dealing in perishable goods that need to be constantly kept chilled.

Whatever your unique food and catering business needs, at Glacier Vehicles UK, we have just the right spec to match your taste from the inside out. You’ll be frozen with joy!

Come visit our showroom today and make your choice from our wide stock of refrigerated food and catering service vans at the best prices in the market today; and expand your delivery rates, business speed and efficiency.

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Why Does Glacier Vehicle UK’s Special Food and Catering Refrigerator Stand Out in the Market?

Nissan NV200 Fridge Van 3 300x169 - Refrigerated Vans For Catering & Food ServicesAt Glacier Vehicles UK, we’re more about putting a smile on your face than selling our vans to you. That’s why, leveraging on our unparalleled experience in the industry, we provide all the assistance possible to our customers needs,so they make the right choices that will boost their business.

We take the time to understand the unique needs of each client, including what they need the van for and how they plan to use it. This will help us to suggest the most suitable vehicle brand and model, after considering the outer and internal features using our expertise, as well as factors like payload capabilities.
We go the extra mile to try to surpass your expectations. The end goal for us is that our customers will have complete peace of mind on their investment with us.

Whether your business is a startup, or you have an established food and catering business and want to expand your customer base and band visibility by adding to your fleet of special purpose refrigerated vans, you can count on our unwavering support for your business success at Glacier Vehicles UK. We will work with you every step of the way, making sure you go home with the best design and layout that’s perfectly suited for your unique business needs, and loaded with the required equipment.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for building the best quality vans in the market with eagle-eyed attention to detail and a personalised, customized approach. Come over to our showroom to see for yourself and you will be amazed.

At Glacier’s, We Can Also Help With Your Conversion Needs

Have you got a van to convert to a refrigerated food and catering van?We can make it happen at Glacier Vehicles UK. Or do you simply want to incorporate shelving, racking or other storage features within the load space to suit your unique transportation needs?

Our team of industry-best experts have the know-how to help you build your custom catering van conversion needs, whatever your specifications.

No matter your vehicle conversion preferences – from catering and food to butchering and fish mongering to the hospitality business, we’ll help you build something special with a design that’s totally made for you!

That’s why we are the brand that has become synonymous with the highest quality at the best prices in the industry. But don’t just take our word for it. Call us now on 0208 668 7579 to arrange a visit to our showroom and a consultation with one of our friendly and helpful experts.

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